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Ankit Ladhania, senior Invision developerHire Now
Freelance Invision developer in Ashburn, United States

I am an experienced Full stack developer and Team Lead at Zomato.

Software engineering is a healthy mix of science and art - that's what I live my life by! I love tinkering with software (and hardware), and making things work and play together nicely. I enjoy learning new things and strongly believe that continuous education is the only way for all of us to evolve. I've been working with web technologies since the early beginnings of my career and had an opportunity to explore the full stack - from the data backends (often databases) through application servers, webservers and proxies to client side programming with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I get easily excited with (new) technology and often can't resist getting my hands dirty by playing with and often contributing to exciting technologies like AngularJs, NodeJs, Cassandra and many more. My goal is to ...

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