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Freelance Hateos developer in Indianapolis, United States

Lead Developer at Trabian Technology

How It Began I started programming around the age of 10. My older brother hogged our only computer. After serendipitously finding a discarded computer next to the dumpster, I was determined to make it run. Many hours and burned CDs later, I had a working Ubuntu machine. Ever since, my life has involved programming, whether it was skipping class in high school to go to the computer science room, or reading Philip Wadler papers until early hours of the morning. What I'm doing: I'm currently building frontends for financial institutions at Trabian Technologies. I am the lead developer of a growing dev team. Our stack is focused around React, which allows us to build web, ios, and android apps for clients. We are constantly evolving and always re-evaluating our practices. What I want to be...

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