Tarek Mehrez, Information retrieval freelance coderView Profile
Tarek Mehrez5.0
Freelance Information retrieval developer in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Machine Learning enthusiast and Engineer.

B.Sc in Computer Science, and M.Sc. in Natural Language Processing. Experienced in Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing applications, those are my true passion as well. Also focused on Software Engineering and shipping production-level software. Have both inustry and research experience.
Elias Abou Haydar, Information retrieval freelancer and developerView Profile
Elias Abou Haydar5.0
Freelance Information retrieval developer in Levallois-Perret, France

Data Scientist

I'm a Data Scientist at iGraal, Paris - France and also a spark and scala fanatic and evangelist. I'm mainly work on Scaling Ranking and Recommender Systems. I'm also part of the Awesome Spark team (https://github.com/awesome-spark).
BK, senior Information retrieval developer for hireView Profile
Freelance Information retrieval developer in Ljubljana, Slovenia

data scientist, book author

Rafael Batista, senior Information retrieval developerView Profile
Rafael Batista5.0
Freelance Information retrieval developer in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Software Architect with 10+ years experience ranging from Computer Vision/GIS/Remote Sensing to full-stack Web and Mobile development.

I'm a Software Architect who has worked professionally in a variety of areas, from large-scale web development, systems development, computer vision, GIS, Remote Sensing.
ShihTing Huang (Neo), Information retrieval programmer and consultantView Profile
ShihTing Huang (Neo)
Freelance Information retrieval developer in Taipei, Taiwan

iOS brewer, beer engineer

I'm a iOS app brewer and a beer engineer. My personal blog: https://medium.com/@koromikoneo
Dorin Dragutoiu, Information retrieval software engineerView Profile
Dorin Dragutoiu
Freelance Information retrieval developer in Giroc, Romania

Full Stack Developer

I have worked as team lead in many international - location distributed project that covers search technologies to web applications. Besides the in depth knowledge of languages as Java, PHP, Javascript, Typescript, I am experienced using natural language processing and text classification. Accustomed to work in agile environments, using continuous integration tools and test-driven development style.
Anuj Saini, Information retrieval freelance developerView Profile
Anuj Saini
Freelance Information retrieval developer in Gurgaon, India

10 years of experience in NLP/Data science/Machine Learning/Search

Anuj Saini is a Subject Matter Expert in the area of Natural Language Processing, Search Technologies, Statistics, Analytics, Modelling, Data Science, Data Mining and Machine Learning. He is currently working with Publicis.Sapient. He has more than 9 years’ of industry experience in developing systems based on Search and Machine Learning. He has done extensive work in the domain of NLP using linguistics as well as Machine Learning across varoious domains such as e-commerce, investment banking, insurance etc. He is skilled in Chatbots, Recommender Systems, Sentiment Analysis, Semantic Technologies, and Natural Language Processing using python, java, and R.
Anuj Kulkarni, top Information retrieval developerView Profile
Anuj Kulkarni
Freelance Information retrieval developer in Arlington, United States

JVM Languages, SQL, Javascript expert

Filippo De Luca, Information retrieval software engineerView Profile
Filippo De Luca
Freelance Information retrieval developer in North Acton, United Kingdom

Software Engineer

I am an open-source passionate, love the Scala language, the functional programming, and clean code. I love writing testable and self-explaining code, my favorite quote is: “Code as if the next guy to maintain your code is a homicidal maniac who knows where you live.” I have a very deep sense of perfectionism always looking for the more elegant solution. I also enjoy teaching people new technologies.
Yurii Shevchuk, senior Information retrieval developerView Profile
Yurii Shevchuk
Freelance Information retrieval developer in Munich, Germany

Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer

Work experience summary: ● 5 years of experience in the IT industry ● 4 years of programming experience in python ● 2 years of experience in data science and machine learning
Alessandro Benedetti, Information retrieval programmer and consultantView Profile
Alessandro Benedetti
Freelance Information retrieval developer in London, United Kingdom

Senior Search Software Engineer

I am a passionate software engineer with a strong will to learn and improve myself continuously across a wide range of different areas. My focus and favourite work would be in R&D on information retrieval, information extraction, natural language processing and machine learning with a big emphasis on data structures, algorithms and probability theory. Experience with a great variety of clients has taught me to be a proficient, professional consultant and allowed me to develop excellent interpersonal skills. I have a strong inclination for teaching, a passion which grew during my academic career where I tutored students and taught Summer preparation courses at the high school level. This interest continued to grow after University as I taught specific technical topics (mostly search ...
Jonathan Hurlock, Information retrieval dev and freelancerView Profile
Jonathan Hurlock

PhD, Data Scientist, Developer and Technology Advocate.

I am excited about new technologies and techniques with computer science and how they can be applied across different domains. I have an active role educating people about technology, and how to use technology. I enjoy empowering people via technology. I have delivered many courses to both technical and non technical audiences on a variety of content (from learning to program in python, up to concepts found in machine learning), from school children, undergraduates, academics, as well as businesses. I am able to take complicated concepts and present them to either a high level or low level audience, tailoring the depth of the content for the audience. I have just passed my Ph.D. pending some corrections. I have had experience working both inside and outside of academia. Providing pro...

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