Saulo Rodriguez, Html 5 / css 3 software engineerView Profile
Saulo Rodriguez
Freelance Html 5 / css 3 developer in Oviedo, Dominican Republic

Working with Frontend technologies, 5+ years of experience

Working since 2006 with CSS2 and XHTML. Conservative in the syntax, it has given me excellent results. I can work designing: -templates in HTML and CSS for web applications, -Creation of templates for wordpress, -Creation of web pages under the current standards. /// Trabajando desde el 2006 con CSS2 y XHTML. Conservador en las sintaxis, me ha dado excelentes resultados. Puedo trabjar diseñando: plantillas en HTML y CSS para aplicaciones web, creación de plantillas para wordpress, creación de páginas web bajos los estandares actuales.
Md Tanvir Hossain, Html 5 / css 3 freelancer and developerView Profile
Md Tanvir Hossain
Freelance Html 5 / css 3 developer in Lawnton, Australia

Full Stack Developer (Java / JavaScript)

As far as the development of the web interface of a web application is concerned, JavaScript, HTML and CSS go hand in hand. Though I am not a UI designer, In most cases where use of special graphics is not a big concern, I can come up with near-professional looking HTML and CSS-based responsive UI designs. In other cases I always keep my design flexible enough so that the contents from the UI designer can be integrated effortlessly. I have extensively used the Skeleton framework for CSS and have some experience with Bootstrap.
Aigar Sild, Html 5 / css 3 freelance developerView Profile
Aigar Sild
Freelance Html 5 / css 3 developer in Copenhagen, Denmark

Frontend developer, ui designer

As a frontend developer and designer have used html and css in depth. Mostly as a designer developed prototypes using html and css, with animations and transitions.
Erik Gassler, Html 5 / css 3 freelance coderView Profile
Erik Gassler
Freelance Html 5 / css 3 developer in Winter Garden, United States

Full Stack .NET Developer

Since I first started programming in 2007, I have continued to study and experiment with HTML and CSS. The core of my responsive web designs are based around HTML5 and CSS3 based techniques for optimal performance when available, and staying up to date on which rules can be used in the modern, commonly used browsers.
Yatin Patel, Html 5 / css 3 freelance programmerView Profile
Yatin Patel
Freelance Html 5 / css 3 developer in Ahmedabad, India

Expert Angular, JavaScript, Node, HTML5, CSS3 Developer

Have used HTML since the Internet was a thing. Have a sophisticated understanding of HTML, XML, CSS, w3c standers, LESS, and related document-transport formats in the encoding of documents, content, and application frames. Have used on many projects, including ones that intelligently transformed from one form to another.
Diego Castaño Castiblanco, Html 5 / css 3 developer and engineerView Profile
Diego Castaño Castiblanco
Freelance Html 5 / css 3 developer in Bogota, Colombia

Full stack developer and UI motion desiger

HTML and CSS are the foundations in which UIs on the web are built. With these technologies I can make reality any interface and interaction that adapts to any modern browser and device.
Juan Manuel Hidalgo, Html 5 / css 3 consultant and programmerView Profile
Juan Manuel Hidalgo
Freelance Html 5 / css 3 developer in Villa Ballester, Argentina

Full Stack Python Developer / DevOps

I've been working with HTML and CSS for more than a decade, I have the knowledge and the expertise to review and help with structure and styles.
Atanas Labroski, Html 5 / css 3 software engineerView Profile
Atanas Labroski
Freelance Html 5 / css 3 developer in Skopje, Macedonia

Full Stack Developer

Worked on multiple web applications during the past years.
Larry Beall, Html 5 / css 3 freelance programmerView Profile
Larry Beall5.0
Freelance Html 5 / css 3 developer in Delaware, United States

Full stack .NET & PHP Developer

I am a Software Application Developer with over ten (12) years of professional experience. I have experience in all phases of the software development life-cycle including requirements gathering, design, development, testing, implementation and post-implementation support. I have worked with multiple Microsoft and Open Source technologies including the use of the .NET Framework and PHP. My specific expertise includes working with ASP.NET, C#, ADO.NET, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), XAML, Javascript, Mysql and MS SQL Server. Industry experience includes banking/financial, e-commerce, construction services, travel and chemical.
Maxim Baev, Html 5 / css 3 freelance developerView Profile
Maxim Baev
Freelance Html 5 / css 3 developer in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Full Stack Developer

I'm professional back-end and front-end developer with 9+ years of experience. Has architected and implemented lots of web apps. Always keeping in mind client needs, deadlines, and proactively suggesting best ways to achieve customer goals. Passionate about new technologies and best software design practices.
Josef Held, Html 5 / css 3 freelance developerView Profile
Josef Held
Freelance Html 5 / css 3 developer in Kleinedling, Austria

Full Stack Developer (Java, Javascript, C++, Python)

I work goal and solution oriented because I believe focusing on the problem is creating more problems. I love what I do and vice versa. Also I am blessed with the people I can work with. Both my business partners as well as my customers.
Aditya, Html 5 / css 3 programmer for hireView Profile
Freelance Html 5 / css 3 developer in Seattle, United States

Software engineer working at Microsoft

Working on core search technology, includes large scale data platform, ranking and selection, machine learning. I have a passion for technology and have extensive experience in industry in various technologies.
Hristo Hristov, senior Html 5 / css 3 developerView Profile
Hristo Hristov5.0
Freelance Html 5 / css 3 developer in Utrecht, Netherlands

.NET Software engineer, Data Scientist. Founder of Unikyte

Nicholas J Diaz, Html 5 / css 3 software engineerView Profile
Nicholas J Diaz5.0
Freelance Html 5 / css 3 developer in St Louis, United States

Passionate Software Engineering Consultant

My name is Nicholas Diaz. I am a Software Engineering Consultant. I went to Oklahoma State University for Computer Science. I was self taught before attending school. I know how it is to search for information when learning and how hard it can be to find what you need. I love all things related to programming. I am very passionate about helping people learn who share my love for programming.
Suren Petrosyan, Html 5 / css 3 software engineerView Profile
Suren Petrosyan5.0
Freelance Html 5 / css 3 developer in Pacoima, United States

Software Engineer in Los Angeles

I'm a self-taught full-stack softwar engineer from Los Angeles who loves coding and teaching how to code. I can talk to you about how to make it as a self-taught developer and what resources are best when learning programming on your own.

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