Top Senior Hql Developers - Dec 2017

Passionate, smart working, Test driven Java, J2EE, Web Technologies and database developer with 11+ years of experience

I am a hard-working and innovative Java, J2EE, Database (Espicially Oracle, MySQL) and Web Technologies Developer with over eleven years of experience in a variety of back-end/front-end technologies including jQuery, AngularJS, Google Web Toolkit, and Spring MVC, Spring Batch, Spring Micro services, Hibernate, Hibernate Search, Active MQ as well as extensive experience in Test Driven Development and automated testing frameworks like Selenium, JUnit. Among my recent accomplishments, I developed a distributed and scalable microservice and batch system based system for a multi-layered application. The deployment consisted of 32 small computing instances connected to single master server instance load balanced via Spring Batch framework. Solid experience setting up the DevOps tools like Jenkins, Ant, Maven,Gradle SVN, Clearcase, Git etc. Having worked remotely for over eleven years, I am a self-motivated and proactive contractor who loves to step up to new challenges. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **If I can't fix your issue, you'll get a refund. I do not start timer until you explain your issue (Or) if I am not sure about the issue** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ note:ping me for more details

Author of & Principal Software Engineer

A competent professional with 8.5 years of experience in designing and developing enterprise level e-commerce and Java Desktop and Web Applications. I am sincerely involved in the following: a) I also own and author a technical blog b) I have been conducting online technical sessions for working professionals as a volunteer with Presently working with a leading Software firm as a Principal Software Engineer. Insightful knowledge of Operating System, Computer Organization, Computer Programming Fundamentals, Data Structures and Algorithms, Object Oriented Analysis & Design, Software Quality and Assurance, Computer Networks, Network Level Programming. An effective communicator with exceptional relationship management skills with the ability to relate to people at any level of business and management across the globe. Proficient in analyzing client requirements, extracting and interpreting complex data to provide customized data solutions.

Full stack web developer (Java/PHP/SQL/HTML/CSS/JavaScript) with 8 years of development experience

I have a lot of experience and enjoy working on both the frontend and backend aspects of software. I am passionate about creating software based solutions for people to get their work done faster, quicker and accurately. People I have worked with have always been surprised with the maturity of my skills and my work ethics. This is something I am very proud of and will try to maintain it. I have experience in working for web and mobile technologies including but not limited to Java, Python, Andrdoid, Spring, Hibernate, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgresSQL, HTML/CSS, PHP, Symfony, JavaScript and jQuery. I am motivated enough to have started freelancing as a web developer while in high school. In college, I launched my own website as the sole technical person on a team of two. I am currently trying to squeeze every bit of performance that I can from the web app which has led me down a crazy path of config files for memcache, Varnish, Nginx, load balancers and what not. I also developed an Android app for the website a while ago. While in college, I went off the usual path and took a break for a year to work with a government agency to help them create software solutions that would benefit the vast population of India. This not only helped me gain valuable experience as a software developer and also allowed me to work with a team of brilliant technical and non-technical people and also understand how to get work done correctly and efficiently in a bureaucratic environment like the Government of India. While pursuing my MS in Computer Science, in an attempt to push myself further, I began to work with the Department of Educational Psychology with building full stack software solutions using Java, Spring, HTML/CSS, Javascript, jQuery and related technologies that allows them to quickly and accurately collect data for their research and then analyze them for eye opening insights to build a better class of assessments for the school going children of the future.

Senior developer and technical lead for a Silicon Valley company. Experience mentoring both junior and senior developers to help build highly scalable Java applications.

Freelance Software Developer, 20 years of professional experience in a variety of areas. Interested in backend development / data processing. Strongest languages: Scala / Java, Python, C/C++. Data processing: MySql, Postgres, Hadoop, ElasticSearch, MongoDB, etc. Some exposure to Javascript /AngularJS/JQuery. For full-stack development / larger projects can also involve members of my distributed (crossfunctional, agile) team (see

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