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I currently consider myself a full-stack developer. Originally an electrical engineer, I transitioned from hacking hardware to hacking software once I fell in love with writing Perl scripts to automate company processes in a major Japanese company. Once I knew I loved building things with software, I taught myself iOS programming on the side and neverl ooked back. iOS developer since the 2.0 SDK. In my last startup, I built an iOS app and corresponding Django site, and also had to dabble in DevOps to safely & reliably automate deployments of updates to both the app and server code--all hosted on AWS.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 3 years experience
Refer to my jQuery experience. In my last startup, I also used Javascript web framework (Sencha Touch 2).
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 3 years experience
Refer to my Wordpress experience. In my last place of employment, I wrote a lot of front-end templates using Pyramid's templating scheme and HTML. In Django, I've done the same.
Python expert help Python - 2 years experience
I've used Python for basic scripting purposes back when I first start diving into programming as a career, and have more recently coded in Python web frameworks such as Django and Pyramid.
Ios expert help iOS - 7 years experience
I started iOS development in my free time, reading books, and eventually using the game framework Cocos2D to create a simple game app for myself. I then moved onto assisting HoodHot Travel with the development of their Taxi Guides, apps that have over 50k downloads and $xx,000 in revenue. Later, I consulted for brands such as Macy's, William Grant & Sons, Aveda, and more--creating enterprise iPhone and iPad apps for their portfolios or exhibits. In my last startup, I also built a mobile web app using Sencha Touch 2, that deployed to both iOS and Android, and the mobile web browsers. Recently, I've been tackling Swift in a side project, enjoying hacking in the new efficient and terse language.
Django expert help Django - 1 year experience
In my last startup, built our backend using Django, PostgreSQL, Apache stack. Implemented the TDD test suite and fleshed out our API based on Django Rest Framework.
Jquery expert help jQuery - 2 years experience
In almost any front-end development I've done, jQuery was involved in some fashion. Heavily used in my custom Wordpress themes.
Amazon expert help AWS - 1 year experience
In my last startup, we used AWS EC2 to host our servers, launching different instances for development and production, with differing ACLs. Used S3 to host static content, mainly images and videos.
Git expert help Git - 5 years experience
I've been a proponent of Git since my first place of employment, where I also first encountered the archaic CVS and desperately sought a better alternative to suggest to the team. Since then, I have used git to version control all my personal and professional projects.
Devops expert help DevOps - 1 year experience
Engineered a provisioning and deployment solution using Ansible for orchestrating updates to our AWS EC2 servers and a local Vagrant-configured VirtualBox virtual machine with an Ubuntu / nginx / uWSGI / PostgreSQL stack.
Wordpress WordPress - 1 year experience
I built Wordpress sites for clients of a consulting firm, developing custom themes and and integrating plugins.