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Pat DeSantis, iOS freelance coderHire Now

iOS Developer, 10+ apps, experience teaching iOS

I have been a professional iOS developer for the past 5 years. Check out my portfolio here
Mel Sampat, iOS freelance developerHire Now

Lead iOS Developer, 15 years programming experience, 5+ years iOS.

I've been building iOS apps using Objective C since 2010, and have more recently switched to Swift. I enjoy using both languages, and keeping up with all the latest development technologies released by Apple every year.
Michael Rebello, iOS software engineerHire Now

iOS Eng @ Lyft | Sold 2 Startups | 300k+ Downloads

Much of the development I've done in the past has been on iOS using Xcode, and I've been working with the platform since iOS 5. Apps I've created range anywhere from games to productivity and ridesharing applications, so I'm very familiar with many different architectures both on the client- and server-side.
Jordan Réjaud, top iOS developerHire Now

Software Engineer; Mobile and Backend
Adam Cooper, iOS freelance programmerHire Now

Senior Software Engineer

A senior, software engineer with years of experience working on social networks.
Daniel Trostli, senior iOS developerHire Now

Full Stack Software Engineer based in San Francisco, CA. Specialized in Ruby, Javascript, Swift, and Obj-C.

I've created apps using both Objective-C and Swift. I also know what it takes to successfully get an app past Apple's review team and into the App Store.
Jon Weisbaum, iOS freelance coderHire Now

I build tech products that users love

I've worked on a variety of iOS apps and released 5 in the app store.
Steve Derico, iOS freelance coderHire Now

Expert iOS Developer, Author, and Teacher with Fortune 500 experience.

Entrepreneur, Developer, and Author. @SFGiants Fan. Founder of @bixbyapps.
Zachary West, iOS freelance coderHire Now

iOS developer since 2009; App Store featured (twice) & Editor's Choice; open source contributor

I have been writing Objective-C—and now Swift—recreationally and now professionally since around 2006. I haven't touched Mac in ages, so I couldn't provide much help there, but I've got extensive experience with all the various nooks and crannies of UIKit and Foundation.
David Elsonbaty, iOS software engineerHire Now

iOS Guru

An iOS Engineer for over 4 years. With over 10 high quality apps built by yours truly. Currently working as an iOS Software Engineer for Twitter. I also love designing apps! On my spare time I enjoy photography, riding motorcycles, and exploring the world.

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