Steven Kryskalla, Hg dev and freelancerView Profile
Steven Kryskalla5.0
Freelance Hg developer in Millbrae, United States

Software Engineer

When I'm not using git for work I like to use mercurial :)
Andrei Dziahel, senior Hg developerView Profile
Andrei Dziahel5.0
Freelance Hg developer in Brest, Belarus

Writing web apps since 2005

Using it everywhere I can (private setups, personal projects, managing Github mirrors) etc.
Ivan Kurnosov, top Hg developerView Profile
Ivan Kurnosov5.0
Freelance Hg developer in Auckland, New Zealand

Senior software engineer

It's my personal SCM of choice. I'm using it since 2008.
Jonathan Brisebois-Lamarche, freelance Hg programmer for hireView Profile
Jonathan Brisebois-Lamarche5.0
Freelance Hg developer in Ottawa, Canada
My Revision control weapon of choice!
Fahim Farook, Hg freelance coderView Profile
Fahim Farook5.0
Freelance Hg developer in Battaramulla South, Sri Lanka

Multi-disciplinarian with over 25 years of experience in iOS, Android, PHP, SQL, and Unity. Also have some experience with Xamarin, Python, JavaScript, Perl, Ruby etc.

I have been a developer for over 25 years and have been a mobile developer for close to 8 of those years. During that time, I've developed over 80 iOS apps, around 10 macOS apps, and a few Android apps too - some were personal apps while close to half of that were apps for various clients. I’ve also been a technical editor, final pass editor, and finally, for a brief period, the editor-in-chief at, the popular online site devoted to mobile and game development. I did a lot of work on their tutorials and so know a little bit about helping people to understand a topic :) I try to help people understand developing for a given language and try to show you why you should do something a certain way. Along the way, I also try to provide little tips and tricks which make your w...
Thomas Greco, Hg freelance coderView Profile
Thomas Greco5.0
Freelance Hg developer in Scranton, United States

Web Application Developer, Teacher

Passionate about modern-day web development. Spend a lot of time working with different technologies, and teaching people how to use them. Focuses include Sass CSS, Responsive Design, JavaScript Application Development, AngularJS & Angular 2.0, EmberJS, and more!
Gan Eng Chin, Hg freelance coderView Profile
Gan Eng Chin5.0
Freelance Hg developer in George Town, Malaysia

Full Stack Web Developer since 2008, Development Team Lead, CITA-F, CEH, CSM.

I built my first Mastermind-like, Windows-form based mathematical game using Visual Basic 6 at the age of 16. Today, I am an all-round developer focusing on modern full stack web app development. My primary technical skills are: - HTML, JavaScript, CSS. - AngularJS (v1), Angular (v2 & v4), React. - ASP.NET - C#, VB. - SQL Server My strengths are in logical thinking, problem solving, user experience, software architecture and code design. I have extensive experience working with people across the globe (US, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Japan etc). I am a development team lead, Certified IT Architect, Certified Ethical Hacker and also a Certified Scrum Master.
Andrey Rusanov, senior Hg developerView Profile
Andrey Rusanov5.0
Freelance Hg developer in Lviv, Ukraine

Senior Python developer

I'm a Software Engineer and my main language is Python. I'm working about 5 years and made quite a lot of projects, related to web mostly(but also to some Linux-related things). Beyond actually development, I mentor team mates and do Python interviews quite often. I also do unit and automation tests, architecture design and so on. I will be glad to share some of my experience and help people to solve their problems.
Shubham Dokania, Hg software engineerView Profile
Shubham Dokania5.0
Freelance Hg developer in Delhi, India

Data Scientist and Backend developer

I am Shubham Dokania, Co-founder, Greplr, A hyperlocal suggestions and search based aggregator app based on Indian market. I have experience in handling servers and creating scalabe backends. I am actively involved in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence related projects. you can checkout my CV at .
Aigar Sild, Hg freelance developerView Profile
Aigar Sild
Freelance Hg developer in Copenhagen, Denmark

Frontend developer, ui designer

I am experienced developer/designer with more than 5 years experience in web development. My expertise are Ui design and frontend development (Javascript and html/css). Have worked mostly with Magento and Wordpress cms systems.
Dan Connolly, Hg freelance coderView Profile
Dan Connolly4.7
Freelance Hg developer in Leawood, United States

enthusiastic mentor, mad about software quality

20+ years development in python, C, scala, etc. 15+ years leadership in web standards. Currently maintaining 20KLOC clinical data ETL job in SQL and python. Day job: writing software to support research at KU Med Center
Zach Davis, Hg freelance developerView Profile
Zach Davis
Freelance Hg developer in Boydton, United States

Passionate software developer and teacher with 15 years of real world experience.

I have been developing on the .NET stack for 15 years. I am also very passionate about passing my experience onto younger developers.
John Garland, Hg freelance coderView Profile
John Garland
Freelance Hg developer in Helston, United Kingdom

Director of Software Development at PRESENT e-Learning Systems

Innovative and vision-driven professional with more than twelve years’ success in the design, development, and deployment of front-end features and back-end framework for websites and mobile applications featuring dynamically generated content and highly customized features. Solid communication and leadership acumen, directing team efforts and serving as a key resource and contributor within collaborative work environments. Forward-thinking and results-focused, strategically balancing time, resources, and priorities to meet shifting needs and achieve key milestones within established timeframes.
Steve Mercier, top Hg developerView Profile
Steve Mercier
Freelance Hg developer in Laval, Canada

Available: Leader in software product development, production lines establishment and software best practices definition

Bilingual products development professional with more than 20 years of experience. Created and launched complex and critical products in large-sized organizations. Developed and launched software production lines ensuring better delivery efficiency, growing adoption of established best practices, enhanced product quality resulting in customer satisfaction. Master and apply agile and iterative development methodologies. Self-starter who thrives on technical challenges and appreciates being responsible for the delivery of products that truly matter, in collaboration with talented people. Capable of defining the vision for a product, and moreover, of ensuring it becomes a reality. - Product Development Best Practices - Continuous Integration and Delivery - Infrastructure As Code - Softwa...
Royston Bowmaker, Hg dev and freelancerView Profile
Royston Bowmaker
Freelance Hg developer in Sydney, Australia

Full Stack Developer & All-Round I.T. Nerd

I am a long term computer artisan starting at a very young age. Throughout my schooling years I always excelled at computer-centric subjects, often coming first in my class. At university I found myself on the Deans Merit list for 3 years and attained numerous certificates. I specialise mostly within the full web development as it is the most dynamic, challenging and rewarding compared to other IT disciplines that I have worked with in the past.

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