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Cade Embery

Cade Embery

Full Stack Developer and Designer

Melbourne (+11:00 DST)
Full stack Node / Angular / React Developer. UI/UX Designer. Drupal Expert, I've built multiple enterprise applications websites and applications have thousands of hours of unique experience from startups and developing software platforms. CTO and co-founder of www.fluro.io. Keen to help others with their projects.
Angular js expert help AngularJS - 4 years experience
Have built over 100 frontend angular websites and applications including: http://www.youthdimension.org.au http://www.stairway.org.au http://www.stairway.tv http://bullsandarrows.com http://www.sb.org.au And many more
Node js expert help Node.js - 4 years experience
Singlehandedly built and continue to build on a full featured enterprise CMS in node as the backend for https://www.fluro.io https://www.appbooks.com
Mongo db expert help MongoDB - 5 years experience
Extending models with mongoose, Creating schemas, highly performant usage and scaling, (The platform i have built has 16k users a day)
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 8 years experience
Singlehandedly built a full featured enterprise CMS in node as the backend for https://www.fluro.io https://www.appbooks.com And powering over 100 frontend React and Angular SPA websites including: http://www.youthdimension.org.au http://www.stairway.org.au http://bullsandarrows.com http://www.sb.org.au
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 15 years experience
Loads of experience in frontend design, SCSS and HTML5 features. My portfolio can be viewed here http://www.hyperblaster.net
Php expert help PHP - 10 years experience
Jquery expert help jQuery - 8 years experience
Typical jQuery knowledge used to build frontends and plugins
Drupal expert help Drupal - 7 years experience
Started with Drupal 4.7 and have built over 60+ large scale websites for many well known clients. I know Drupal like the back of my hand and have large amounts of experience from developing modules to front end theming
No icon Flash - 15 years experience
No icon Actionscript - 10 years experience
Have built multiple flash based websites for companies including Mazda, 20th Century Fox and others. I have built a full scale digital signage platform, with a photoshop like WYSIWYG editor and Adobe AIR Desktop and Android Projector for playing back the digital media. I have pushed the Adobe Flash Platform to the limits and have large amounts of experience with StageVideo and High Performance ActionScript