Danielle Weisz, senior Immutable.js developerView Profile
Danielle Weisz
Freelance Immutable.js developer in Ashburn, United States

Let me be your code guru/cyber witch

I use Immutable along with React at Property Meld, and find it to be an extremely efficient way to manipulate and store data. I think that its usage will skyrocket as more and more people find out about it.
Adrian Kalbarczyk, Immutable.js freelancer and developerView Profile
Adrian Kalbarczyk5.0
Freelance Immutable.js developer in Warsaw, Poland

Full-stack engineer with 12+ years of experience. Also #almosthuman :)

I'm best in theory of programming languages, computer systems and how things work under the hood. A little background I started to code when I was 6, worked with 30+ different programming languages and built my own called ObjectPath available in Python and Javascript. I hold BSc in computer science (theoretical rather than practical curriculum). I've been also building commercial software since 2004. Now I exclusively write code in Javascript on both, front and back-end.
Christoph Michel, Immutable.js dev and freelancerView Profile
Christoph Michel
Freelance Immutable.js developer in Hamburg, Germany

JavaScript Expert, ES6/ES7, React, React Native, Redux

Frontend / Mobile Android Engineer, Visualizations: I design clean, beautiful web and mobile apps with the User Experience in mind using the React / React Native ecosystem. My apps are well received with a rating of 4+ stars and downloaded hundreds of times each month. You can see some of them on my Google Play Developer site [1]. I 'm also passionate about creating advanced visualizations with D3.js that "tell a story with data" or use the visual element to explain things [2]. [1]: https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=cmichel [2]: http://mathart.xyz/portfolio/ Mentoring: ★ I don't feel comfortable if I wasted your money. So if I ever cannot solve your issue in time, I 'll think about it off screen for some minutes and get back to you, or you'll get a refund.
Andrej Gajdos, top Immutable.js developerView Profile
Andrej Gajdos
Freelance Immutable.js developer in Prague, Czechia

Full-stack software engineer ● Consultant

I'm a freelance software engineer, consultant, and occasional tech blogger with over six years of experience delivering software. I make complex problems simple with fast, clean, and maintainable code. I have worked with an array of different technologies and am currently focusing on full-stack web development.
Tibi Craciun, Immutable.js freelance coderView Profile
Tibi Craciun5.0
Freelance Immutable.js developer in Codlea, Romania

NodeJs, React, Redux, Angular JS , Firebase and AWS expert

Co-founded Livebooks.com in 2002 , sold in 2013,currently co-founder at Sitedity. I'm an expert of scalability, cloud infrastructure and getting all the pieces together to deliver high performance web services. Other than cloud infrastructure I'm mastering Ract, Redux, nodeJs, AngularJs and Firebase and love to use them in most of my projects
Tom Chen, freelance Immutable.js developerView Profile
Tom Chen5.0
Freelance Immutable.js developer in Taipei, Taiwan

PureScript/Haskell/React enthusiast, author of react-google-maps

Tom is a JavaScript expert who has passion in creating reusable UI components with React.js. He also likes to use flux to organize complex business logic using unidirectional data-flow. He has backend experience in node.js and Ruby on Rails. https://www.tomchentw.com/
Roman Damborsky, Immutable.js software engineerView Profile
Roman Damborsky
Freelance Immutable.js developer in Prague, Czechia

Full stack developer

Started contracting in 2002, working remotely since 2009, I have 15+ years experience with web apps development. For your projects, I can provide different levels of service - prototyping, architecture design, build process setup/improvements, testing process setup, code reviews, implementation of app backbone, or get into details to individual components. I can help you design full stack architecture, or help on individual features. I'm quite passionate about coding. I prefer to do TDD, think about design and edge cases before writing the code. However, I got from "code perfection" stage to pragmatic approach.
Tim Robertson, top Immutable.js developerView Profile
Tim Robertson5.0
Freelance Immutable.js developer in Austin, United States

Front End Development Lead

I'm a Front End Development lead at Spredfast in Austin, TX. I've worked in software for 15 years and have in depth experience in a large number of technologies both front end and backend. I have been focused on the frontend end and mobile for the last 5 years.
Kuldeep , freelance Immutable.js developerView Profile
Kuldeep 5.0
Freelance Immutable.js developer in Lucknow, India

Ethics, emotions and self-pride driven individual.

Hi!, My name is Kuldeep. I work as a Mobile and Desktop+Raspberry pi Software Developer. With React-Native on Mobile(Android + iOS) and Kivy for Desktop(Linux, Windows and MacOSX) and Raspberry pi. My capabilities for React-Native: testing (jest/detox), integrate redux, codepush, firebase, loggers, writing native module, writing native UI components, Authentication, simple and sweet UI, Animations and gesture integration, publish on both Google and Apple store, did I miss anything? My capabilities with Kivy: I will build a sweet and simple UI for your app/ software. Kivy works on these platforms: Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, ios and raspberry pi but surprisingly a majority of projects I have done were for raspberry pi. I am a basketball player for 6 years, I like blogging, I really l...
Olajide Michael, Immutable.js software engineerView Profile
Olajide Michael5.0
Freelance Immutable.js developer in Moriki, Nigeria

A Passionate Geek.

I have 4+ years of professional Software Development. I am a team player with a passion for innovation, disruptive technology and always welcome constant change.
Santiago Oquendo, Immutable.js dev and freelancerView Profile
Santiago Oquendo4.0
Freelance Immutable.js developer in Medellín, Colombia

Friendly Javascript, AngularJs, React, Node, funcional programming help for you

I'm a passionate developer and I'm here just to help you. No matter how easy or hard the question is, we can figure it out together. I love to explore new ways to organize code, just to make the job to our lazy brains easier. I have been programming for almost a decade, but still a lot to learn, as this is not about engineering, this is all about craftsmanship.
Abdulmalik Abdulwahab, Immutable.js coder and developerView Profile
Abdulmalik Abdulwahab5.0
Freelance Immutable.js developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Full Stack Web Application Developer

I'm a full-stack web developer. A problem solver, a builder, passionate about knowledge. I recognize patterns fast.
Ivan Kurnosov, top Immutable.js developerView Profile
Ivan Kurnosov5.0
Freelance Immutable.js developer in Auckland, New Zealand

Senior software engineer

A software engineer with 10+ years of development experience. Has a broad experience in designing, implementing and supporting web applications. Has deep knowledge of best development practices. A perfect teacher: stackoverflow member #208 by reputation points.
Diogo Beda, Immutable.js freelance developerView Profile
Diogo Beda
Freelance Immutable.js developer in Goiânia, Brazil

Dom Kiva-Meyer, senior Immutable.js developerView Profile
Dom Kiva-Meyer5.0
Freelance Immutable.js developer in San Francisco, United States
I work at (paren), a software consultancy that specializes in web and mobile apps with React and React Native respectively. These days I primarily work with Clojure[Script]. I have mentored at Dev Bootcamp and Hack Reactor and really enjoy teaching and helping people reach their goals.

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