Harikishore Tadigotla, Grails coder and developerView Profile
Harikishore Tadigotla5.0
Freelance Grails developer in Bengaluru, India

Software Architect (Java, Groovy/Grails, Docker, AspectJ, AngularJS, Google AppEngine)

Professional experience building enterprise applications from version 2.0 of grails.
Damir Arh, freelance Grails programmerView Profile
Damir Arh
Freelance Grails developer in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Microsoft MVP. Software architect and polyglot developer.

In 2016 I was working on project, which required me to work with Grails almost daily. Thanks to previous experience with ASP.NET MVC I quickly grasped the basics and love dive deeper into it all the time.
Russell Arnold, senior Grails developerView Profile
Russell Arnold
Freelance Grails developer in Missoula, United States

PL/SQL Developer/Guru

I am an experienced back end developer with 10 years of coding experience in various realms. By day I work on the Banner enterprise system making sure it keeps running.
Dominic Visco, top Grails developerView Profile
Dominic Visco
Freelance Grails developer in Philadelphia, United States

A Curious Engineer that Constantly Gets it Wrong

I've been working with grails for the last 3 years to leverage its power in creating restful backends for web apps written in angular or mobile apps for iOS and Android. I've utilized MySQL, MongoDB, and Postgresql engines for persistence layers respectively, to find the right fit and have finally settled happily with Postgresql! I love Grails 3 for bringing gradle into my life, as it's opened up my opportunities to utilize industry standard plugins, as well as its powerful gson.
Mathi Fonseca, top Grails developerView Profile
Mathi Fonseca5.0
Freelance Grails developer in Montevideo, Uruguay

Software Architect and Developer for 8+ years

Using it for many projects, collaborating with plugins and loving it.
Ramanathan RV, top Grails developerView Profile
Ramanathan RV
Freelance Grails developer in Bengaluru, India
I have used Grails for several projects in the past 5 years and Juspay runs in Grails.
Naresh Reddy N, senior Grails developerView Profile
Naresh Reddy N
Freelance Grails developer in Bengaluru, India

Architect at UrbanPro.com

I've very good understanding about grails... Have experience in developing end-to-end,server optimization very good in solving scalability issues and production issues
Federico, freelance Grails developerView Profile
Freelance Grails developer in Montevideo, Uruguay

Software Engineer

Worked for important companies, degree and personal projects
Gaurav Thapa, Grails freelance coderView Profile
Gaurav Thapa5.0
Freelance Grails developer in Thane, India

Your friendly neighborhood mentor!

Experienced full stack developer and architect (full stack w/ or w/o server-side javascript). Can help you with anything related to software development, including but not limited to coding, design and architecture.
Atahan Özer, Grails freelance programmerView Profile
Atahan Özer
Freelance Grails developer in Kırşehir, Turkey

Co Founder at Etezia Bilgi Teknolojileri

I am a full stack software engineer and co-founder of a start-up in Turkey. I hava 7+ years of experience in Software Design and Development.
Ghazi Triki, Grails freelance programmerView Profile
Ghazi Triki5.0
Freelance Grails developer in Manouba, Tunisia

RIA Lead Architect & Developer

RIA Lead Architect & Developer
Federico Cayrol, Grails software engineerView Profile
Federico Cayrol
Freelance Grails developer in Santiago, Chile

Sr. Java Developer en Orbitz Worldwide (Mar del Plata)

Sr Java/Groovy Developer and Scrum Master Technologies that i worked : HTML,CSS, JS, Java, Groovy,Bash,Ant,Gradle,Maven, Spring MVC, Spring Batch, RabbitMQ, Apache , Tomcat, HIbernate, JPA, GORM, Grails, Spring Boot, Microservices
Oleksandr Barabanov, Grails consultant and programmerView Profile
Oleksandr Barabanov
Freelance Grails developer in Kropyvnytskyi, Ukraine

Fullstack JavaScript Developer

Experienced with all aspects of modern software development: * business analysis – able to transform functional requirements & user stories into working software * system design and architecture definition – able to design and develop distributed systems * full-stack development – able to develop an application from scratch * automated testing * cloud deployment Specializing in Web & Cloud techs and Data-Driven Systems design and development.
Szymon Stępniak, Grails software engineerView Profile
Szymon Stępniak
Freelance Grails developer in Toruń, Poland

Software Engineer

I'm Software Engineer with almost 10 years of professional experience, freelancer since September 2014. I'm currently working as a Software Engineer for Upwork Global Inc. where I am responsible for introducing Consumer-Driven Contract testing to all engineering teams. My area of expritse covers: - Java and Groovy programming languages - Test-Driven Development (Spock Framework, JUnit, Geb) - Consumer-Driven Contract testing (Pact) - Agile product development (quick releases, fast feedback loop, automation with continuous integration and continuous delivery, code review and code quality check) - following software craftsmanship principles - frameworks: Spring Boot, Grails 2.x, Dropwizard, Ratpack I learn and practice: - microservices and distributed systems - functionall programming (Has...
Muhammad Abid, top Grails developerView Profile
Muhammad Abid
Freelance Grails developer in Perth, Australia

Technical Lead - Java , Grails

Grails, AngularJS, JSP, Eclipse 3.2, Ruby on Rails, MS SQL Server, Microsoft Access, My SQL, HSQL DB, Oracle, Corel Draw 9.0, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Dream weaver, Macromedia Flash MX, Swish MX, Internet Information Server (IIS), Tomcat/Apache web server, JBOSS 4.0 and Strong UML Concepts • Grails with Groovy and Java • AngularJS, RequireJS, JQuery , HTML5 • Strong concepts of GWT/GAE, Smart GWT. • Experience with different J2EE Design Patterns like Singleton, DAO, Data Transfer Object, Session Façade, Template, Service Locator, and Singleton. • Experience in XML with Java using DOM and JDOM. • Experience in SQL (Structured Query Language). • Experience in Enterprise Java Beans. • Experience in web designing using HTML, DHTML, CSS and JavaScript. • Experience of da...

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