Bryan Crotaz, Handlebars freelance coderView Profile
Bryan Crotaz5.0
Freelance Handlebars developer in London, United Kingdom

Full stack software architect, expert in C#, Ember.js and AWS

I have built two ember.js + full stack applications, and regularly contribute to the ember addon landscape. I'm on the core team of ember-grid, a fully featured grid component for ember 2.0
Kevin Decker, Handlebars freelance coderView Profile
Kevin Decker
Freelance Handlebars developer in Chicago, United States

Senior Web Architect at Walmart

Ex-Primary maintainer. Wrote the precompiler engine as well as numerous other enhancements.
Vladimir Katansky, Handlebars freelancer and developerView Profile
Vladimir Katansky
Freelance Handlebars developer in Ozerna, Ukraine

JavaScript/Ember software engineer with 4+ years of commercial experience

I've used it almost 4 years until Ember decides to transit to HtmlBars. Also I had an experience using handlebars on server-side for me convenient tools like building cross-platform email-templates
Kees de Kooter, senior Handlebars developerView Profile
Kees de Kooter5.0
Freelance Handlebars developer in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Full stack solution developer

"Everything must be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." Got stuck building your awesome web application? Wondering which tool to use, which library to pick? Let me help you out! I have been an independent software developer since 1997 specializing in open source Java enterprise and web technology since 2002. Currently focusing on "native web clients" with AngularJS. According to "a very quick learner with strong analytical, creative, and social skills, but may seem two steps ahead in some conversations." I always goes the extra mile to create solutions that are simple, easily maintainable and highly extensible. Kees is on a continuous quest for “the right tool for the job”. He is a broadminded professional that is able to come up with unexpected solutions. ...
Martin Malinda, senior Handlebars developerView Profile
Martin Malinda5.0
Freelance Handlebars developer in Pilsen, Czechia

JavaScript developer and creative coder

I've been creating websites since I was 11 years old and for the past three years, I've been focusing on advanced JavaScript applications. Most of the time with the help of Ember.js. I have worked with various backends and various kinds of APIs. Be it Node.js, Firebase, Ruby on Rails. I've created dynamic charts, complex interactive UIs, worked with huge amounts of data. Sometimes with smooth transitions and animations :). I care about conventions, best practices, clean, readable code and productivity. I'm also always working on some side projects and learning new tech. Lately, it's been Elm! Feel free to get in touch. I accept only the requests I know I am able to help with.
Ben Holmes, Handlebars freelance developerView Profile
Ben Holmes
Freelance Handlebars developer in Vancouver, Canada

Senior Full Stack Software Engineer

I am a professional full stack software engineer with extensive experience creating and delivering web, mobile and desktop applications. I have worked as part of excellent teams at a range of highly successful companies, from big VFX houses to small seed stage startups, in London and San Francisco. This has given me the experience of creating and delivering products from the ground up as both a full time employee and freelance developer, working in house and remotely. During this time I have lead teams of developers and managed project lifecycles in their entirety. I am available for short or long term projects on a part time freelance basis. I offer high quality craftsmanship and can assist in any stage of a project. I am happy to arrange a video call with anyone that has a project th...
Stephen Gheysens, Handlebars dev and freelancerView Profile
Stephen Gheysens5.0
Freelance Handlebars developer in Arlington, United States

Software Engineer

I'm a software engineer and entrepreneur based in Washington DC. My technical work has been in a variety of industries - Food Service, Entertainment, IT Professional Services, and Financial Services, so I enjoy problem-solving in any situation but have found my niche with full stack web development. I've gained a recent interest in mobile development and data processing, and am actively learning more about both!
Ariel Fuggini, top Handlebars developerView Profile
Ariel Fuggini4.9
Freelance Handlebars developer in Villa Crespo, Argentina

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Problem Solver 💪 15+ yrs/exp Full-Stack Web Developer & UI/UX Designer

Trained in Problem Solving. Full-Stack Web Developer & Expert UI/UX Designer w/ 15+ yr Experience. MY LINKEDIN ==> --- First time in Codementor? I recommend you to read this: "How long will it take to solve my issue?" And other tough questions I am frequently asked as a mentor
Ethan, senior Handlebars developer for hireView Profile
Freelance Handlebars developer in Reynosa, Mexico

Javascript Developer, Top #8 Stackoverflow MeteorJS Experts.

Born in Mexico on August 26, 1992 in a family of 4, developed a love for computers at the age of 12 years by playing a MMORPG and since then and I can’t get away from them. Very first interact with programming was at age of 12 with .lua scripts and sql databases, with some friends wich only target was create an Open Tibia Server (OT)
Sergey Skrobotov, Handlebars dev and freelancerView Profile
Sergey Skrobotov
Freelance Handlebars developer in San Jose, United States

Software Engineer with 10 years of experience

I'm an industry professional with 10 years of hands-on experience. I've spent most of the time in my career building high load web services and websites for the leading tech companies. I have an extensive experience with a full stack application development, however most of my expertise is in: - systems architecture and design - APIs design - Java backend implementation and performance optimization (10 years of experience with Java) - web front-end implementation (5 years of experience with HTML/CSS and Javascript) But even more important than knowledge of individual technologies is understanding and application of general software engineering concepts and best practices. Mentoring is something that I find very interesting and challenging since every person needs an individual approa...
Sahat Yalkabov, senior Handlebars developerView Profile
Sahat Yalkabov5.0
Freelance Handlebars developer in Ashburn, United States

Full Stack JavaScript Developer

Full Stack JavaScript developer who's OCD about attention to detail.
Aaron Thorp, Handlebars freelance programmerView Profile
Aaron Thorp5.0
Freelance Handlebars developer in Kellyville, Australia

Software Developer with ~20 years experience.

I can assist you with your Meteor / JavaScript / MongoDB / Node and other enquiries. About 20 years of software development experience and consultant designing many in-house and large scale management apps as well as full stack websites and eCommerce solutions. Enjoy finding out of the box simple solutions to software problems.
Steve Goldberg, senior Handlebars developerView Profile
Steve Goldberg5.0
Freelance Handlebars developer in San Francisco, United States

Professional JavaScript/Front-End Developer

I have been employed as a full-time software engineer, working primarily on the client side of large-scale web applications, for the past two years. I am an entirely self-taught developer with a non-technical degree, so I understand the struggles that come along with the process. I landed my first job roughly six months after I embarked on this path. I have extensive experience building enterprise applications in Backbone/Marionette and React/Redux, which I work with daily.
Ronen, senior Handlebars developer for hireView Profile
Freelance Handlebars developer in Toronto, Canada

Full Stack Developer with solid hands-on expertise

Insightful, tech-driven full stack developer with notable success in developing powerful web applications while participating in planning, analyzing, and implementing solutions in support of business objectives. Hands-on experience participating in all stages of software development efforts, including requirements definition, design, architecture, testing, and support. Have experience with several startups as well as large corporations. My current passion is real-time hybrid apps working seamlessly on iOS, Android and Web.
Pawel , Handlebars programmer for hireView Profile
Pawel 5.0
Freelance Handlebars developer in Ashburn, United States

Get your JavaScript, front-end or PHP problem solved in 30 mins!

JavaScript and front-end developer contracting with top digital agencies in London. If you need help with object-oriented JavaScript, design patterns, custom jQuery plugins, RESTful APIs integration, SASS, CSS3, responsive, touch-enabled devices I can help you. I also have experience with PHP Zend Framework so I can help you with that too. In 2010 I moved to London, UK where I worked full-time in two software companies. Two years ago I started working as a contractor to be more independent and find new challenges in London's digital agencies.

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