Kuldeep , freelance Gui developerView Profile
Kuldeep 5.0
Freelance Gui developer in Lucknow, India

Ethics, emotions and self-pride driven individual.

I have been developing softwares and mobile applications for last 3 years. Experience with kivy, tkinter, pyqt, Java(Swings), react-native.
edA-qa mort-ora-y, Gui freelancer and developerView Profile
edA-qa mort-ora-y5.0
Freelance Gui developer in Munich, Germany

Programmer, Writer, Creator of Leaf programming language

I like front-end development and have done desktop apps, web apps, and mobile apps. I'm well attuned to user experience and can work well with graphic designers.
Brad Orego, Gui freelance developerView Profile
Brad Orego
Freelance Gui developer in Brooklyn, United States

Product Designer/User Researcher by day, Entrepreneur by night, Dancer by passion

Having an academic background in HCI has been priceless to my career as a UX Designer. Having hands-on experience designing multiple apps in multiple industries has given me an excellent eye for design.
Ariel Fuggini, top Gui developerView Profile
Ariel Fuggini4.9
Freelance Gui developer in Villa Crespo, Argentina

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Problem Solver 💪 15+ yrs/exp Full-Stack Web Developer & UI/UX Designer

I have designed user interfaces for 15 years, from pure flash websites to fully responsive, lightweight html & css web applications.
doug graham, Gui freelance programmerView Profile
doug graham
Freelance Gui developer in Baltimore, United States

Front End Mastermind

Developing multiple fortune 100 and 500 applications that are used by thousands of customers daily.
Rama Suresh A, top Gui developerView Profile
Rama Suresh A
Freelance Gui developer in Hyderabad, India

Full Stack Java Developer

Having experience in UI technologies
Chad Drummond, top Gui developerView Profile
Chad Drummond
Freelance Gui developer in Ashburn, United States

Front End Engineer Mentor

I've worked on Marketing websites, landing pages, microsites, and continued into full applications with responsive UIs. I can teach you best practices to make designs responsive without needing to duplicate lots of code. Efficient use of scalable CSS using BEM, SASS/LESS, as well as cross browser compatibility if you need to keep things old school.
Max Savin, freelance Gui programmerView Profile
Max Savin
Freelance Gui developer in Belgrade, Serbia

Designer turned full-stack developer

Started out as a designer, then switched to working solely in HTML/CSS, and eventually moved up to full stack development.
Filip, senior Gui developer for hireView Profile
Freelance Gui developer in Dublin, Ireland

UI/UX oriented Front End Developer

Along with doing web development, I've been working on designing UI interfaces using tools such as Sketch, Illustrator and Photoshop.
Zach Alexander, senior Gui developerView Profile
Zach Alexander
Freelance Gui developer in East Hampton, United States

JS/CSS/frontend web developer and UI/UX designer

I've been a full-stack web developer (trained in SF at App Academy in Rails and JavaScript) for four years, mostly doing frontend work in HTML, CSS/Sass, and JavaScript. I've worked at two YCombinator startups, including as a Web Development Lead for Apportable, as well as for other companies and nonprofits.
Zach Case, freelance Gui programmerView Profile
Zach Case5.0
Freelance Gui developer in Englewood, United States

Web Developer/Designer

Started designing and making websites my Junior year of High School when I created a website for a local frozen yogurt shop that was opening up in my town. I designed their website from scratch, went through many renditions of how I thought it should look and created a very pleasant website that users adored.
Holly Jade, Gui freelance developerView Profile
Holly Jade
Freelance Gui developer in Minneapolis, United States

UX Design ( Apple, TEDx, Mintbox Design)

Apple award winner, TEDx speaker, Forbes Under 30 honoree. Founder of Mintbox Design. My mantra is UX is key to any successful business, app, and even relationship.
Preston Badeer, senior Gui developerView Profile
Preston Badeer
Freelance Gui developer in Omaha, United States

Full Stack Developer, UI Designer, UX Engineer

Interface design is close to my heart, it's a mix of engineering (user psychology) and creativity (design!). If you need a sexy, highly usable interface that your users will love...just say the word, or even if you just want to make your existing one better.
Laurel Lawson, top Gui developerView Profile
Laurel Lawson
Freelance Gui developer in Decatur, United States

15+ years experience in site/app development.

User interface design & development
Aaron Humphreys, Gui software engineerView Profile
Aaron Humphreys
Freelance Gui developer in Rushden, United Kingdom

Senior UX/UI Designer

I'm experienced in creating user interfaces people love to use

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