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14+ years experience developing enterprise-class PHP web applications for aviation, adult and gambling sites. Experienced with scaling, high traffic, load balancing, replication, redundancy, backups. Huge proponent of coding standards (PSR FIG), proper work flow (ticketing systems, git branching model), continuous integration (GitLab CI, Jenkins). Skilled in code smell, QA, DRY/SOLID/KISS, OOP, RESTful API development (JSON(P)), project and people management.
Php expert help PHP - 15 years experience
Rasmus works at Etsy, Phil got his Visa, Taylor is done with Laravel 5 and Jeffrey is right now probably producing yet another amazing Laracast. I keep an eye on the industry, consume new information, keep myself ahead of the curve through different projects, PHP works for me and I want to make it work for you too!
No icon Api - 10 years experience
Developing solely RESTful API driven repos with JSON in/JSON out, validation, SOLID/DRY/KISS methodology, URL structure, semantics, security, coding standards, debugging and QA. Writing scalable, maintainable code with documentation.
No icon Code review - 15 years experience
Identifying under-performing parts of code/site, both from front- and back-end perspectives. Finding and solving code-smell in PHP. Educating on principles of code separation, MVC, RESTful API, coding standards and QA.
No icon Enterprise - 8 years experience
Developing enterprise software for multinational companies in aviation, working with localisation, privacy and software security. Remote updates, incorporating and/or preventing back-door access. UX and UI for enterprise employees, writing offline apps and much more.
No icon Web applications - 15 years experience
Having developed over a dozen aviation applications, contributed to a couple of blue-chip adult and gambling sites, responsible for code overhaul, improvement, reducing technical debt. From conception to delivery, including normalised db structure, redundancy and QA.
No icon Web development - 15 years experience
Achieving the most with the least code possible, implementing progressive enhancement and graceful degradation, optimising for mobile devices and different screen sizes. Cross browser/cross platform debugging. Writing custom tailor-made JS plugins. Writing content and code with SEO practices in mind, using semantic markup and naming conventions. Skilled in TWBS, Semantic UI, UIKit, Zurb foundation, grids, responsive design (RWD). Using and implementing automation through CSS preprocessors (Sass), Bower and Gulp.
No icon Laravel - 3 years experience
Writing APIs in Laravel, one of the easiest yet most-powerful framework currently available. Explaining RESTful principles and adhering to them, namespaces, SOLID/DRY/KISS. Introducing coding standards. Take advantage of Eloquent - the sweet sweet DBAL and ORM - in its full. Build a CLI-driven app only. Schedule cronjobs. Let's talk.
No icon Nginx - 6 years experience
Experienced with load balancing, CDN set up, building large API-centric infrastructures, port forwarding, mail setup. Securing sites, redirects, SEO-rewrites, migration from Apache, tuning configuration, scaling.
Sql expert help SQL - 12 years experience
Optimising SQL statements, table structure review, speeding up slow statements, caching, increasing performance, complicated statements. Here to help you out.
No icon Orm - 10 years experience
Managing repo's models through active records, DBAL (database access layer) and object relational mapping (ORM).
No icon Postgresql - 5 years experience
Working with PostgreSQL since 9.1, very much enjoying the new JSONB introduced in 9.4 for a mix of SQL and NoSQL document storage. Experienced in scaling and replication over multiple servers.
Mysql expert help MySQL - 15 years experience
Connecting, configuring, securing, scaling, normalisation, data structure, redundancy and backup, tweaking, debugging, rescuing. I can help you with those.
Mongo db expert help MongoDB - 3 years experience
Principles of NoSQL, data storage, querying, scaling and debugging.
No icon Elasticsearch - 3 years experience
Working with ES since v0.9. Focusing on data structure planning, reports, data mining, e-commerce integration, aggregates and facets.
Server expert help Server - 5 years experience
Managing large servers hosted with Linode, AWS, Rackspace, Serverloft, Softlayer, Digital Ocean, Heroku, and others. Complete setup of infrastructure, debugging malfunctioning components, tweaking configuration, planning, scaling, monitoring and backup.
No icon Load balancing - 9 years experience
Worked on high traffic, high availabilty/bandwidth sites, implementing caching (APC, memcached, Redis), load balancing (nginx), deploying CDN servers, configuring servers from scratch, amending config to suit needs. Monitoring and configuring services, including CloudFlare, Gigenet DDoS.
No icon Scaling - 10 years experience
Worked on high traffic, high availabilty/bandwidth sites, implementing caching (APC, memcached, Redis), load balancing (nginx), deploying CDN servers, configuring servers from scratch, amending config to suit needs. Monitoring and configuring services, including CloudFlare, Gigenet DDoS.
Devops expert help DevOps - 4 years experience
Setting up and configuring server from scratch (Ubuntu and Debian) on a host of your choice or one of my favourite, walking you through server maintenance, where to find things, why, best practices, own experience, debugging, scaling. LDAP server, mail server, CDN server, load balancing, server monitoring.
No icon Linux terminal - 6 years experience
Well versed in Ubuntu and Debian, happy to teach commands to get you around managing the OS remotely, without GUI. Let's talk about screen, byobu, fabric, search and replace, folder structure, configuration, and server setup too.
Git expert help Git - 6 years experience
Talking about benefits of the branching model, how to get your team on board, remote code deployment strategies, code review, QA, integrating with ticketing systems, best strategies, using git hosting
No icon Gitlab - 4 years experience
Setting up own's self hosted SCM, securing the setup by introducing SSL, upgrades, integrating with LDAP, tuning configuration, debugging. Using GitLab personally with over 300+ personal repos on daily basis since v5.
No icon Redmine - 7 years experience
Setting up and configuring Redmine for your team, integrating with Git, setting up email notifications, integrating with LDAP, optimising your workflow by restructuring Issue labels, introducing logical groups and and increasing efficiency, independent of the size of your team.
Seo expert help SEO - 12 years experience
Semantic lightweight HTML, serving content over SSL, meaningful copy, human-friendly URLs + URL design, I teach all these techniques.
No icon Sass - 8 years experience
Writing modular, scalable, theme-able, smart stylesheets. Integrating or introducing into your Bower + Gulp workflow, walking you through conventions and best practices. You won't go back to CSS :) And if you have multiple designers, they'll stop pulling out their hair by introducing not only logical blocks, but also coding standards and fewer characters to write - more legible code. I will even its highlights over LESS.
No icon CSS - 15 years experience
Offering both progressive enhancement for modern browsers and graceful degradation for older browsers, using semantic naming conventions. Well versed in OOCSS, SMACSS, Sass, LESS. Keeping up to date with current trends and shortcomings.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 8 years experience
Writing minimalistic, cross-browser compatible, semantic and SEO-optimised HTML. Let me help you learn and improve, let's talk about common pitfalls, difference between block and inline elements, choosing semantic elements to present data, best practices and standards.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 8 years experience
Writing cross-browser compatible vanilla javascript (outperforming frameworks), debugging and reviewing code, improvements, coding standards, best practices. Let me help you.
No icon Vue.js - 2 years experience
Experienced and skilled in VueJS 2.x. Worked with every major JS framework since prototype.js and motools, through jQuery, backbone, ember, react and angular 1.x, happiest having switched to Vue.js which IMO has the best of all words.
Angular js expert help AngularJS - 2 years experience
Writing scalable code, following code guides, separating concerns, integrating Bower and Gulp, writing Single Page Applications, SEO and Angular, debugging, cons and benefits. Following people like John Papa, Todd Motto for tips, keeping an eye on v2 proposal keeping myself ahead of the curve by working on different projects from e-shops to admin tools.
Jquery expert help jQuery - 10 years experience
Enhancing UI, coding plugins, code review, code smell, performance optimisation, upgrades, improving your own skills. I can help you with that.
bootstrap-wysihtml5 0   1
Simple, beautiful wysiwyg editor
Ruby JavaScript
AdminLTE 0   0
AdminLTE - Free Premium Admin control Panel Theme That Is Based On Bootstrap 3.x
AdZerk-PHP-Client 0   0
PHP Client for AdZerk API
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:speech_balloon: Speech recognition for your site.
CSS HTML JavaScript
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apidocjs.com Website
CSS HTML JavaScript
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(14 ratings)
Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Awesome results! The problems were tricky to explain, and of course the fear when getting assistance from another dev is "will they understand, will they safely handle the code" so that you may have the simplest and fastest or smartest solution from their aid. And this was the result we got, through the process great mentorship by Martin! The work implemented and advise given to us was a great boost to our project and fix. We are very glad to have met and worked with Martin, most high recommendation. Would most definitely work with him again.
Peter Phillip Apr 28, 2016

Martin is an expert with tons of good ideas/advices and excellent attitude. We as a team rated 5 stars because it was really helpful.
Ricardo Garcia-Amaya Apr 28, 2016

Fantastic. Fixed my problem in a number of minutes. I have a good deal of experience, but he found my issue so quickly I have to kick myself. Very high marks.
Jesse Richard Apr 06, 2016

I came to Codementor with a general idea of what I wanted to accomplish. Martin reached out to me immediately. We had an initial conversation over the Codementor messaging program to ensure that not only he (Martin) but I fully understood what I was wanting to accomplish and what I could expect in terms of time and necessary skill level to make that happen. After we both agreed that I was headed in the right direction and that he was a good fit for my request, we set up our initial meeting. When we began, Martin spent 15 minutes (free of charge) helping me set up my environment as to make the most use of my time during our sessions. Not only was I blown away by Martin's skill level and experience, but he was able to teach and impart the knowledge I needed. Which, to me, is a HUGE thing. You can sit all day long with a pro, but if they are not a good teacher, you will learn very little. Mentoring is hard to do right, and Martin certainly does it RIGHT. You can tell he cares that you LEARN from your experience and not only accomplish your goals, but think beyond them. He was always available for follow up and his demeanor was always that of honesty, courtesy, and curiosity. It goes without saying that Martin was one of the most talented individuals I have had the chance to learn from, and he was always a wonderful teacher. I have also made a new friend in the industry. Can't say enough good things.
Andrew Blackwell Jan 27, 2016

Talking through the problem during the free 10 minutes led me in the right direction. He was mindful of my time and suggested I work out some of the issues offline. Turns out, I solved the issue based on our conversation. Will definitely reach out again if I need some more help!
Anders Berg Dec 03, 2015

Martin gave me a lot of tips in very little time and helped me solve all my issues, definitely will do a session again!
William Assaad Apr 01, 2015

Great knowledge of PHP, concatenation, SQL and much more. Highly recommended.
Zayed Mar 14, 2015

Martin was extremely helpful, and answered the questions presented extremely quickly. He was very courteous, helpful, and enjoyable to work with. I highly recommend reaching out to him with any development questions you may have!
Justin C Jan 13, 2015

He was helpful and advised me for proper database structure. Time will show if he was right :D
mama luna Jan 09, 2015

Wow! Martin exactly knew the problem that I was encountering and within 2 minutes had led me to a one line of code answer, which has avoided me going around in circles trying to work out how to extend various classes to acheive the same result I was looking for. Many thanks indeed!
Ingram Monk Jan 08, 2015