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Goran Rakic

Goran Rakic

Senior software developer

Belgrade (+01:00)
Serbian, English
Senior PHP/Hack developer having a technical leadership in programming for the Web environment. Skillful at JavaScript, HTML5 APIs and CSS. Building rich Python web apps (Flask and Django) and modern JavaScript "single-page" apps (React & JSX) connected to API backends. http://devbase.net

Web scraping can help you get structured data from a given website. If you want to do some data-mining or you may need to collect data for your next startup, shopping directory or a search engine, web scraping is the key. But HTML or JavaScript scraping can be a tough cookie, so to say. Sessions, tokens, multiple requests, cookiejars or dynamic content can take you hours or even days. I can help you designing a sample scraping script to select specified data from a web page and export it in...

I'd love to help you getting a free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate for your website or a web application. Browsers, customers and search engines favor sites with HTTPS (so called "green padlock"). Customers are more likely to trust sites that use HTTPS and even Google is using HTTPS as a lightweight signal for quality content. Up to recently you had to pay yearly fee to get a trusted SSL certificate required for HTTPS. Now Let's Encrypt, a non-profit certificate authority is issuing free...

Dockerize your web application

Dockerize your web application

$85 - Delivery in 3 Days

Docker containers are "the new thing" and a great way of shipping your web application for use in development or easy portable deployment. I will dockerize your web application by creating a Dockerfile for automated building of your Docker container image. Depending on your stack choices, container may include all dependencies or just a single entrypoint for your application. I can support most common Linux-based platforms and languages, details available upon request.

jfreesteel 21   8
A native Java library, a Swing GUI application and an applet to read the Serbian eID card, built on javax.smartcardio
HTML Java NSIS Shell Makefile JavaScript
textcat-sr 11   21
Serbian Cyrillic and Latin language models for libexttextcat, a free software n-gram based language guessing library
hunspell-sr 6   1
Serbian (Cyrillic and Latin) Hunspell Spelling Dictionary
HTML Shell Python
apdu 5   2
APDU shell
dict-sr-oxt 3   2
Serbian dictionary and hyphenation extension for LibreOffice/OpenOffice
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Awesome mentor!
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Goran has been able to complete my project to a high standard, and is always quick to reply to questions.
Charles Aug 27, 2016

Very skilled!
Jordan Jul 14, 2016

Goran has been a pleasure to work with. Very knowledgeable and patient, will definitely work with him in the future.
Dail Davis Jun 14, 2016

Fast, detail script, working 100%
Hrvoje Vencl Jun 01, 2016

Great guy, has patience and will work with you until you're satisfied.
Julian Galvan May 18, 2016

Helped me resolve a cache-related question in Django. Fast response, great suggestion!
Askar Dec 11, 2015

amazing work! Really smart, flexible and great communicator.
rob Sep 28, 2015

Knows in-depth javascript. I commend!
Goran Aug 31, 2015

Great mentor and thinks outside the box. Looking forward to another session!
Gawain Bracy II Aug 28, 2015

Great guy, quick help
Sai Ganji Aug 25, 2015

Excellent, was very helpful and got straight down to solving the problem in a thorough way. Will use again!
Jason Lord Jul 03, 2015

Solved the issue in a few minutes
Antonio Jun 23, 2015

Extremely knowledgeable and helped me get to the root of my problem quickly. Thanks!
Mike Bova Jun 22, 2015

Great guy. Quick help!
sai Jun 22, 2015

Goran is a simple guy with simple solution
Gbolahan Jun 05, 2015