George James, Grpc freelance coderHire Now
George James5.0
Freelance Grpc developer in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

PHP and Javascript gives me breath

Recently Migrated a huge NodeJS monolithic application to microservices using GRPC for inter-service communication
Shubham Chaudhary, Grpc freelancer and developerHire Now
Shubham Chaudhary
Freelance Grpc developer in Noida, India

Machine Learning developer with api & app development experience

I'm a Software Developer working at Zomato. I work in the machine learning team and on a daily basis, I touch base with Machine Learning, Data Analysis, Gaussian Curves, Android apps, backend RESTful APIs and everything and anything. I love playing with data, it's so fascinating. I also contribute to various open source projects. My github profile is In recent past I have also published a research paper in ML with IIT Bombay whose main focus was to create an intelligent road transportation system that can handle situations of Indian roads.
Bodunde Adebiyi, Grpc software engineerHire Now
Bodunde Adebiyi5.0
Freelance Grpc developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Will code for food.

I am a mid-level software developer/Consultant at Andela who fell in love with programming the moment the moment I discovered it and the goal is the change and effect the world one line of code at a time. I also love learning new things and what I even love more is sharing my knowledge with people because I am a guy who has love for teaching.
Ogbara Godwin, top Grpc developerHire Now
Ogbara Godwin
Freelance Grpc developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Ruby on Rails Angular 2 React Developer. Got a problem? Let us solve it together

My name is Ogbara Godwin, I am an experienced Ruby on Rails developer. I also work with Angular 2 and React. Aside from this, I enjoy using Typescript and building Bots. Got a problem? Let us solve it together
Moyosore Sosan, senior Grpc developerHire Now
Moyosore Sosan5.0
Freelance Grpc developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Software Developer

Software developer who is Interested in solving problems efficiently.
Ryan McNulty, Grpc freelance coderHire Now
Ryan McNulty
Freelance Grpc developer in Pittsburgh, United States

Full Stack Engineer

I am a motivated, fast learner, passionate about developing great software. I am driven to make an impact on any team, product or project that I am involved with.
Antoine Guilbaud, Grpc dev and freelancerHire Now
Antoine Guilbaud
Freelance Grpc developer in Amsterdam, Netherlands

backend and devops engineer from france, also security enthousiast.

I'm a young programmer, passionated by computers in general. I've worked in a startup as a back end developer, and now I'm working as a dev-ops in a bigger company. I like sharing my knowledge with people and guiding them to success, and I will be happy to help you with my expertise.
Shanglun Wang, top Grpc developerHire Now
Shanglun Wang
Freelance Grpc developer in New York, United States

Full Stack Software Engineer

I am a full stack software engineer who has worked on all areas of the technology stack using a variety of tools and languages. On a given day, I could be building a natural language data pipeline, architecting a series of microservices, or building a beautiful, intuitive single-page application. I am passionate about software engineering - it is incredibly rewarding to see ideas turn into software that improves our customer's lives, and it is exciting to be a part of teams that develops such software daily. When I am not programming, I enjoy coaching college debate, visiting art museums, or blogging about technology.
iyatomi takehiro, Grpc dev and freelancerHire Now
iyatomi takehiro
Freelance Grpc developer in Osaka, Japan

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