Anupam Jain, Highcharts freelance programmerView Profile
Anupam Jain5.0
Freelance Highcharts developer in Gurgaon, India

Full Stack Web Developer (Django/Bootstrap/JQuery)

A software engineer from Silicon Valley, I have software engineering experience of 12 years in US and India. Now based in India, I am a social entrepreneur (own and run Saathi Re - and a full stack web developer (Django/Python, Bootstrap/CSS, JQuery/Javascript). My latest project is Saathi Re (an information platform for social impact in India) built on Django/Python, Bootstrap and JQuery.
Johann de Swardt, Highcharts dev and freelancerView Profile
Johann de Swardt
Freelance Highcharts developer in Cape Town, South Africa

Full-stack web developer with more than 13 years of experience.

I've built a few applications using Highcharts and other visualisations libraries. I am very comfortable with building visualisation intensive applications.
Michael Littrell, Highcharts dev and freelancerView Profile
Michael Littrell
Freelance Highcharts developer in Broomfield, United States

Front-end Software Engineer

I've built a total of 5 production level graphs. I've also built an Angular 2 component to wrap HighCharts functionality.
Diego Andre Diestra Samamé, freelance Highcharts developer for hireView Profile
Diego Andre Diestra Samamé5.0
Freelance Highcharts developer in Santiago, Chile

Full Stack Developer JS / PHP

I am a full stack developer with 8 years of experience, I am also an electronic engineer. I focus my career mostly working with PHP and JS using CMS like Drupal, and LMS like Moodle. I also have experience with many PHP Frameworks like Laravel, Symfony and CodeIgniter, and also Js experience on frameworks like VueJS and AngularJS
Jason Martin, Highcharts freelance coderView Profile
Jason Martin5.0
Freelance Highcharts developer in Huntsville, United States

Full stack Ruby on Rails Developer and AWS Cloud Architect

I'm an expert problem solver. I've been developing production applications using Java, Ruby, and Javascript for almost 10 years, using frameworks like Rails, Spring, and Angular. I love solving software problems, building cloud architectures, and data science.
Alexander Poshtaruk, Highcharts consultant and programmerView Profile
Alexander Poshtaruk5.0
Freelance Highcharts developer in Usatove, Ukraine

Front-End Developer

I use to be network and RH-linux administrator for 14 years, but decided to change my career path to development by heart call. And JS - this is it for me. So I am doing Front-End development about 3 years, and 2,5 of them - in commercial projects on Angular 2/4. Have a strong knowledge of JS Core and Angular2/4/5 framework. Good in problem-solving skill. Just test me) ---- "The strength of JavaScript is that you can do anything. The weakness is that you will." - Reg Braithwaite
Daniele Manca, top Highcharts developerView Profile
Daniele Manca5.0
Freelance Highcharts developer in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Front-End Developer

I mainly deal with Front-End Development, technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JS but am also capable of performing Wordpress integration and possess a certain degree of knowledge in PHP. I am specifically capable in responsive web design and also build tools and version control.
Chris Dolphin, top Highcharts developerView Profile
Chris Dolphin5.0
Freelance Highcharts developer in Pleasant Hill, United States

Creative coder. JS and game dev | Love Chillwave and Longboarding

Web developer with advanced experience working on large-scale Javascript apps and PHP backends. Specialized in rendering and DOM performance. Personal site -
Flavio Wuensche, Highcharts software engineerView Profile
Flavio Wuensche5.0
Freelance Highcharts developer in Cambridge, United States

Web Developer. Microsoft Excel & VBA specialist.

Industrial Engineer. Web Developer. Relevant financial background. Flavio is prepared to become an immediate contributor on tasks concerning the development and deployment of Ruby on Rails applications (both front and backend), querying databases, and managing work with git. Based on previous experience, further qualifications he can offer are mostly related to Finance, Analytics, and Process Automation.
Siddhant Singh, senior Highcharts developerView Profile
Siddhant Singh5.0
Freelance Highcharts developer in Varanasi, India

Expert Programmer (Python, C , R, Haskell) -Data Scientist-(Pandas-Matplotlib-Highcharts-Pyspark-sklearn)-PyGame-Machine Learning-DjangoRestFramework-API-Web Scraper--Bots

I have expertise in Python and Django and have a great experience working as a web developer where i started with javascript and jquery along with bootstrap frwamework. I have used Python a lot for scraping,demographics,Data analysis and game development,Sending GET/POST API/JSON django(API,Rest Framework), recently I have been doing Data science using (Pandas, Matplotlib) and Pyspark.
William Chan, Highcharts freelance coderView Profile
William Chan
Freelance Highcharts developer in McLean, United States

Seasoned software engineer with experience teaching at different web development bootcamps and universities

I am a software engineer that worked on, led many projects to date and taught software development at a number of institutions. Altogether, I have a good understanding of software development processes and various programming languages including more than seven years in JavaScript, Python, Ruby, PHP and Golang.
Romain Ensminger, Highcharts dev and freelancerView Profile
Romain Ensminger4.9
Freelance Highcharts developer in Pula, Croatia

Javascript FullStack and mobile (NodeJS, Angular, Ionic) developer with 6+ years experience

Hello, I'm an agile Back and FrontEnd developer who worked on large scale projects. I can advise you the good technological and architectural choices early on so you save time. I'm precise and can figure problems out quickly. I love to have a deep understanding of the tools I use. I also enjoy writing simple, clean, efficient, maintainable and re-usable code. I wrote several AngularJS apps and designed REST API's. When I design a new service, I keep qualities like scalability, performance, responsiveness, user-experience, and SEO in mind. I love to streamline workflows with tools like Grunt, Git and PM2 to deploy new releases several times a day, making use of best practices and setting up both Unit and End to End tests. I also have skills in system administration, and can setup a ser...
Joel Beasley, Highcharts freelance coderView Profile
Joel Beasley5.0
Freelance Highcharts developer in Bradenton, United States

Sr Rubiest, MIT Educated, Seasoned expert with 10+ years experience

Joel Beasley is a Sr Rubiest at Logic 17, LLC in Sarasota, FL with an education from MIT. Joel has a passion for writing clean object oriented code with a heavy emphasis on services. Single Responsibility Principle, Low Coupling and High Cohesion are just a few of the important design principles he employs. Currently writing a book on being a Modern CTO. Chief Technology Officer.
K M Rakibul Islam (Rakib), Highcharts developer and engineerView Profile
K M Rakibul Islam (Rakib)5.0
Freelance Highcharts developer in Mississauga, Canada

Top Ruby on Rails Mentor of January - December, 2017 & January - February 2018 (14 months in a row!) at Codementor | Experienced (8+ years) and friendly Ruby on Rails Developer/Mentor (with passion for helping others learn) | 1000+ Sessions

I am the Top Ruby on Rails Mentor of January, February, March, April, May, June, July and August 2016 (8 months in a row) and January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December 2017 & January and February 2018 (again 14 months in a row!) at Codementor with 1000+ sessions. I am a Senior Software Engineer from Toronto, currently working as a Ruby on Rails Developer at theScore Inc. I am passionate about helping and mentoring people, especially who are new to the web development and the programming world. I am specialized in explaining core concepts of Ruby and Rails along with the best practices. I focus on the learning experience of my students and make sure they get exactly what they want. I hav...
Nilok Bose, Highcharts freelance developerView Profile
Nilok Bose5.0
Freelance Highcharts developer in Zurich, Switzerland

Senior Front-end developer

I am a front-end web developer with a love for all things JavaScript and an eye for good design. I enjoy discovering new coding techniques, learn about new web technologies and love to create beautiful and functional websites and apps.

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