Vyacheslav, High load freelance developerView Profile
Freelance High load developer in Rzeszów, Poland

Experienced Software Engineer, with Project Management Experience

High load web projects, bespoke software development, project management experience DevOps: Ansible,Vagrant, Chef PAAS & Cloud: (AWS, Amazon beanstalk, Redhat openshift, OpenStack, Digital Ocean) Continuous integration (with Jenkins / Bamboo) Client stack (javascript core, AngularJS, HTML5 apis, jquery) Pure JS stack (Javascript, AngularJS, Node.JS, mongo) NoSQL (mongodb) LAMP stack (PHP, MySQL, Linux) Windows stack (asp.net MVC, MSSQL 2000-2008) -> DevOps & Development inquiries: http://www.softasap.com/ -> Github http://github.com/voronenko/ -> Ansible roles (MIT, BSD-3 clause) on a galaxy: http://bit.ly/ansible_roles -> Get in touch: check for available 30 minutes slot https://calendly.com/voronenko/30min
Dmitrii Korotovskii, High load consultant and programmerView Profile
Dmitrii Korotovskii4.8
Freelance High load developer in Berlin, Germany

PHP engineer with 6+ years of experience

Sergey Martynov, High load software engineerView Profile
Sergey Martynov5.0
Freelance High load developer in Moscow, Russia

Your online business can do better!

Experienced manager and specialist in the field of internet technology. Online business and technology consultant. Participated in several large internet projects and took part in organizing series of professional conferences, which gathered thousands of Russian web developers. Worked as Head of Mail.Ru Email Service (#1 email service in Russia, #4 worldwide). Currently working on the development of e-government in Russia.
George Kronberg, High load software engineerView Profile
George Kronberg5.0
Freelance High load developer in Port Moody, Canada

Experienced .NET developer with 10+ years in the industry. High-load distributed systems, clean code, continuous delivery.

Senior .NET Developer / Engineering Manager based in Vancouver, BC.
Peter Mozgovkin, High load software engineerView Profile
Peter Mozgovkin
Freelance High load developer in St Petersburg, Russia

Senior Software Developer and System Architect

Software professional with over 15 years of diverse application experience in Mobile, Enterprise, Server, Internet, and Personal Computer systems. Excellent problem solving and communication skills. Hardworking team player who is also able to work independently.
Alexei Romanoff, High load software engineerView Profile
Alexei Romanoff
Freelance High load developer in Minsk, Belarus

Web Developer at Wargaming.net

My motto is “continuous striving for excellency”, which is shown as unusual curiosity and also as a wish to improve people and things around me. In life I am always aimed at the result and try to achieve finish in the shortest period of time. However, my life and my work bring me a lot of joy, I like them. Main professional interests are dynamic programming languages(Python, Ruby), compiled languages C/C++, free operation systems Linux and all BSDs, open­source movement in general, network application programming with BSD­sockets and through using high­level frameworks like twisted, RDBMs and NoSQL­solutions, technologies of creating compilers and interpreters, system programming for Linux/BSD/Windows, software creation processes and their total automation. Most of my spare time is spent ...
Max Kostinevich, High load software engineerView Profile
Max Kostinevich
Freelance High load developer in Minsk, Belarus

Expert Laravel Developer and Consultant

I'm experienced web-developer with over of 8 years of extensive experience. I've developed custom solutions for businesses and startups all over the world - from ecommerce websites and MVPs to complex CRM/ERP applications. I extensively use Laravel framework in my projects along with zero-downtime deployments and all the features of PHP 7.
Ilya, top High load developer for hireView Profile
Freelance High load developer in Gdańsk, Poland

CTO / PHP-developer

I am working as a CTO and program backend with PHP, configure servers and refactor a code. I love to debug and get rid of bottlenecks in the code.
Illia Kharytonov, High load dev and freelancerView Profile
Illia Kharytonov
Freelance High load developer in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Software Engineer

I am specialized on the projects with complex backend, such as corporate CRMs/ERPs, projects with wide API integration or highload services and APIs.
Gustavo Jantsch, High load software engineerView Profile
Gustavo Jantsch
Freelance High load developer in Porto Alegre, Brazil

Senior Web Developer

I'm a Senior Web Developer with more than 15 years of experience in the field. I've have been working with small and large websites with more de 1million page views a day. From systems designed to the industry and factory floor, to e-commerce and e-government websites and systems. I consider my self a fortunate one, since I had the opportunity in all this years to work in local and remote teams on a variety of projects with different needs and technologies, what gave a wider view of the web development.
Yuri Vysotskiy, senior High load developerView Profile
Yuri Vysotskiy
Freelance High load developer in Zaporizhia, Ukraine
Donatas Aleksandravičius, High load engineer and developerView Profile
Donatas Aleksandravičius
Freelance High load developer in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Growth accelerator with 12+ years of experience

Hi! My name is Donatas and I'm an expert in high profile e-commerce websites using custom frameworks. In my 12+ years of experience I have worked with only growing projects and growing companies. I've done migrations of huge databases, created a unique authorization system before OAuth was trendy, worked on ad-serving software for millions of views per day. I am specializing in upgrading existing code base to a high quality, reusable, tested code. One, which many developers love to work with. Also running and maintaining high-profile e-commerce platforms.
Sergey, High load programmer for hireView Profile
Freelance High load developer in Quakers Hill, Australia
Software Engineer, Enterpreneur
Roman Krivtsov, senior High load developerView Profile
Roman Krivtsov
Freelance High load developer in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Node.js developer – Shopgate Inc.

Experienced web developer, focused on JavaScript and server side (Node.js, API, databases, microservices, full stack)
Thijs, senior High load developer for hireView Profile
Freelance High load developer in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Experienced HA/high-performance developer

Self-taught programmer, now turned entrepreneurial, eager to teach others my programming skills

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