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Get paid while making an impact. Become a Codementor for the next wave of makers.

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Live Mentorship

Set your own rate and provide live 1:1 mentorship to help fellow developers on your own schedule.

Live 1:1 Mentorship

Provide live 1:1 help by answering questions and doing code reviews online via screen sharing, video, and text.

Get Paid, Stress-Free

Unlike consulting projects requiring significant time commitment, being a Codementor can be a low-stress, high-throughput effort.

Flexible Commitment

Work whenever it suits you. You decide your own schedule and customize your availability however you'd like.


Freelance Projects

Set your hiring availability and express interest in projects.

Diverse Opportunities

You can find large freelance projects, small tasks, and contractor positions for different tech stacks

Freedom & Flexibility

Set your own rate and take on projects you are interested in


Dedicated service to ensure timely payments and effortless communication with the client

Join our Network of Top Expert Mentors

Our 5000+ vetted expert mentors include book authors, popular open source contributors, top Stack Overflow users, and engineers at top tech companies.

Steve Klabnik
Steve Klabnik

Active Ruby on Rails & Rust Contributor

Martijn Pieters
Martijn Pieters

#1 Stack Overflow
Python Answerer

Arlo Carreon
Arlo Carreon

Frontend Developer
@ Amazon

Naomi Freeman
Naomi Freeman

Conference Speaker & Course Instructor

Developers ♥ Codementor

Being a Codementor can be an extremely rewarding experience (other than potentially getting paid $2500+ per week!)

Jessamyn Smith
1263 sessions given since Feb, 2015

I'm very happy to finally be doing work that is useful, appreciated, in line with my ethics and social goals, fun, and well paid. It's now been over 6 months, and often people message me with questions before I can even offer to help. I've had days when I was mentoring non-stop from dawn until dusk!

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Matt Goldspink
137 sessions given since Oct, 2013

Becoming a Codementor is just the beginning of a great journey, full of extraordinary people and unthinkable code! Sharing your passion for code with others while helping them solve their problems at the same time comes second to nothing. And you never know what you might learn from your mentee....

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