Hristo Georgiev, I18n software engineerView Profile
Hristo Georgiev5.0
Freelance I18n developer in Sofia, Bulgaria

Web Software Engineer experienced in Angular 5 and Ruby on Rails 5 | Founder of Centroida | Pluralsight author

Hristo has five years of experience managing and developing software development projects using web technologies. He has trained over 20 people in software engineering and written over 60,000 words in guides on Pluralsight. Apart from expertise in software engineering and software architecture, Hristo has an extensive background in business. He has consulted companies from different industries and created digital strategies that are custom-tailored to their needs. He has graduated the American University in Bulgaria with B.A in Computer Science and Business Administration. He was founder and president of The Hub - a student club that gathered students interested tech entrepreneurship, software development and innovation. The club hosted workshops on different technologies, organized fi...
Omid M, I18n programmer for hireView Profile
Omid M5.0
Freelance I18n developer in San Jose, United States

Senior Software Engineer

My engineering experience is mostly with Web Front-End development. My top skills are JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Node.js though I am also familiar with Java and Python.
Ziad Saab, freelance I18n programmerView Profile
Ziad Saab5.0
Freelance I18n developer in Verdun, Canada

Co Founder at DecodeMTL

I am a full-stack web developer and educator from Montreal, Canada with over ten years of experience. I have worked for startups, agencies, and large companies. I co-founded and am currently teaching at DecodeMTL, a full-stack JavaScript Web Development bootcamp in Montreal, Canada. I am also an instructor and mentor at the local Ladies Learning Code chapter, and sometimes do mentoring at HackHands. I love teaching more than anything and I am motivated by seeing my students succeed :)
Antoni Huguet Vives, I18n consultant and programmerView Profile
Antoni Huguet Vives
Freelance I18n developer in Hoofddorp, Netherlands

Senior javascript developer always looking for new challenges.

I am a passionate developer in love with the web and all the technologies around it. In 2006 I started creating web applications, first as a full-stack developer and gradually moving more towards the front-end. What really attracts me: - Performance: find the best implementation to make all the webpage flow nicely on any screen size, the target is 60fps content. - Technical challenges: represent huge amount of data in a comprehensive, user friendly way. Experiment and create proofs of concept with cut-edge technologies. - Attention to detail: come up with something new, design and code it with pixel perfection. - Inspiring people from who learn new things. What I offer as a mentor: - You understand what / how and why we write the code. - A passionate developer who loves elegant solution...
Kevin Farst, I18n freelance programmerView Profile
Kevin Farst5.0
Freelance I18n developer in Tampa, United States

Ruby on Rails + AngularJS + iOS = I'm The Mentor For You!

Hey there! I've been a Ruby on Rails developer since 2010 involved with many different configurations and setups including Ruby 1.8.7-2.2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, DataMapper, Rails 2.3-4.1, jQuery/CoffeeScript, CSS/SCSS/Bootstrap/Foundation, and Sinatra. From there, I made a shift from that and for the past two years I've been an AngularJS developer as well, recently switching to Angular 2. In that time I've simultaneously been building my mobile skills with iOS using both Swift and Objective-C. I remember how tough it was getting started in the web dev and mobile scenes and always appreciated those who guided me to becoming the developer I am today. Now, I would love to do the same for you as I help you learn best practices and "get over the hump" of difficult concepts, or move forwa...
Nick Ribal, I18n freelance developerView Profile
Nick Ribal
Freelance I18n developer in Bangkok, Thailand

I <3 OSS and the Web!

A keen OSS supporter, Linux user and web platform hacker. Freelancer, consultant and a family man travelling the world
Mirko Jotic, I18n freelance programmerView Profile
Mirko Jotic
Freelance I18n developer in Charlotte, United States

Software developer

Back-end developer who is getting immersed in all things front-end. Enjoys writing PHP apps following TDD approach.
Danielle Weisz, senior I18n developerView Profile
Danielle Weisz
Freelance I18n developer in Ashburn, United States

Let me be your code guru/cyber witch

Hi! I'm Danielle, a software engineer with expertise across the industry, though my primary focus is on web and mobile development. I have worked for big companies including Microsoft, Amazon, and Standard & Poor's on products you have heard of like OneDrive and Echo. I have also worked as a freelancer and a startup developer on products you haven't heard of just yet! Aside from this though, I am passionate about teaching software development. I TAed and mentored in university and since then I have taken every opportunity to help my friends and colleagues hone their craft. It is time to make my services available to a broader base, and I hope that you'll allow me to guide you towards success!
Ludovic Bonnet, senior I18n developerView Profile
Ludovic Bonnet
Freelance I18n developer in Ashburn, United States

Freelance Full-Stack Developer - React.js / Node.js

Former Freelance PHP expert enamored of JavaScript starting with node and today in love with react.js
Dan - Lucian Ștefancu, I18n coder and developerView Profile
Dan - Lucian Ștefancu
Freelance I18n developer in Timișoara, Romania

Full Stack Developer

Hey, I'm Dan and I'm a full-stack web developer. Sounds like a annonymous group, but it's a passion. I developed with PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript countless websites and applications over the last 9 years. I squashed bugs and found fixes. In many instances on my own. It was fun at times, but a second pair of eyes would've made things faster. Maybe I can speed up some things for you.
Lebigre, I18n developer for hireView Profile
Freelance I18n developer in Paris, France

polyvalent developer (front/back end), web & multimedia (hybrid apps)

I'm a young developer that started teaching web dev and seeks to share his knowledge with the community

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