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Fabrizio Guglielmino

Fabrizio Guglielmino

Software developer strong passionate of coding

Rome (+01:00)
Italian, English
Experienced developer involved in many projects during my twenty-year career, today team leader of one of biggest Italian ecommerce site. I'm really appassionate of my work and I like the idea of being able to help other programmers.
Csharp expert help C# - 15 years experience
I'm an early adopter of C# and .Net framework, I used it from Framework 1.0 to the last versione (4.5.1). I made many enterprise scale project with it
No icon .NET - 15 years experience
I'm an early adopter of C# and .Net framework, I used it from Framework 1.0 to the last versione (4.5.1). I made many enterprise scale project with it
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 11 years experience
I'm not a JavaScript expert but I used it in most of my projects along all my career, in the last year I worked on AngularJS and other js frameworks
Python expert help Python - 6 years experience
I used Python for many projects, from simple automation script to big web application (made mainly with Django framework). One mentionable project made with Python Django is Pushetta (www.pushetta.com)
Ios expert help iOS - 7 years experience
Author of many Apps already on the store (https://itunes.apple.com/gb/developer/fabrizio-guglielmino/id438682687), experience in Objective-C and Swift too.
No icon Bot - 1 year experience
I have developed some bots using nodejs as backend, I can help indeveloping new ones
No icon Arduino - 10 years experience
I made many projects using Arduino, from home automation systems to games for children and more. I'm involved in Turin Ardiuno User Group (in Italy) where Arduino was born and I actively collaborate with Arduino team.
C expert help C - 15 years experience
My first language used for many projects, mainly involved embedded system and automation
Django expert help Django - 8 years experience
I made many project using Django, not only for developing web sites but also for making API (with Django Rest Framework). Used in many project as backend of Mobile Apps.
Sql expert help SQL - 7 years experience
Experienced in designing database structure, stored procedure, query and alla about programming in SQL. More experienced in Microsoft SQL Server but also on MySQL and SQLLite.
Mysql expert help MySQL - 8 years experience
I used MySQL in most of projects I made, I'm experienced in programming qith it and also in some configuration and installation aspects.
Mongo db expert help MongoDB - 1 year experience
In the last projects I made MongoDB was the preferred choice, I used it as a backend storage in a few projects with an high level of satisfaction.
pushetta-api-django 9   5
Pushetta web site and API made with Django
CSS HTML Python JavaScript
arduino-pushetta-lib 6   4
Pushetta is a Web API that provides an unificated way to send realtime notifications to multiple devices. Used with Arduino Yun it's possible to send alert, informations or any data in realtime to groups of subscribers (more on www.pushetta.com)
vocore-smartsensor-pushetta 6   1
Code for VoCore smart sensor article
pushetta-py 4   4
Pushetta Python Client
pushetta-net-library 3   1
Pushetta client for Microsoft .Net
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Knowledgeable about the topics and, very friendly and generous
yezdi brai Sep 29, 2016

Was a great help!!
Ben Harvey Aug 11, 2016