Art of Coding - 5 Steps to Nail it Internationally!

Published Feb 08, 2017
Art of Coding - 5 Steps to Nail it Internationally!

To learn how to code is to learn how to think! Nothing more yet nothing less, kid! We all take great pain in learning skills - ranging from walking, cycling to writing, reading and talking! But later on in any skill comes a time when one wants to understands how the skill came about, its essence, roots and richness and then he delves deeper so that he can make greater changes in the skills and contribute! Thinking is at the root of all mental and physical skills and hence of importance. See Coding as a direct agent or interface between the thinking part of brain and you and then as you code and think, more than a skill it becomes a part of who you are! Its that strong... Like any art coding needs discipline and practice but there are some snarky secrets a programmer should know to get the best out of this art called coding!!!

**1. Please Type Faster!
If your writing is pathetic you think fast and if you really can do that, why not make it happen really fast? To type as fast as 75 wpm can be a life changing decision for a coder... if not the fastest, try to be at your best! It counts...

2. One Solution for a problem is a myth!

Addition is also inverse of subtraction, one can add directly or otherwise, if things as simple as adding can be done in multi ways why not things that hang on the grounds of logic? A good logic is good until the best is suggested and best becomes good when the next best arrives! Dont restrict yourself to just stopping and watching 0 error blinking! The real game starts there... right there!

**3. Coding isnt syntax but logic!
Doesnt mean one must not learn the syntax or undervalue it but one must make sentences and good ones, the grammer will get pretty fast if you are applying yourself to the text!

4. Know multi coding languages

I started with c++, then learnt many languages - python, java, javascript, perl , ruby, html5, node.js and the list goes on... knowing best language makes you complete so that you can know where this same logic can yield lower execution by requiring lesser lines of codes!
Did you know: Most of the execution time is taken by comparisons within the text, a proficient programmer believes in taking a route of less comparison! WHo likes comparison, btw?

5. Crash and Burn teaches!

Though i am teacher myself but i feel the one who learns the most and the fastest is the one who dares to crash and burn his entire hardwork of coding a program, even if he is flying in the adrenaline of best coding lines he ever wrote, he still goes back, write that #includes and get started from scratch! He makes mistakes and fails to get the write thing which he knows is a part of achieving the golden piece of code! Be dependent on others for their views when stuck in grave, you and your logic are king! Start trusting that...
Though i am proficient at many languages, i still know much less so i wrote this carefully so that it touches the soul irrespective of the language one is trying to find his way through.

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