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Thomas Edwards, senior High avalability developerHire Now
Freelance High avalability developer in Birmingham, United Kingdom

Software, Distributed Systems and Embedded Systems Engineer 7+ years

Solfa, Uk, Ltd Technical Director - 2.5 years. My job was to build a team of highly skilled C++ software engineers and be actively involved in the architecture and development of a core company product. The product was mission-critical for the company as it would enable the company to take its operations to the next level and begin being the dominant force in the market. The team and I built a distributed software system back-end, designed to handle 1 million or more active website visitors concurrently, using distributed server technology patterns. I lead and was actively involved in a new in-house distributed cache technology that would allow maximum memory efficiency for all servers running the cache service. I restructured the server business logic backend to handle big data te...
Sergey, High avalability programmer for hireHire Now
Freelance High avalability developer in Quakers Hill, Australia
Software Engineer, Enterpreneur
Thijs, senior High avalability developer for hireHire Now
Freelance High avalability developer in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Experienced HA/high-performance developer

Self-taught programmer, now turned entrepreneurial, eager to teach others my programming skills
Brian L. Troutwine, High avalability software engineer and devHire Now
Freelance High avalability developer in San Francisco, United States

Fault-tolerant, high-scale systems engineer in Erlang, Haskell and C++.

I am a real-time, fault tolerant systems engineer. My primary ares of interest are failure analysis, telemetry in live systems and functional programming. I work extensively in Erlang.
Ilya, top High avalability developer for hireHire Now
Freelance High avalability developer in Gdańsk, Poland

CTO / PHP-developer

I am working as a CTO and program backend with PHP, configure servers and refactor a code. I love to debug and get rid of bottlenecks in the code.
Roberto C. Morano, High avalability freelancer and developerHire Now
Freelance High avalability developer in Zaragoza, Spain

Systems Engineer and DevOps advocate

I'm a passionate about IT. I really love to understand how each piece engage with each other in this big puzzle Internet and computering is. I don't like to work without having all the understanding needed to analyze and solve any problem in each matter I work with. Those are the reasons why FLOSS (Free/Libre OpenSource Software) is other of my passions, because working with FLOSS allows you to look into any problem until you find the exact line of code that is causing trouble. Those are not the only reasons I love FLOSS, of course. I love working in community, demonstrating the power of the crowd intelligence and making this world a better place. My goal in my professional life is to create some start-ups under my own agile/devop culture influenced convincements, merging b...

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