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Jon McElroy, iOS freelance programmerHire Now

Graphics Programmer and Computer Vision Researcher

I am a game developer, graphics programmer and computer vision researcher with a decade of experience in AAA and indie games. I've spent a lot of time working as an optimization specialist and fire-fighting on teams where I had little information about the problem but a short deadline. I enjoy working on games and low-powered hardware in particular but I love to help out with anything people are working on.
Suraya S, freelance iOS developerHire Now

iOS Dev, UI/UX Designer, and Creative Technologist

I started developing iOS applications by making 5 Objective-C iOS games.. Since then, I have shifted my focus to developing general-purpose apps in Swift! Currently, I help out professors at the University of Southern California to teach classes on iOS development. Lately, I've been working on building websites and APIs with IBM's server side Swift framework, Kitura.
Jon Kent, freelance iOS developerHire Now

Native english speaker, senior designer and developer with 7+ years in mobile, shipped multiple apps, degree in Computer Science, makes terrible puns.

My focus for the past few years has been on iOS. I'm strong with design and development. I have experience with Objective-C, Swift, Push Notifications, Auto-Layout, Constraints, Storyboarding, Audio, Bluetooth, In-App Purchases, Location Services, REST web API's, JSON parsing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Parse, Firebase, authentication, debugging, analytics, deployment, app store guidance, and much more. I have free popular source code on my GitHub that has been downloaded thousands of times. I have a rich background in tech. Graduated in computer science, shipped multiple apps, worked at Microsoft, ran my own app startup. I'm able to relate and convey concepts easily to people with no coding experience. My passion is creating intuitive, delightful mobile apps that make people's lives b...
Daniel, iOS programmer for hireHire Now

Shipped Many  iOS Apps as a Lead Engineer. Founder at ikiApps.

I code in iOS every day and I’ve shipped numerous apps to the App Store both as a lead engineer for multiple startups and as an independent developer.
Manuel Zamora, top iOS developerHire Now

iOS Developer/Backend Developer/Entrepreneur/CTO for Hire

I mostly work with early level startups and have taken various roles in the tech side of mobile companies. I have released dozens of mobile apps with these companies for the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, that were built with Swift and/or Objective-C.
Lim Hengyu, iOS freelance developerHire Now

Founder at SwiftBack

A problem solver thru analytical observation and a creator. Frontend and Backend software architect for a ride sharing app, which scaled bandwidth towards 40,000 users. Knowledgable from basics of implementing and configuring APIs and SDKs, Frontend development plan on web,mobile and backend from basic functions to machine learning and algorithm implementation. An individual who is driven by innovation leveraging on technology and design . Hyu believes in executing projects beyond conservative means and devoted to problem solving with a different perspective.
Chris Amanse, iOS freelance coderHire Now

Swift Developer, Open Source advocate

I'm a software engineer at Symantec. I've been developing iOS apps for more than 3 years. I both know programming in Swift and Objective-C. I'm a WWDC 2016 Scholarship recipient.
Ben, senior iOS programmer for hireHire Now

Full stack Rails and React engineer

I've founded multiple startups and have extensive experience with Ruby on Rails and React. Also have worked with Node and Python.
Dan Zinngrabe, top iOS developerHire Now

Lead iOS Engineer, ⇧ Top 10 Objective-C Developer, ⇧ Top 5 Swift,  20 years Apple (Mac, iOS) Developer

20+ years experience developing for Apple platforms. Developing for iOS since before the SDK was public. Built and deployed apps both large and small for a variety of companies.
Vaughn Dabney, top iOS developerHire Now

Full Stack Mobile App Developer

I am a freelance mobile developer with over 30 apps for both the iOS and Android platform. Usually full cycle from design to development. I also have experience with mysql and php backend systems to power the apps as most require that.

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