Olatunde Garuba, Google scripts software engineerView Profile
Olatunde Garuba5.0
Freelance Google scripts developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Software Developer

In the past few years, I've worked extensively with Google app scripts, using the sheet as database and also carrying out automated activities with the scripts
Saurabh Chaturvedi, Google scripts software engineer and devView Profile
Saurabh Chaturvedi5.0
Freelance Google scripts developer in Jaipur, India

Python programmer with experience in both web and non-web programming, helping peers to create a positive and lasting impact using their skills

I really enjoy extending the capabilities of my G Suite application instances with this powerful tool. Since this is a JavaScript dialect, it can be easily learned and has incredible and powerful features. I have mostly used it in automating data collection for Google spreadsheets with some web scraping as well as integrating my Gmail for some notifications.
Martin Foley, Google scripts freelance coderView Profile
Martin Foley5.0
Freelance Google scripts developer in Caracas, Venezuela

CTO at Draft AI | #1 CodeMentor for Python, JS, Node, React for now - still working on the others ;)

I have used Google apps script for many advanced projects and am also very familiar with Google Sheets.
Mokanarangan Thayaparan, Google scripts engineer and consultantView Profile
Mokanarangan Thayaparan5.0
Freelance Google scripts developer in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Full Stack Developer

Worked in designing google appscript commercial applications working with Google sheets, Docs and Slides.
Shubham Desale, senior Google scripts developerView Profile
Shubham Desale5.0
Freelance Google scripts developer in Pune, India

Former Full-Stack @Zomato.com, Google Summer of Code Participant

-Created a script that automatically adds large gmail attachements to my Google drive from every incoming mail -Automated mail tracking from a problem solving site in Google sheet to track the number of problems solved on that platform.
Rahul Agarwal, top Google scripts developerView Profile
Rahul Agarwal4.9
Freelance Google scripts developer in Phuket, Thailand

5+ years experienced Data Scientist with 2+ experience in Machine Learning

A data scientist with a passion for solving statistical, machine learning and data engineering challenges in the field of personalized/ customer data analytics, resouce optimization/ operations research, natural language processing and computer vision. I like to develop re-usable common frameworks, models and components that address repeatable machine learning tasks and problems/data sets. I ensure end-to-end deployment of the code succesfully into the operations. Coursera and Udacity are my best friends and keep me updated with the latest developments and skill enhancements. I have worked with large data sets for many different business sectors such as Retail, E-Commerce, Healthcare, Manufacturing. Strengths: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Product Recommendation, Sales Forecasting, Data...
Ashish , Google scripts developer for hireView Profile
Ashish 4.9
Freelance Google scripts developer in Jaipur, India

Consultant | Technical Speaker | Startup Founder | Full Stack Developer | Chatbots | AI | Machine Learning | JavaScript | jQuery | NodeJS | AngularJS | MongoDB | MeteorJS | ElasticSearch | Firebase | Android | Ionic | Mocha | Digitalocean | MySQL

** Full Time Consultant, Entrepreneur, Developer. ** ** One Minute Quick Video Intro : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylxt9a-izOw ** Most Searched for Consultant For Chatbots and Voice enabled Apps** ** Have Build Products for Startups and Large Enterprises. ** ** Consult Startups with their Product. ** ** You will not be Charged if i am not able to Resolve your Issue.** **Go Ahead and Schedule a Session with me, I would love to talk to you ! :-) **
Djordje Stojanovic, Google scripts software engineer and devView Profile
Djordje Stojanovic5.0
Freelance Google scripts developer in Niš, Serbia

Founder at Ursus Software

I am a Backend Developer from Nis, Serbia. Passionate about open source software. I mainly develop in Python and Java, but I am also good with other languages and system administration.
LB (Ben Johnston), Google scripts freelancer and developerView Profile
LB (Ben Johnston)
Freelance Google scripts developer in Brisbane, Australia

Python developer, passionate to understand how things work, create and improve systems.

I have experience at every level of the software development journey, from being the business manager who has to allocate budget and staff time through to selling and implementing solutions from scratch. I am most passionate about solving problems in an elegant way and seeing software play its part in helping companies manage their information well.
David Han, freelance Google scripts programmerView Profile
David Han
Freelance Google scripts developer in West New York, United States

Full Stack Ruby on Rails and Javascript Developer / Former General Assembly Instructor

Full stack software engineer with a focus on Ruby, Rails, Javascript, and React. Former instructor at General Assembly - Web Development Immersive.

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