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30+ years systems design and devops, tech lead on many startups. Consultant — introducing and using Docker workflows from dev to deployment, systems automation, lean workflows. Currently developing solutions in nodejs, golang (go), front-end, reactjs, ES6. 

"Whatever the job takes" would be a good motto I guess. Hardware, software, systems design, deployment strategies , linux admin, strategic planning and evaluation, even the odd bit of graphics and making the coffee when needed. Have to admit I'm no good at the coffee part - it's just not my cup of tea :) Have a specific need please ask, 30+ years covers a lot more ground than I put in here. Past clients include: Chaumet jewellers, Atari, Activision, Nomura, Guardian Royal Exchange Assurance, AA, RAC, Pioneer Concrete, MOD, NHS, Incentive Group Of Companies, Apuestas Limited, various foreign government bodies, startups along with many private business across the world.
No icon Docker - 2 years experience
I build end to end workflows based around docker. From developers laptops through test stages and into production all using the exact same dockerized artifacts. I offer advice and training on the best way to get started introducing Docker to your workflows, what problems it will solve, cost savings and so forth. Another major aspect I have solutions for is integration of Docker into modern IDE based development environments so that you gain the benefits of a known repeatable stack and its versions whilst also getting to keep your IDE and all of its features such as intellisense, debugging, hot-reload and so on.
Go expert help Go - 2 years experience
Excuse the pun but Go is one of my goto languages :) Been using it now for a couple of years for all backend work. I've designed and written several micro-service based systems which are now in production using Docker It's also fantastic for creating CLI utilities and helpers with. Some of the more fun ones I've done include chatops deployment robots for hipchat and jira integrations, Linking to AWS APIs for monitoring and control of a clients infrastructure, MongoDb backup utils and an image processing pipeline. I also use the Go language to teach programing, I find it a better fit rather than a more complex language like Java or Javascript. Clients seem to grasp the concepts far easier using a small but powerful and statically typed language - then they can move onto explore scripting languages and more complex concepts according to their needs. Current Go projects include another gaming venture where I am architecting and writing the persistent universe / MMO side of a new startup in that space.
Devops expert help DevOps - 15 years experience
Over the years the devops part of the job has changed a lot. Back in the early days I'd frequently be up to my elbows, literally, in the internals of a PC based server or an IBM mini or a VAX. Now I don't touch the actual hardware very much, lave that to the data centers, it's what they are good at. Devops is more about provisioning the cloud, designing the backend infrastructure, enabling CI/CD, keeping the systems running, backups, monitoring and providing instant feedback methods when attention is needed. For a hell of a lot of this my current main tools of choice are GoLang, Docker, Bamboo, DO (Digital Ocean), bash, node, 3rd party logging providers, chatops into hipchat (written by me) and a bunch more. In short my role in devops is to "Make it work" helping both the business needs as well as those of the dev team. I often consult and design the workflows and procedures for startups and established teams in how to best introduce or integrate real devops.
No icon Full stack - 30 years experience
I've worked in a full stack environment pretty much all of my career, if not actually coding both back end and front end then I've been architecting them for other teams to build. Always keeping abreast of the latest technologies and how they can best be used to solve real world problems and architect cost effective solutions. One thing I tend to say a lot in this field "Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should or that it's a good solution" — The craft is in knowing what works and what does not, both from a business and technical point of view.
Node js expert help Node.js - 5 years experience
well over a half a million lines of code written (about 50 / 50 coffeescript and JS based) - advert servers (think banner adverts with full logistics and deployment conditionals based on bidding) - game servers - stock websites - utilities Before golang if it ran on the web use node
Git expert help Git - 10 years experience
Been using this since it was released. Prior to that I was using DARCS since let's face it SVN and friends are just not nice. Has to be distributed, offline available and fast.
Mongo db expert help MongoDB - 5 years experience
goto db unless one needs transactions or a more specialized solution
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 5 years experience
Designed and developed many single page apps, custom build systems and massive amounts of nodejs
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - less than 1 year experience
What's to say. Been using HTML since the beginning, CSS both raw and various pre-processors for years. It's part of the job.
Backbone js expert help Backbone.js - 5 years experience
This was and to an extent still is my goto "framework" for real web apps. Real time sort of removes a lot of it's need and abilities though that said I do still use it for real tim websocket driven applications and just replace the REST transports.
Server expert help Server - 15 years experience
Linux, server config, devops - part of the job.
Seo expert help SEO - 8 years experience
From writing content to writing content generators to teaching and optimizing. Getting a new startup site form launch to google page rank 5 in 9 months. Plus a goto system for chap to free quality non spun native english written content by experts.
No icon Front end - 30 years experience
I have been writing front end code, both desktop and web based for 30+ years, airline reservation systems, complex games for the likes of Atari and Activision, real time stock trading, spread betting, online casinos, asset management and mapping systems, mobile apps of various sorts. Being an all rounder I also have an excellent knowledge of (and often consult on) setting up development environments and optimizing todays complex build pipelines.
No icon Web applications - 10 years experience
First web app was written using Java 1.x Applet technologies to get a real time stock trading app working. Then Flash and Flex made for more graphically rich experiences until now just about every thing I write or design is a web app. Single page web apps are what I specialize in using either backbone / reactjs or if it's a game I tend to use my own game engine unless the client states otherwise. Mobil web apps, especially if targeting apple, are without a doubt the lowest cost to market. Some past projects include the design of several social mobile web apps, a real time building survey app with offline store and sync when net connectivity was restored, several games and a team building educational "game".
No icon Digitalocean - 5 years experience
DO has been my goto source for everything from a single throw away test box to Highly Available production clusters spanning multiple data centers. Sure it lacks a good dal of what Amazon and others can provide but at the same time is refreshingly easy to use whilst providing robust services and support perfectly capable of running large production services. To be fair, I do usually pair DO servers with Amazon S3 and Route 53 (DNS) and cherry pick other offerings as projects dictate.
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Huw worked with us from the start to gain a good understanding of our particular requirements, and after discussion, recommended a solution better suited to our problem than the one we had originally envisaged. Throughout, Huw has been incredibly helpful, and all work has been completed in good time and for a reasonable price. Very knowledgeable, with a thorough understanding of the technologies employed, we would not hesitate to recommend Huw.
J M Oct 16, 2016

Amazing! Figured quickly a solution to a problem I was struggling with for days. 🚀
Ionică Bizău (Johnny B.) Oct 13, 2016

Huw is very passionate about helping solve technological problems. He goes the extra mile to understand the context of the problem and gives technical recommendations which I found to be credible.
Anthony Benedict Jul 17, 2016

Huw worked to first understand the context of my problem before suggesting methods to move forward. This helped me break down whether my problem was in fact worth solving, before leading to me pivoting to a better solution. I'll definitely be in touch with Huw again.
Will Baker May 09, 2016

Amazing mentor and great communicator! Very helpful. I'll definitely work with him again.
Ife Mar 23, 2016

Huw was very helpful and answered all the questions I had regarding my website. I would highly recommend him for any technical advice you may need.
Hussein Bahgat Mar 10, 2016

Great session on DevOps. Very knowledgeable, reasonably priced and was genuinely willing to help help longer than scheduled session. Will definitely do a session again.
Roland Ferrao Mar 05, 2016

Huw was very helpful! Will look for his help in the future
John Camacho Mar 01, 2016

Really helpful. Patient. Helped me understand the concept of what my assignment was as well as helpful in debugging.
Gabriel Abuel Mar 01, 2016

Pleasant person to talk to.
floyd orr Feb 21, 2016