Top Senior In app purchase Developers - Dec 2017

iOS developer with 20+ Apps.

Architect/Lead Senior Software Engineer for the Global Mobility Practice at CIBER, Inc.

iOS Developer with 5 years of experience

Skilled, passionate, creative developer

10+ experienced developer with requirements analysis and business modeling knowledge. Focused on maintainable and efficient code. Experience as mentor and technical lead.

iOS Developer | Android Developer | Titanium Developer | Appcelerator Developer | Mobile App Developer

I'm a developer, with a real passion for mobile and web application development. Embracing cutting-edge technology, I have gained an in-depth understanding of the main mobile platforms. Having helped develop successful apps on iOS, Android, Blackberry 10, J2ME and Windows Mobile. For more information please visit my website

iOS and Android developer with 10+ apps

I have worked for 10+ years in software development with experience in java, objective-C, swift, C++, and .NET. I am also good at SQL and MongoDB database design. I have developed 10+ native apps on App Store and Google Play. I have also experience with TV OS and Chromecast. I am familiar with different cloud platforms such as Parse, Firebase, Heroku, MLab. I am here to help you to solve your problems in development, debugging, or testing.

What can be measured can be improved

I am an avid iOS freelance developer that believes in rapid prototyping and building an MVP as quickly as possible to get products to market. I have a keen eye for pixel-perfect user interfaces and thrive on building the best user experiences possible. I also create feature-rich backend web services for web and mobile apps that deal with many concurrent connections and use graceful error handling. My goal is to become as best an iOS developer as I can be by surrounding myself with motivated and skilled developers, designers, and leaders.


Software developer with over 15 years experience, with focus on iOS and creative coding in the past 5. Also interested in VR, blockchain and learning new things. Specialties: Swift, Objective-C, C++, iOS, watchOS, OpenGL, UI/UX, cinder/openFrameworks, creative and interactive applications, game development.

Senior iOS Software Engineer

I am familiar with agile software development, I have collaborative skills and I am comfortable working in a team where it is possible to grow as developer and person. I'm a good team player. As a developer I love code conventions and clean, efficient and highly maintainable code. I consider software testing. I do use git, github and pull requests to allow code reviews. I really love new challenges, I'm able to work by myself and I like to discuss ideas and achieve new results together. The applications we create use some of the best libraries available and our self-made libraries grouped by private frameworks. We do use and support cocoapods. In the applications I've developed I've worked with different Apple's framework such as PDF (Core Graphics), low level audio, CoreData with mogenerator support, openGL (2D), Maps, QuartzCore, AVFoudation (video editing), HTTPLiveStreaming. Grand Central Dispatch, Core Motion, In-App Purchase and all the main social frameworks integration. I'm very passionate on what I do and I like all aspects of software design. I love to accept new challenges, plan the software Architecture and create new reusable UI components. Ability to work under pressure and on multiple tasks simultaneously. Ability to coordinate a team having the responsibility to achieve the team goals. If necessary, it is always a good practise to do some refactoring in our code. I have experiences on 3rd party big project's refactorization. Programming Languages & Others: - Objective C - C# - C/C++ - Java - Assembler - Operative Systems: Linux/OSX/Windows Experience of game programming in C/Asm (platform). Implementation of 2d engine for videogame like Tetris/Pacman, some demos and a platform game like super mario Blog: Implementation of new 2D/3D controls using C#/DirectX as a 3d graph

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