Jack-Benny Persson, Inkscape software engineer and devView Profile
Jack-Benny Persson5.0
Freelance Inkscape developer in Helsingborg, Sweden

Long term UNIX guru and author

I've took several courses in Inkscape and worked with it for about two years on and off, both as a hobby and as a profession.
Ghiță Bizău, Inkscape freelance programmerView Profile
Ghiță Bizău
Freelance Inkscape developer in Beiuș, Romania

web developer and digital painter

I use Inkscape to create website mockups and other graphic design.
Jason (@iDoMeteor), Inkscape software engineer and devView Profile
Jason (@iDoMeteor)5.0
Freelance Inkscape developer in Marquette, United States

Emergency support specialist, cloud consultant, lifetime coder, Linux ninja, security guru, developer-operations liasion, systems administrator. Often called 'rockstar', 'unicorn', 'hero', 'savior', 'recluse'; seldom called on the phone.

I put out cyber fires over donuts and camp fires. Polyphasic sleeper serving all timezones! Provider of live-help in real-time via video conference for technologies I have mastered and problems no one else can solve. Writer of re-brandable content management systems (every app has content, does it not?), re-usable apps & APIs, member of Mensa & Intertel, slayer of salmon. Human languages for fun, programming languages for breakfast. I left Detroit in the Dot-Com era to live deep in the north woods, I wear camo every day and kill my own food when I have to. I solve my own problems with grace and efficiency. I'll be happy to solve yours! My three most valuable skills: * Problem solving * Anticipation (of variables and user expectations) * Machine logic These skills, when applied t...
Dawid Ośródka, top Inkscape developerView Profile
Dawid Ośródka
Freelance Inkscape developer in Gdansk, Poland

Open for opportunities | Digital projects

Feel free to drop me a message for help with your projects. UI / UX design, frontend development, software architecture, productivity improvement, project management.

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