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@iDoMeteor (Jason)

@iDoMeteor (Jason)

I focus on, and solve, the hardest problems I can find on Code Mentor. I can code, debug, deploy & manage just about any tech stack; especially Linux, AWS & Meteor.

Eastern Time (US & Canada) (-05:00)
I put out cyber fires for fun, enjoy fine Italian suits and craft fantastic classic cocktails. Polyphasic sleeper serving all timezones! Writer of content management systems, re-usable apps & member of Mensa. Human languages for fun, programming languages for breakfast. I left Detroit in the dotCom era to live in the woods, wear camo every day and kill my own food when I need to and with much respect. I solve my own problems (and those of that ISP/Software providers can't or won't) with grace and efficiency. I'll be happy to solve yours! My three most valuable skills: * Problem solving * Anticipation (of variables and user expectations) * Machine logic These skills, when applied to any challenge, design or technology stack, produce efficient and reliable results. What I enjoy most about Code Mentor: Utilizing my unique skill set to solve a diverse set of challenging critical issues for people in a bind. My most satisfying sessions solve very difficult and unique situations for those who have already exhausted their available human resources. I also really enjoy students who gain enlightenment from the deep insights that I can provide during our sessions. FAQ * No, I will not fly anywhere. * Yes, we have roads & electricity here, you should visit. :) * No, I am not a robot. But my bots might be one day. ** POLICIES ** * I do not charge if I fail to make satisfactory progress on your issue * I do not generally charge for the "show & tell" phase of our session * If your request rate is higher than my standard rate & I have experience in your issue, our session rate will match your request rate * I try to make a record of all changes and be able to revert them quickly, but it is your responsibility to archive responsibly * CodeMentor has changed my life in very positive ways and I strictly adhere to their billing policy. All offline work must be paid for through CM at standard or agreed upon rates. * Time management is *not* my specialty. If you need your thing done, it's best to do it live in real-time. ;) ** SUPPORT TIERS ** Level 0: $30/15 - My weak areas / Voodoo+ / Students / First 100 Clients - Easy JS stuff - Standard Rate Level I: $40/15 - Standard rate when I have backlog Level II: $60/15 - High pressure environments / General Wizardry + - Advanced AWS (recovery, security, etc) - Docker / Elastic Beanstalk image building & deployment - Forensics - Distaster recovery - POS - High-level security - Pre-scheduled hours outside 12:00 - 21:00 EST - Advanced design (animation, meteor, 3D, crazy toolkit requirements, WP) Level III: $75/15 - Extreme pressure / Heavy Wizardry / Deep Magic + - Emergency response for mission-critical systems - Dedicated support through to resolution - Level II + Pre-scheduled hours outside 12:00 - 21:00 EST - Jump to top of queue! + http://www.catb.org/jargon/html/go01.html Moments: * 20160707 - My first session! * 20160817 - My 100th session! Michael L. receives his next session free! * 20160824 - Michael L. claimed his free one hour session! * 20161125 - My 200th session! Avi receives his next session free! * 20161215 - Avi claimed his free hour!
33 JavaScript
15 Linux
13 MongoDB
11 AWS
7 Git
6 jQuery
6 Meteor
5 WordPress
4 Html
4 Amazon web services
No icon Linux - 22 years experience
I have been using Linux since before you heard of a modem.
Jquery expert help jQuery - 7 years experience
I use jQuery just about every time I touch code.
No icon Security - 26 years experience
Security minded in everything I do, circa 1990. Pirated more software than you've ever heard of before Internet killed the BBS stars. Took out more underground pornographers than you can shake your Internet cane at. 18 years ago I evolved ethically and traded my gray hat for a white one. Prevention, detection and mitigation has replaced the rebellious angst and boredom which led to my more vigilante-style activities. In my life long career as a rock star cyber guru, none of my clients, local or remote, have ever had any security related incidents or misappropriation of intellectual property or trade secrets. I can provide real-world references which include high-profile criminal attorneys and clients in medical, financial and innovation industries.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 22 years experience
I have maybe used HTML once or twice.
No icon Point of sale - 25 years experience
I began working with point-of-sale systems as a teenager, fixing video store computer networks for video games. It quickly evolved to connecting multiple locations using RAS/DUN in Windows 95 Beta! I have fixed everything from fancy new-age mostly-working mobile POS systems to ancient things w/monochrome monitors & cryptic manuals missing important pages. I also build complete hardware & software solutions from the ground up for local businesses.
Wordpress WordPress - 12 years experience
Please don't make me Wordpress! However, if you are stuck and/or on fire, I can surely help.
OnePageWonder 4   3
A jQuery and Bootstrap mini-CMS built on the Meteor JS platform for quickly deploying one page scrolling web sites.
CSS JavaScript
eslint-config-meteor 4   0
A Meteor addict's ECMA 6th edition ESLint configuration by @iDoMeteor. Based on node-style-guide and tuned to the official Meteor Style Guide.
meteor-skeleton 3   0
A maintained & (in)sane Meteor skeleton. Insanity provided by highly tuned linter & editor configs, sanity provided by a nice file & directory template.
RefugeeFinder 3   0
This application is intended to help refugees who are lost, missing or separated from their loved ones find safety, border crossings and each other. Made with Meteor.
CSS HTML JavaScript
amazon-scripts 1   1
Administrative scripts for my EC2 Amazon Linux Node/Meteor server
Average Rating
(116 ratings)
Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Concise, knowledgeable and taught me a bunch about dev ops and AWS..
Carl Lewis Dec 09, 2016

Jason was incredibly helpful in point me in the right direction and demystified aws for me.
Carl Lewis Dec 09, 2016

Quickly assessed what was going on and helped with command line work to get processes (database server) running that were not.
Michael Staton Dec 04, 2016

Just finished with another extremely productive session. This time we did the Dev Ops on our Ecommerce web site that is built on Meteor and we use Amazon Web Services to host it. Saved me a lot of money because of his experience, got done in a few hours what would have taken a month. Till next time! Jeremiah Miller CTO Noble Appliance
Jeremiah Miller Oct 30, 2016

Whoah! Thank you.
Alfonso Hernandez Oct 27, 2016

Great help!
Shon Davis Oct 27, 2016

Really helped my understanding of DynamoDB, Lambda and Sinon. Walked me through a couple items and gave me the tools to continue forward -- teach a man to fish (:
Ian McCallum Oct 25, 2016

I was nervous at first paying whatever I paid for the help. But he's a genius. Helped me out immediately. Can't say enough good things.
Darin Thompson Oct 22, 2016

Help me again with CloudFront and S3
Vadim Sokoltsov Oct 21, 2016

Amazing! Started in one spot and landed in another that will be easier/faster/and more cost effective to implement!
David Lawson Oct 21, 2016

Helpful and knowledgable
Jfrevert Oct 20, 2016

Very helpful, solved my issue and was very honest and knowledgeable.
Antonio Torres Oct 15, 2016

The mentor is awesome! He helps me understand some basics of nginx and aws configuration and fix thing that takes me for week!
Vadim Sokoltsov Oct 13, 2016

Great advice
ned Oct 12, 2016

Very helpful. He was upfront about being new to a technology, Vuejs/Vuex. I asked him if he felt like trying to help anyway. He tried and was able to resolve my issue in minutes. Thank you!
kobione Oct 11, 2016

listened well and provided good advice. particularly valued recommendations based on experience. looking forward to working together with @iDoMeteor over time
Ian McCallum Oct 05, 2016

Jason really knows his way around a server. He was a massive help debugging my issue.
Tim Barclay Oct 02, 2016

The Best! I needed help with the Terminal, and he helped me out. Did not caste any judgements on my competence. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.
arnold sanders Sep 20, 2016

He was great. Very clear to follow. Very fast and even handled some of the out of the ordinary issues pretty quickly as well.
Tiffany Sumuel Sep 11, 2016

Jason is incredibly responsible and helpful. We connected the night before and my unique situation was something he hadn't encountered before so he took a bit of time on his own to think about it and came back the next morning helping me solve my problem. Thanks again!
Michael Du Sep 09, 2016

Jason understand needs and work on task better then expected. We had some limitations in implementing the requirements, but quickly found an alternative solution. He explains what is being done, so that the work becomes justified. He explains what he does, so then you are able to do it alone.
Giuseppe Checchia Sep 04, 2016

Jason is a brilliant programmer who goes above and beyond to help me with a deployment issue. Thank you, Jason!
Jade Sep 02, 2016

Good to work with and effective.
Joe Bell Sep 02, 2016

Jason is great! knows his stuff and is very pleasant to work with
Jennifer Mutasa Aug 30, 2016

Jason is awesome. He identified the issues right away and jumped into action. Super helpful and knowledgeable!
Danny Aug 29, 2016

Very patient and skilled. He accept to help me instead of the server was handled badly until now.
Giuseppe Checchia Aug 29, 2016

Jason overdelivers tech solutions and personable education with every session. Solid consulations ... he provides. with this #TechnoPath ... The Force is strong.
Michael Logic Aug 26, 2016

Jason was very helpful. He helped us get our HTTPS certificate up and running, and also helped us with our load ballancer, and Route 53. Saved us time and money! Thanks Jason!
Paul Preibisch Aug 25, 2016

Knowledgeable, friendly, highly recommend!
Andy Abelow Aug 24, 2016

Jason is a brilliant programmer. Within minutes, he is able to implement solutions to the issues that I have been struggling for days. Thank you, Jason! I found my long term mentor. Would love to work with him again :)
Jade Aug 24, 2016

Jason is actually a super hero. He rescued our servers and database, refactored them on AWS and got all of our Dev Ops done in one session. Super Hero. He is a permanent part of the team as far as I am concerned. Jeremiah M. Noble Appliance Center.
Jeremiah Miller Aug 22, 2016

Another great session.
Jeremiah Miller Aug 22, 2016

Great advice. Helped me select the best route for my web application setup. Would recommend!
Jake Anderson Aug 09, 2016

Jason is great, especially if you want to learn while he is helping you fix your issue. He takes the time to explain what his is doing and why, and how everything works together.
Amanda Jul 31, 2016

Jason was fantastic and patient as we worked thru a significantly difficult Git related bug. I would have no reservations in reaching out to him in the future to get assistance. Great job!
BenJamin Prater Jul 28, 2016

This guy really knows his stuff
Justin Frevert Jul 28, 2016

Jason is extremely knowledgeable, personable, and professional and helped my team overcome a very challenging obstacle quickly and efficiently with our WooCommerce platform using PHP. Thanks, Jason!
Patrick Dyer Jul 26, 2016

Really knowing what he is doing.
Mike Gutzschhahn Jul 23, 2016

Jason is great. He's super resourceful, very nice to chat with, and solved my issue quickly.
John Doherty Jul 22, 2016

Thanks for the help!
Ran Zonis Jul 22, 2016

Great session Jason! I'll be back soon.
Alan Millar Jul 21, 2016

Amazing knowledge base. He really knows his stuff.
Steve Luiting Jul 21, 2016

Jason has a great understanding of networking, Nginx, and devops. He was able to debug my issue, which involved understanding SSL handshakes and other networking issues. Thanks
Blue Rock Jul 19, 2016

Very helpful guy. Did his best.
John Blower Jul 18, 2016

Great session, problem solved
ned Jul 17, 2016

Great session.Highly recommended.
Thenappan Narayanan Jul 17, 2016

Way above and beyond! Thank You!
martinleejones@outlook.com Jul 15, 2016

Jason is very knowledgeable and has his own AWS infrastructure to help with deployment and other hosting related issues. Also appreciated his Meteor skills, which are top-notch. Highly recommended.
Brendan Jul 15, 2016

Went above and beyond. Thank you!
Nicole Forrester Jul 14, 2016

Great session
ned Jul 11, 2016

Another great session
ned Jul 11, 2016

Great Sever Admin session.
ned Jul 10, 2016

Really enjoyed working with this guy as he is very personable and extremely competent. He really took time to understand my issue and explained what he was thinking and doing with regards to my code as he went along. Well worth the money spent and I will definitely be using his help going forwards. Highly recommended.
Leon Clarke Jul 09, 2016

Jason was a huge help and knew exactly what to do to solve our issue. I would definitely enlist his services again and I highly recommend him.
Benjamin Hodge Jul 08, 2016

Get help Identified the issue quickly and pointed me in the right direction to fix it
Leon Clarke Jul 07, 2016

When have a job, you get impossible deadlines And when you get impossible deadlines, you write bugs And when you write bugs, you need help Not sure where I was going with this but dude helped me out big time. Stay gucci 5/5
Austin Akers Jul 06, 2016