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Matt Goldspink, senior HTML/CSS developerHire Now
Freelance HTML/CSS developer in Warsaw, Poland

Lead engineer with 10+ years development experience & background in delivering training courses

I have been developing websites using HTML and CSS for many years. I am very familiar with using semantic HTML and many CSS techniques, like OOCSS and how to use tools like Compass/SASS to simplify and make it more manageable. One of my roles in the past was to help produce a firmwide theme for a large global bank that all other web developers would use. I have also worked on many applications that required complex CSS3 animations and transitions.
Ramon Recuero Moreno, HTML/CSS programmer and consultantHire Now
Freelance HTML/CSS developer in Newark, United States

Founder & CEO at

Several years of experience building user interfaces for Zynga, Moz and several startups
Chris Selmer, HTML/CSS freelance coderHire Now
Freelance HTML/CSS developer in Pacific Grove, United States

Founder of a Ruby on Rails consultancy, 20 years of full-stack development in multiple languages

I've been hand-coding HTML and CSS since 1998.
Matt Tanguay-Carel, HTML/CSS software engineer and devHire Now
Freelance HTML/CSS developer in Berlin, Germany

Senior Web Developer

I can help you troubleshoot HTML and CSS problems. I can help with migrating to SASS, or doing responsive design with Bootstrap or any other grid framework. We can troubleshoot media queries or set up web components.
Humayun Shabbir, HTML/CSS software engineerHire Now
Freelance HTML/CSS developer in Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Expert Visual Basic, C# and JavaScript Developer

I am a developer basically, but I like to work with HTML and CSS as well. Over the years, I have also worked with many great web designers and also have developed skills of my own.
Moazam, HTML/CSS programmer for hireHire Now
Freelance HTML/CSS developer in Nottingham, United Kingdom

Expert Full Stack Developer

I have designed and converted several websites. I have experience in developing responsive websites. I have built sites using bootstrap framework. I have experience in bootstrap 2 and bootstrap 3.
Michael Mayernick, HTML/CSS freelancer and developerHire Now
Freelance HTML/CSS developer in San Francisco, United States

Friendly, patient coach for Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Go, Data Science, Big Data, AI, Blockchain, Chatbots, React / Angular / Native. Technical co-founder of VC backed big data startup.

Extensive experience with HTML and CSS, including responsive designs and design frameworks (Bootstrap, Foundation, etc).
Mehran Hatami, top HTML/CSS developerHire Now
Freelance HTML/CSS developer in Nuremberg, Germany

Javascript Developer and Front End Engineer

I don't consider myself a graphic designer but I have gone through the whole process whenever I had to cover the role. The point is having a HTML/CSS related expertise doesn't necessary need us as front-end developers, to be a designer, although it has always been part of our dream to be good at design related stuff. Actually, It took around 3 or 4 years for me to become someone who could detect the bad practices in a front-end project, who knows how a good design should look like, and someone who has couple of great designers in the team. Digging into typography, picking the right font, coming up with a great color scheme and so forth, each has its own field of expertise for us as developers to dig in and read about it, that's how I keep up with the latest trending stuff in this domain.
Monica Olinescu, HTML/CSS software engineerHire Now
Freelance HTML/CSS developer in Vancouver, Canada

Web Developer & Teacher

HTML and CSS are the foundation of any web application. We all use websites in our day to day lives. I really enjoy explaining these concepts to people, because it's so cool to see the 'aha' moments when people realize how websites work. Over the years I have mentored with Ladies Learning Code and at local events like the HTML500.
Murilo Polese, top HTML/CSS developerHire Now
Freelance HTML/CSS developer in London, United Kingdom

The only principle that doesn't inhibit progress is: Everything goes.

As I started as front end developer, the very first thing I learned to do was to tweak and structure web documents. Later on it came to my hand the power of style sheets and then I learned to orchestrate the whole DOM with Javascript. While doing it, I got to understand the meaning of each element and how the browser would interpret the tags, how to exploit the rendering system to get cutting edge layouts and user experiences. I worked side by side with designers to translate the essence of their layouts and concepts as pixel perfect as possible but also trying to go further explaining new possibilities that could enhance their ideas. HTML is far the best markup language in my opinion when it comes to structured and responsive layout.
Joel Serino, HTML/CSS freelance programmerHire Now
Freelance HTML/CSS developer in Vancouver, Canada

Internaut explorer.

I use HTML5 every day and in every app or site, so it's fair to say I write HTML with my eyes half shut. I love to write it and then manipulate the hell out of it with JS and CSS...and can help you learn the voodoo magic of writing HTML for happiness.
James Ellis-Jones, HTML/CSS freelancer and developerHire Now
Freelance HTML/CSS developer in Islington, United Kingdom

CTO and full stack/CMS developer on MS stack, 22 years experience

Used to working with designers to produce professional pixel perfect front ends. Generally understand CSS better than the front end developers I've worked with. Done some interesting animation work including an scroll-animated site.
Jackson Broussard, HTML/CSS freelancer and developerHire Now
Freelance HTML/CSS developer in Richmond, United States

Freelance Full-stack Engineer

I've also been writing HTML and CSS since the start. I have CSS memorized. I believe the sad truth is that CSS needs to be memorized for someone to be proficient with it. I'd like to put my memory to better use since this seems to be the area where people have the most trouble.
john o'connor, top HTML/CSS developerHire Now
Freelance HTML/CSS developer in Lake Elsinore, United States

Mentor and Professor for Android, Node.js, and Angular

I began programming for the web in 1999, not long after CSS was created and long before anyone was actually using it. Back then it was table layouts and IE4 support. I worked in various capacities as a web developer for most of the 2000's, including spending 3 years at the Victorville Daily Press newspaper as an assistant web developer. I've continuously updated my skills as HTML has progressed from HTML3 to HTML4 and HTML5, and began using CSS exclusively for styling when CSS2 became a standard. I've been around long enough that I still harbor a hatred of IE6, as it caused all of us nightmares back in the day.
Michael Gutierrez, HTML/CSS freelancer and developerHire Now
Freelance HTML/CSS developer in San José, Costa Rica

Javascript Full-Stack | ReactJS Redux ES6 NodeJS

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