John Hamelink, top Grape developerView Profile
John Hamelink4.9
Freelance Grape developer in Glasgow, United Kingdom

CTO: Elixir, Ruby, Rails, Android Developer (and scrum master) with 10+ years experience

I've built 5 APIs that are in production and have been maintained through multiple major revisions. I can help you understand how to build maintainable, scalable APIs in ruby using Grape, as well as share some snippets I use to help DRY up my code when building APIs.
Samuel Morhaim, senior Grape developerView Profile
Samuel Morhaim4.5
Freelance Grape developer in Miami, United States

Solutions Architect

Passionate about software from DevOPS to Quality Assurance, from Developer to Architect with the right amount of business skills, marketing and sales. Specialties: Distributed Application Design, Object Orientated Programming, AngularJS, REST API Design, PHP, MySQL, PhalconPHP, MongoDB, Python, Flask, Zend Framework, Linux Administration, Symfony, Quick Test Professional, WatiN/R, Magento, Wordpress, Adobe & Microsoft Suite, MacOs, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, VMWare and more. Large Scale Software Development Strategies, Center for Disease Control regulations and reporting guidelines. Health Information Exchanges, Direct Secure Messaging, HIPAA Regulations and Meaningful Use guidelines. Experienced in successfully negotiating and implementing new technologies in change-advers...
K M Rakibul Islam (Rakib), Grape developer and engineerView Profile
K M Rakibul Islam (Rakib)5.0
Freelance Grape developer in Mississauga, Canada

Top Ruby on Rails Mentor of January - December, 2017 & January - February 2018 (14 months in a row!) at Codementor | Experienced (8+ years) and friendly Ruby on Rails Developer/Mentor (with passion for helping others learn) | 1000+ Sessions

I am the Top Ruby on Rails Mentor of January, February, March, April, May, June, July and August 2016 (8 months in a row) and January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December 2017 & January and February 2018 (again 14 months in a row!) at Codementor with 1000+ sessions. I am a Senior Software Engineer from Toronto, currently working as a Ruby on Rails Developer at theScore Inc. I am passionate about helping and mentoring people, especially who are new to the web development and the programming world. I am specialized in explaining core concepts of Ruby and Rails along with the best practices. I focus on the learning experience of my students and make sure they get exactly what they want. I hav...
Haris Amin, Grape freelance developerView Profile
Haris Amin5.0
Freelance Grape developer in Brooklyn, United States

Technical Cofounder at Glimpse, Senior Software Engineer at Pager

Backend Engineer for over 8 years. iOS engineer for over 3. Full stack experience.
Nayyir Jutha, Grape freelance coderView Profile
Nayyir Jutha
Freelance Grape developer in North York, Canada

Full Stack Ruby on Rails/React JS Developer

Test driven, hard working full stack web developer and entrepreneur looking to help small businesses create or update their online presence.
Dan Langevin, Grape freelance coderView Profile
Dan Langevin5.0
Freelance Grape developer in Brooklyn, United States
I'm founder and CTO at Vericred. We are running a ruby on rails stack right now with Ember.js on the frontend. I have a great deal of experience and am happy to offer my expertise.
Winter Wang, Grape freelance programmerView Profile
Winter Wang
Freelance Grape developer in Hong Kong, Hong Kong

iOS developer

4 years experience with software development, mainly focusing on iOS native app development. Previously the lead iOS developer in Jianshu and built Jianshu iOS. Love working with different technologies and have experience with Android native app development and Ruby on Rails.
Ryan, top Grape developer for hireView Profile
Freelance Grape developer in Newark, United States
Software engineer with ~8 years experience. Passionate about Android, enjoying frontend javascript as well lately. I like rails for my backend stuff. Object oriented architecture is my thing.
Jaime Dávila, Grape freelance coderView Profile
Jaime Dávila
Freelance Grape developer in Montevideo, Uruguay

Frontend Developer, UX apprentice

I like to deliver a polished source code, it reflects my concerns for a polished UI and my thoughts about aesthetics and functionality. Through many years solving problems I've worked with different languages and technologies across an spectrum which includes back end, mobile and front end development. Among my favorite and recent projects are: - A d3js timeline related to terrorism attacks around the globe (personal project) - A reactjs webapp for movielovers (personal project) - An iOS printer app for Epson. - A kid's game in unity for an education project here in Uruguay. - A custom cms written in ruby + angularjs, and a newsmap for BBC. - A TODO prototype for NewYork Times. Currently I'm focused on front-end development for the "love of aesthetics and functionality" so...
Gregorio Melo, top Grape developerView Profile
Gregorio Melo
Freelance Grape developer in São Paulo, Brazil

Software development consultant

I'm a software development consultant with expertise in multiple domains (retail, real estate, recruiting) and knowledge in different programming languages and platforms. I'm really focused on trying to find out how to properly use technology to solve business problems.
Art Semyonov, Grape freelance coderView Profile
Art Semyonov
Freelance Grape developer in Bibayevo-Chelny, Russia

Senior Software Engineer at Blink Health

A universal software engineer.
Jeremy Rottman, senior Grape developerView Profile
Jeremy Rottman
Freelance Grape developer in Ashburn, United States

Software Development Manager at Amazon

Currently I am a SDM at Amazon, where I manage a team that owns the entire content update process for Kindle Ebooks, the payment calculations for Kindle Unlimited Authors and provide mentorship for my developers. I am an avid Ruby developer (Not just rails). I have a strong background in network management, with my recent focus being on the deployment of cloud based infrastructure on AWS, Google Cloud and Azure.
Karlin Fox, Grape freelance developerView Profile
Karlin Fox
Freelance Grape developer in Rockford, United States

Generalist Software Maker

I've worked in many business domains and with a variety of teams over the course of 15 years of professional experience. I have a passion for loosely-coupled and well-tested software that delights users and future maintainers alike.

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