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Scott Engemann, senior Guide developerHire Now
Freelance Guide developer in Jackson, United States

Senior Front-End Developer

I love front-end development and have learned so much over of the years. Ever since I started AngularJS I've been hooked. I love working with it!
Mark Learst, Guide freelance programmerHire Now
Freelance Guide developer in Clio, United States

Remote Full-Stack Designer

Remote Full-Stack Designer working with open web technologies. I have a deep passion for keeping my craft sharp along with a focused eye on aesthetics, nuances, and every little detail in- between. My niche has always been about the details, looking beyond the big picture for ways to carve out and fine tune the presentational layer. Having a razor-sharp eye for UI Design and UX Development including interactive. Lastly embracing Web Standards and Progressive Enhancement, the forgotten art that paved the way to where we are today.
Andrei Petre, Guide freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Guide developer in Bucharest, Romania

Web & mobile developer

Full stack developer, freelancer, passionate about JS and teaching others.
Andrei Bunulu, top Guide developerHire Now
Freelance Guide developer in Vienna, Austria

Frontend developer

I am an experienced developer with a good tech stack. I really enjoy to work with cutting edge technologies like ES6, React, mobile development. My goal is to create performant applications with both end users and clients will be happy to see. Trying to deliver projects in time.
sheriffderek, Guide freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Guide developer in Los Angeles, United States

Goal-driven HTML, CSS, Stylus, JavaScript, Ember, and WordPress. Learn the things properly, in the right order, and with real-world reasoning / even if you don't know how to 'open your text editor.'

Hello, My name is Derek. I write HTML, CSS and JavaScript to build websites and web applications. I work as a consultant helping small businesses with branding and websites and strategy and all sorts of stuff. I also contract with a few marketing agencies where I build the front-end of interactive applications. *Actually*... I just started full-time as Sr. Product Designer for Tru Niagen. I learned everything the hard way. You shouldn't have to. There are so many 'frameworks' and buzz-words - and while so many people are creating things to make our lives easier, those tools can cloud what is actually happening and make learning some messy business. Just because someone is a great developer doesn't mean they are suited to teach. Many developers lack the empathy or memory to explain concep...
Nevan Scott, Guide freelance programmerHire Now
Freelance Guide developer in Brooklyn, United States

Developer, designer, and teacher

I am obsessed with my craft and love working with others to develop their own. I specialize in the intersection of design and development, but my broad background gives me a perspective which I'd love to share with you as you develop your own skills and work to perfect your own products.
Nels Thampi, Guide freelance programmerHire Now
Freelance Guide developer in Chennai, India

SAS Expert, Basel III, CCAR, R, python

11+ years of extensive experience in SAS programming, Statistical Modelling, Business Analytics, Regulatory Reporting (Basel CCAR, IFRS9, PRA and Part-30), Risk analytics, Scorecard application,Data migration and Data quality I do train people on SAS

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