Nick Murray, Hyperledger freelance programmerView Profile
Nick Murray
Freelance Hyperledger developer in City of Victoria, Hong Kong

I enjoy making the seemingly impossible, possible. Coding for over 35 years!

I have a deep interest in technology and I am happiest when applying new learnings to solve real-world problems. I feed off change and innovation. I am motivated by the words "it can't be done". As CTO and Founder of a startup I have am deeply engaged in cloud architecture, CI testing and deployment automation, application development (almost exclusively Go on the back and Angular JS on the front and deploy the back with Kubernetes and Docker, with the front on s3 and Cloudfront), iOS and Android applications and even embedded firmware for Bluetooth beacons. Our platform is backed by Hyperledger Fabric and I have deep Blockchain domain expertise and am an active contributor to the Hyperledger Fabric project. Ours was the first production application to launch on v1.0.0.
Drew Taylor, Hyperledger freelance programmerView Profile
Drew Taylor5.0
Freelance Hyperledger developer in Montreal, Canada

Creative scientific-mind | Critical Developer at

Constantly tackling new programming tools, Drew has developed a powerful learning curve that has allowed him to master technologies such as JavaScript, Ionic framework, blockchain, Solidity, Scrypt, LAMP and MEAN techstacks. Having worked as lead engineer and project manager for projects of all sizes, his experience gives him the ability to understand projects as a whole, foreseeing potential pitfalls down the road. Currently he's tackling internet security, an imminent need in our world today. Feel free to check out some of his recent projects: 1. 2. 3. 4.
Gaston Morixe, top Hyperledger developerView Profile
Gaston Morixe
Freelance Hyperledger developer in Montevideo, Uruguay

React, React Native, Rails, GraphQL, Blockchain Consultant

I work with startups and companies helping them build great products. From User Experience to market. Big fan of rapid iteration and appretiation for delightful interfaces. Currently specializing in React, React Native, Rails, Node and GraphQL Apollo. (Redux, etc)
Alexander Erm, top Hyperledger developerView Profile
Alexander Erm4.9
Freelance Hyperledger developer in Berlin, Germany

Full-stack Web Expert :: PHP, Angular, Wordpress

10 years of PHP Development. Expert in modern JS like React, Angular + NodeJS. Special for Wordpress users: deep knowledge of Wordpress core, plugin development and theme making. I can teach and explain you best practices in simple language.
Ganga Chris, Hyperledger freelance programmerView Profile
Ganga Chris
Freelance Hyperledger developer in Nairobi, Kenya

JaavaScript and Golang enthusiast.

I like to try out new technologies and trends in my free time. My main focus right now is Golang, but I have prior experience with JavaScript and in particular Angular and NodeJS.

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