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Nguyen Hoang Long

Nguyen Hoang Long

Expert in knowledge mining and big data with 4+ years, experienced .NET developer with 2+ years in the industry, good documentation skill, lecturing skill.

Helsinki (+02:00)
Good knowledge in C++ and C#. Moreover, have experience in data mining and machine learning. I can guarantee that you will catch up with the basic knowledge of C#,C++ really fast and will participate in well-designed assignment to practice using those language and also use the latest technology.
Java expert help Java - 1 year experience
- Use it in group BKIT MOBILE
Csharp expert help C# - 4 years experience
- Use it to develop tool for user
Cplusplus expert help C++ - 5 years experience
- I used it in my programming assignment
No icon Sql server - 4 years experience
- Write script, trigger, T-SQL, procedure - Migrate database
No icon Algorithm - 5 years experience
- Optimization problem - Machine learning
No icon Matlab - 1 year experience
- Use matlab to process image and video
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Nguyen is the best!
Rose Oct 15, 2016

Very patient and helpful
Mohammad Musa Mar 23, 2016

Very helpful!
Thomas Green Mar 04, 2016

Nguyen Hoang Long is terrific: MatLab savvy, patient, and good at knowing what to teach.
Miriam Oct 30, 2015

Great mentor, !
Stephen Apr 08, 2015

Hoang was very patient and helpful! I would be willing to work with Hoang again!
JeiPM Mar 30, 2015

He is pretty good in explaining the material and patient.
abiye Mar 28, 2015

Great help! Would recommend.
Tyler Burns Mar 18, 2015