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Mohammad El-Haj, GUI applications software engineerHire Now
Freelance GUI applications developer in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Senior Software Design Engineer/ Instructor / Freelancer

Hi there! My name is Mohammad and I have a degree in computer sciences and have been working as a professional software engineer since 1995. I wrote my first program in GW-BASIC when I was 14 years old and since then I knew that I wanna grow up to become a programmer as it is the love and passion of my life! I also started teaching Visual C/C++ and Visual Basic back in 1997 and that is when I learned how much I enjoy teaching and helping others! I lived in Seattle for 17 years to work for Microsoft so I can learn from the best in the industry! I spent 9 years at Microsoft as a senior software engineer and then became curious to try out other companies in USA so I can keep on growing and learning... Over 20 years of my career, I worked with many companies from startups to medium size c...
Dushyant Rathore, GUI applications dev and freelancerHire Now
Freelance GUI applications developer in Ashburn, United States

Pythonist | Web Developer | Love to scrape the web

I am a full stack software developer experienced in the field of Web development, API development, GUI application development, Web scraping and machine learning. I spend most of my time learning new tools and frameworks and building simple yet interesting projects. I also love to attend conferences and participate in hackathons.
MDotlic, GUI applications developer for hireHire Now
Freelance GUI applications developer in Ashburn, United States

Computational mathematician

Developing and coding new and existing numerical methods for partial differential equations.
Shanglun Wang, top GUI applications developerHire Now
Freelance GUI applications developer in New York, United States

Full Stack Software Engineer

I am a full stack software engineer who has worked on all areas of the technology stack using a variety of tools and languages. On a given day, I could be building a natural language data pipeline, architecting a series of microservices, or building a beautiful, intuitive single-page application. I am passionate about software engineering - it is incredibly rewarding to see ideas turn into software that improves our customer's lives, and it is exciting to be a part of teams that develops such software daily. When I am not programming, I enjoy coaching college debate, visiting art museums, or blogging about technology.
Owen Jenkins, GUI applications freelance coderHire Now
Freelance GUI applications developer in Southsea, United Kingdom

Web application & desktop script developer

I develop custom web applications with intuitive, rich, full-featured interfaces. I'm an originally self-taught developer, currently going back through university for a degree in Computer Science. I create web applications in Ruby on Rails, and a variety of other programs using Python. To me, success isn't about getting things done as quickly as possible. It's about taking pride in my work, and spending that little longer to create a great user experience in a polished product.
Safiyat Reza, GUI applications freelance coderHire Now
Freelance GUI applications developer in Noida, India

Experienced programmer and Linux adminstrator. Loves tinkering with opensource.

Hi there! I am a software engineer/developer who is currently working with a startup to disrupt the telecom industry. I have expertise in programming (Python, Shell scripting, C++, C) and am currently working on cloud technologies, more specifically OpenStack, OpenDaylight, and ONOS. I also have experience of working with opensource logging and monitoring tools used in the industry.

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