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Humayun Shabbir

Humayun Shabbir

Expert Visual Basic, C# and JavaScript Developer

Islamabad (+05:00)
I am an expert Visual Basic developer with over 15 years of experience. I am highly talented and skilled in problem solving and understanding complex and large code base.

I will build the basic WinForms application that will contain the built-in controls using Visual Studio 2015. It can be a utility app, calculator or image viewer.

20 C#
8 JavaScript
6 jQuery
5 .NET
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 15 years experience
I have a great amount of experience with JavaScript. I am a professional web developer so JavaScript is part of my daily routine and I have learnt something new over the past 15 years. I am good with both Pure JavaScript and frameworks like jQuery.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 15 years experience
I am a developer basically, but I like to work with HTML and CSS as well. Over the years, I have also worked with many great web designers and also have developed skills of my own.
Csharp expert help C# - 15 years experience
I have worked with Visual Studio and C# since the beginning. I started my career as Visual Basic and ASP developer but soon I was comfortable with C# and I welcomed it since it was released.
Sql expert help SQL - 15 years experience
SQL was one of the first things that I started to learn after Visual Basic as it was necessary for database development related work. I found it very enlighting experience and helpful in building apps of my desire.
No icon .NET - 15 years experience
Even though .NET is huge territory I am skilled with the core framework and things like Winforms, ASP.NET, WCF, File IO, LINQ.
Jquery expert help jQuery - 6 years experience
I used jQuery mainly due the power of selectors and ability to write cleaner JavaScript code. And later, I liked to work with the different available plugins and frameworks like jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile.
No icon Photoshop - 15 years experience
I am good at working with Adobe Photoshop. This is one of first professional tools that I have seen related to image processing and even producing content for web.
No icon Visual basic - 15 years experience
I consider myself highly expert and experienced in Visual Basic. It was and still is my favorite RAD language and it taught me a lot about programming and Windows application development.
No icon Classic asp - 15 years experience
I am highly experienced in Classic ASP and used it in the start for most of web development projects. It was a quick and nice technology and helped build dynamic websites quickly. I have still worked of legacy Classic ASP projects recently.
No icon Visual basic .net - 15 years experience
Visual Basic .NET is my favorite programming language because it is best of both worlds, I mean RAD and OOP. It gives you power to build all kind of applications with the help of latest and greatest Visual Studio and .NET Framework.
No icon Uwp - 3 years experience
I have helped clients in the past related to issues they were facing in Windows Phone and Windows 10 application development.
WinformsUtils 3   0
Windows Forms Utilities project holds common reusable code for Winforms.
C# ASP CSS HTML JavaScript Visual Basic
CarpeDiem 1   0
Tools to seize the day.
Visual Basic
ASPStudio 0   0
A toolset for managing ASP/VBScript code.
Visual Basic
Bootstrap 0   0
ASP.NET MVC based tools for Bootstrap demos, learning and development.
C# ASP CSS HTML JavaScript
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Average Rating
(298 ratings)
Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Very helpful.
Miclain Gomez Jan 10, 2017

When i have a session with Humayun, I get the issue resolved and i also learn so much more in the process. Thank you Humayun!
Nav Dec 22, 2016

He is understanding and a nice guy to teach the code easily
DragoSaber411 Dec 15, 2016

He is a good mentor with better knowledge and understanding of C# and swift
DragoSaber411 Dec 13, 2016

Great mentor. Helped me solve my issues and also taught me a few tricks.
barry mendis Dec 11, 2016

He is good teacher that is understanding and make it easy for student to learn the material better
DragoSaber411 Dec 10, 2016

Humayun has solved my three issues in Visual Studio 1 - Building comboxes with substring searching skills 2 - Faster printing methods 3 - Selection after barcode reading the text Thanks to him a lot for this very helpfull session
Ferruh Dec 08, 2016

He is nice and understanding and have great knowledge about C# and swift
DragoSaber411 Dec 06, 2016

He is very nice and teach in a simple understanding matter to learn the codes better.
DragoSaber411 Dec 03, 2016

He is very understanding and use method easier to remember ;)
DragoSaber411 Dec 01, 2016

This time it was very emotional session for Humayun since it was his 400th session in codementor. Thanks and congragulations to Humayun:-)
Ferruh Nov 29, 2016

I had a super succesfull session with Humayun as usual. He has speeded up the performance of one of my procedure by using a different approach and method.
Ferruh Nov 28, 2016

Found the issue and quickly came up with a solution.
Nav Nov 21, 2016

Excellent help with Visual Studio and Visual Basic
KENNETH MOORE Nov 21, 2016

Humayun gives great advice. He helped me solve my programming issue immediately and he helped me learn new programming concepts. He made sure I understood what the problem was and how to get to the solution. While talking to him he gave me ideas and tips to keep progressing. He also pointed out really helpful websites that I could utilize in the near future.
Nav Nov 12, 2016

Very friendly, very persistent, likes to problem solve asks for input and if you understand his advice. Would recommend!
Kay Nov 03, 2016

Very knowledgeable in visual studio VB
KENNETH MOORE Nov 02, 2016

Super helpful!
Victor Del Bene Oct 27, 2016

Humayun helped me to diagnose the visual studio ans SQL performance issues. He has high level experience in such fields
Ferruh Oct 24, 2016

He is really good and understanding about the coding for visual studio.
DragoSaber411 Oct 22, 2016

Very helpfull.
Koen Oct 18, 2016

He is an really good mentor. Also he does a good job teaching codes in simple easy ways. Also he's very knowledge to coding in Xcode.
DragoSaber411 Oct 15, 2016

Humayun was very helpful, he was able to solve my issue in a matter of minutes and explained everything very well as he went along. I am a student and asked that he make sure I understand what he was doing, as I will have to present this project to a class line-by-line.
Sam Lev Oct 14, 2016

He is very nice and explain the lesson very easy to understand.
DragoSaber411 Oct 13, 2016

Very friendly and very competent, also very patient. its really pleasantand productive to work with Mr Humayun thank you so much
hevraz Othman Oct 09, 2016

Quick and helpful troubleshooting session, highly recommended tutor.
James Lyon Oct 03, 2016

Very helpful, he went through everything quickly but made sure I understood every part of the way!
Shelby Gonzales Oct 03, 2016

Second session with Humayun, can't rate him highly enough. Extremely thorough and helpful session.
James Lyon Oct 02, 2016

Simply Excellent! Great to work with. No one troubleshoots like him.
Denise Irvin Sep 28, 2016

Super successfull session about receving progress messegaes from SQL stored procedure into VS2015 front face..
Ferruh Sep 27, 2016

Humayun has solved data colection by visual studi problem
Ferruh Sep 26, 2016

Excellent. Set the foundation well, gave good explanations and paused the session during troubleshooting.
James Lyon Sep 24, 2016

Awesome! :)
Craig O' Sullivan Sep 13, 2016

Humayun, is one of the best mentors in Codementor. He teaches really well. He will find the solution to the problem.
Nav Sep 06, 2016

Humayun found and fixed several bugs in my program (javascript and php), which allowed me to move on to the next step.
Marcela Sep 06, 2016

Humayun solved my problem completely.
Marcela Sep 05, 2016

Great Session!. Humayun is very helpful, He helped me to finish all the requirements needed. Thanks
AAK Sep 05, 2016

Humayun was extremely committed and helpful and communicated well with us throughout the project. He demonstrated a solid understanding of our requirement and a skilled programmer's understanding with his code.
Dominic Huxley Aug 30, 2016

Excellent wizardry. Good teacher.
Andy Abelow Aug 30, 2016

Very fast!
Andy Abelow Aug 29, 2016

Humayuns knows his stuff. He patient and will let you work through things out before proceeding with code fixes.
steven kauyedauty Aug 23, 2016

Humayun is an expert at .NET
John Angelman Aug 20, 2016

This is the second time I have approached him, and everything went very well. I couldn't be happier.
Rob Stuart Aug 19, 2016

Very helpful with both the issues we were having, and possible prevention of similar issues in the future. Plan on using him again in the future for other items.
Rob Stuart Aug 18, 2016

Humayun's is a great mentor! He teaches really well and makes sure you understand the subject and how you got to the solution.
Nav Aug 10, 2016

I had a problem in my program that dealt with configuring the registry. Humayun's debugged the issue and taught me how to set it up properly. He is a very good mentor in this website, I highly recommend him.
Nav Aug 07, 2016

The mentor understood my problem and struggle and provided simplified approach. Very happy.
Nizar Bhojani Jul 20, 2016

Quickly helped me resolve issues with the code and deploy my applicatipon
Nav Jul 19, 2016

Humayun has solved dataviewgrid rows as datasource of a report.
Ferruh Jul 18, 2016

Humayun is an Expert solution provider in Visual Studio.
Ferruh Jul 13, 2016

I found bugs within my program. Humayun's quickly found what was wrong with the code and explained why it was causing the issue. After explaining the issue he resolved it very quickly.
Nav Jul 09, 2016

Awesome super responsive helped me solve my problem in about 10 minutes. Couldn't have asked for a better experience!
James Soldinger Jul 07, 2016

There was a couple of bugs in my application Humayun's was able to figure that out quickly! Good mentor!
Nav Jul 05, 2016

Using WinForms Humayuns integrated different library's into my application to make processing of images faster.
Nav Jul 05, 2016

It was a great session about reporting skills of Visual Studio 2015
Ferruh Jul 03, 2016

Humayun has solved all problems smoothly 1 - Connection Timeout Problem 2 - Error Log file 3 - Barcode font problem. Thanks a lot
Ferruh Jul 03, 2016

Went over some good library's for image performance
Nav Jun 30, 2016

Found many ways to solve the problem :)
Nav Jun 28, 2016

Found the error to the problem in my applicaiton! Thanks!
Nav Jun 28, 2016

It has been 6 months working with Humayun and he simply made me a .NET developer. Thanks to my teacher.
Ferruh Jun 27, 2016

Made lots of progress in the application talking to Humayuns
Nav Jun 27, 2016

A great mentor to work with. He solved the relevant issue quickly.
Jade Jun 25, 2016

We reviewed .NET library's which helped me understand how i can boost performance in my application.
Nav Jun 25, 2016

Humayuns was able to identify the problem quickly and helped resolved the issue.
Nav Jun 19, 2016

Humayuns, helped me resolve a problem with my WinForms application. He also helped me find solutions to create better documentations of my projects.
Nav Jun 16, 2016

Humayun has solved my timeout issue in visual studio..
Ferruh Jun 15, 2016

Humayun has solved datagridview issue by adding ready-made components
Ferruh Jun 14, 2016

Excellent! Very knowledgeable with great people skills. It is a pleasure to work with Humayuns and I will do so again happily. Thanks!
Marianne Crowley Jun 11, 2016

Very humble, fantastic work!
Ryan Stegmann Jun 11, 2016

I'm very thanksful with Humayuns! He's a very smart teacher that explains in a very clearly and kindly way all the questions about C#. I very strongly recommend this Code Mentor Expert!!!
FALCON Jun 08, 2016

Helped me with SQL Server Querys
Nav Jun 07, 2016

I had a StackOverflow question that no one seemed to be able to figure out the answer to, so i contacted Humayuns and he found the answer right away. He also showed me what the problem was and explained the answer in different ways so i would understand better.
Nav Jun 05, 2016

He is amazing!!!
FALCON Jun 04, 2016

He did an awesome job. He really took the time to explain it to me. It really helped seeing everything built from scratch which is what I needed to understand the concept.
Jessica Villar Jun 04, 2016

This guy knows his stuff about C#, Jquery and ASP.NET
John Angelman Jun 03, 2016

Awesome, as always! Contacted me an hour later to come up with an alternative to a solution we had previously.
Donavin Northrup Jun 03, 2016

Awesome guy - Work with him frequently for misc. projects. Mutual interest in technologies.
Donavin Northrup Jun 03, 2016

amazing, a solution for every question thanks man
ramy nemer Jun 02, 2016

Very quickly helped resolved the issue i had with printing in WinForms
Nav Jun 02, 2016

Humayun has solved my problem in sending array values into SQL functions and procedures.. It was very helpfull. Thanks a lot.
Ferruh May 31, 2016

ASP expert.
John Angelman May 30, 2016

It is always a wonderful session with Humayuns. We quickly solved the issue with SQL Server in a short amount of time and on top of that he showed me tools to increase my productivity!
Nav May 29, 2016

Humayun has solved the performance issue in Excel VBA with array method. It was a very good solution
Ferruh May 27, 2016

great mentor :)
AK May 27, 2016

He always manages to make time to help. This mentor knows his stuff.
John Angelman May 25, 2016

This mentor is an expert at ASP.NET.
John Angelman May 25, 2016

great :)
AK May 24, 2016

Humayuns makes complicated concepts easy to understand for example in our session we talked about unit testing, test driven development, and SQL Server. Now i have a better understanding of all those topics and know how to use it more effectively.
Nav May 23, 2016

Excellent attitude, great patience, and above all, extremely good at troubleshooting C# programs! I will definitely call again and specify Humayuns! Thanks again.
Marianne Crowley May 22, 2016

Very genuine and solution orientated, thank you for all your help.
Sundus May 20, 2016

Humayuns made sure to solve the problem I had. He was very patient and had many ways to debug the code. One of the best mentors in this website.
Nav May 20, 2016

Really appreciate Humayun's calm approach to tackling overwhelming projects.
Sundus May 19, 2016

This is my first time using code mentor and I must I'm quite impressed with the service delivered. Humayun was very patient and quick to understand my problem. Was able to fix my main issue (SQL) which I've been stuck for 3 weeks in our first session. Thank you Humayun!
Sundus May 19, 2016

I was having issues with printing and Humayun quickly resolved the issue and also suggested good techniques to improve the code.
Nav May 17, 2016

Humayun has completed my project in visual studio to receive signals to PC through Serial ports. And, testing the speed of my project with stopWatch method. It was very efficient session...
Ferruh May 16, 2016

Humayun is expert on programming and solving and teaching. Thanks for today lesson
Ferruh May 15, 2016

Humayun found various ways to help make my code get better. It's always a pleasure working with him.
Nav May 14, 2016

Better than watching YouTube tutorials. This mentor makes sure all of the issues has been resolved.
Nav May 13, 2016

Resolved the issue in a timely manner, and also showed me some tools to code more efficiently. Highly Recommend!
Nav May 11, 2016

Very quickly resolved the issue! The mentor also showed me more interesting things to improve the code.
Nav May 10, 2016

Humayun is an excellent mentor. Extremely knowledgable and friendly. Highly recommended.
Brian May 09, 2016

The mentor is able to explain complicated concepts in an easy to understand method. Each session i have with the mentor helps me become a become a better programmer.
Nav May 06, 2016

Very patient and deliver a solid and comprehensive solution for every problem.
nick May 04, 2016

The mentor explained programming concepts in a easy to understand method.
Nav May 02, 2016

I always learn something new with this mentor.
Nav Apr 30, 2016

always helpful and a great programmer
Garrett Smith Apr 29, 2016

The mentor did a great job at finding the solution quickly and also providing me with resources that i can use to improve my program.
Nav Apr 29, 2016

The mentor helped me solve the issue and also taught be other techniques to become a better programmer. He is one of the best mentors in Codementor in my opinion.
Nav Apr 26, 2016

I have always good results with Humayun.
Ferruh Apr 24, 2016

This was a great lesson for error handling and crash issues. Thank you Humayun...
Ferruh Apr 22, 2016

Humayun always very succesfull in probloem solving. I never seen him failed.
Ferruh Apr 14, 2016

Great job! Really helped me with great patience and understanding. Excellent experience.
Marianne Crowley Apr 11, 2016

Amazing guy, always helpful and quick to reply. Enjoy working with him.
Donavin Northrup Apr 09, 2016

We really appreciated the great work that we were given towards our project. We would highly recommend to anyone!
Charles Apr 08, 2016

very helpful and patient
Garrett Smith Apr 08, 2016

Humayun was excellent! He was available immediately and very patient with all my beginner questions.
Codementor Apr 04, 2016

Perfect session. Very efficient. Thank you Humayun.
Ferruh Mar 30, 2016

Again Excellent!!!!!!!
nick Mar 28, 2016

It was a great session that I have learned a lot. Thanks to Humayun...
Ferruh Mar 27, 2016

Mentor was very knowledgeable, and kindly helped me get my projects done as efficiently as possible.
Nav Mar 27, 2016

It was a great lesson. Thank you Humayun...
Ferruh Mar 26, 2016

Humayun has always solved all of the problems. I have never seen him failed against any problem
Ferruh Mar 25, 2016

It was very helpful and efficient meeting. Thank you so much Humayun. Best Regards
Ferruh Mar 15, 2016

Extremely friendly - Understanding. Followed my lack of useful terminology, and still succeeded helping. We both learned in the session
Donavin Northrup Mar 11, 2016

A very patient and very helpful mentor
Julian Mar 11, 2016

Hes the best among the rest
nick Mar 09, 2016

Thank you :)
Nico Mar 08, 2016

Thanks a lot for the fast and efficient help
Ferruh Mar 08, 2016

I am always perfectly satisfied with Humayun's supports. He is a strong expert on SQL applications, VBA applications, Visual Studio application. Great help. Thanks a lot...
Ferruh Mar 08, 2016

The mentor quickly helped me solved the issue and taught me so much more. I learned many debugging techniques and i'm getting better with every session. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.
Nav Mar 05, 2016

Continues to be very helpful in both correcting the thing that I am stuck on, and improving overall efficiency in problem solving, in an encouraging way. Also brought helpful insight regarding the anatomy of higher level production apps.
Scott Mar 04, 2016

Humayun has solved all problems. It was very efficient session for me...
Ferruh Mar 03, 2016

The mentor is very good at teaching. He uses various methods of teaching for example, using imagery like MS paint to draw out complex problems. The methods helped me understand the issues and also helped me become better at solving problems in the code. I would defiantly recommended him to anyone.
Nav Feb 27, 2016

Helped me work towards a better understanding of the problems I am facing with the app that I am trying to build, without making fun of my beginner code :) Highly recommend.
Scott Feb 26, 2016

He has various ways of teaching complex methods which makes learning easy.
Nav Feb 26, 2016

Humayun is amazingly good. He knows his stuff!
Aliyu Abdullahi Feb 24, 2016

Great advice for overall process & particular project development.
Scott Feb 23, 2016

Very patient, pleasant and skilled. Humayun helped me resolve the issue with my code, and taught me some useful things about systematically, and thoroughly testing code. Highly recommended!
Scott Feb 23, 2016

He takes time to explain things and is a very good programming teacher. With every session I have with this mentor I gain more knowledge about programming and how to solve complex issues.
Nav Feb 23, 2016

Great job, great communicator. Thank you!
Martin Grasser Feb 22, 2016

I've learned so much more than i expected. The mentor is very knowledgeable and he has the ability to quickly resolve issues. I recommend him to anyone.
Nav Feb 20, 2016

Humayun is awesome
Aliyu Abdullahi Feb 19, 2016

I am extremely satisfied to work with this mentor. Mr.Humayun is very clever and an excellent teacher. Every session I am getting more than my questions and learnning new things. Best Regards
Ferruh Feb 19, 2016

Mentor was great. We did not solve the problem, however, it seems to be an issue more on my end then anything.
Helen Levinson Feb 16, 2016

he is awesome!
Aliyu Abdullahi Feb 15, 2016

Humayun solved my problem very quickly and walked me through options for the next stage of build-out. Recommended.
Eric Feb 15, 2016

Humayun was really good, I probably would have spent another 2-3 days struggling to fix my problem. He was able to look at my solution and immediately understand what I was trying to do. Knows ASP.NET MVC and Entity Framework well.
Salvatore Allegra Feb 14, 2016

Humayun is methodical in his approach to problem solving. That makes it easy for me to follow his logic and to communicate with him, which for me is key. I also appreciate that he stays after it until the problem is solved. Recommended.
Eric Feb 14, 2016

Mentor was great. but our connection was cut short due to poor quality
Helen Levinson Feb 12, 2016

SO helpful and happy to help at the drop of a dime.
Kate Feb 11, 2016

Very helpful and clear. He was great at explaining and teaching through all of the elements of the problem and I will absolutely use him in the future.
Kate Feb 11, 2016

So far the best mentor in this site. He helped me solve what seemed like really difficult questions. This mentor really cares about his students for example he is really patient and talks politely every single time. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
Nav Feb 10, 2016

A very knowledgeable mentor. He puts an extra effort to make sure your code is working correctly, and he makes sure you are fully satisfied with the work.
Nav Jan 30, 2016

Helped using making techniques when the built in debugger would not work and spotted some good errors. Got me functionally working.
Ryan Gomez Jan 25, 2016

Ferruh Dec 31, 2015

Ferruh Dec 28, 2015

thank you
andy Dec 17, 2015

I loved working with this mentor. He was friendly, patient, responded quick, priced fairly, and helped me solve the issue i was facing. He also showed good tips and tricks if i ever run into any issues in the future, and showed useful tools that i could use in the future. I would recommend this mentor to anyone.
Nav Dec 14, 2015

he is the best
azaz Dec 13, 2015

Good support. thanks
ankur Dec 13, 2015

Was very well Spoken. Was able to quickly pick up on my intentions. Also a very pleasant person to speak with. Provided multiple options in rapid succession. Thanks...
Joey Chandler Dec 05, 2015

Thank you very much!
James Vanié Nov 04, 2015

Gaston Oct 25, 2015

Absolutely Brilliant in every way, polite, intelligent and extremely helpful! Thanks ever so much!
Louis Adams Oct 17, 2015

Eric Oct 13, 2015

Patient and Polite. Will definitely call again
Leonardo Braga Oct 12, 2015

Chan Oct 09, 2015

Very informed on the subject matter!
Nick Oct 08, 2015

Awesome Javascript tutor, will work with again
Elliot Oct 07, 2015

Explained how to fix my issue very clearly and simply.
Michael Aug 29, 2015

Quick and easy fix. Easy to work with. Thanks!
Jarrod Reeves Aug 01, 2015