MeteorJS: For Your Next JavaScript Application

Published Oct 03, 2017Last updated Oct 14, 2017
MeteorJS: For Your Next JavaScript Application

I recently got to know MeteorJS and I have been exploring it for a couple of days. I just decided to share how amazing the framework is. So, I will be sharing my views on why I consider MeteorJS awesome and why you should try it.

Stay tuned and enjoy!

Web and Mobile Platforms

Just like a popular quote about the benefits of Java, "Write once, run anywhere", the same is true for MeteorJS — it helps you build once and run on different platforms. If you are looking for an awesome framework to build your product for the web and mobile without having to write codes for the different platforms, MeteorJS is your best bet.

The Super-Packed Framework

If you are looking for a framework that was built with the consciousness behind it that so many developers do not want to leave or forget working with React, Angular, GraphQL, Mongo and so on, MeteorJS is here for you. This feature thrilled me.

This means that you really don't need a super fancy procedure to work with React or Angular while working with MeteorJS.

Progressive Web Applications

Many developers are so concerned about writing React and Angular for the Next Billion Users. lool! I think MeteorJS will help you with this. I am proud to say that several awesome applications have been built on MeteorJS that are serving several users across the world, including Dispatch, Rocket Chat, CodeFights, and so on.

Hosting Meteor Application

Hosting a Meteor Application is one of the easiest things on earth. You don't need to stress yourself hosting — there is a platform-as-a-service called Galaxy, which helps you build and host amazing Meteor apps effortlessly. This is because the PAAS was built with Meteor-specific engineering as the core.

Package Manager

Aside from using npm (Node package manager) or Yarn for managing packages in your Meteor application, Meteor has an awesome package manager called AtmosphereJS, which was also built with Meteor in mind.

What makes AtmosphereJS special is that it includes non-JavaScript files, including: CSS, Less, Sass, Stylus, and static assets, has an awesome way of shipping different code for clients and servers, and also includes pre-built binary code for different server architectures, such as Linux or Windows.

Prototyping Quickly

If there are any other frameworks that help you achieve this, MeteorJS does this better. It is one framework that is a full stack JavaScript framework (front-end and back-end), and it's light and very easy to pick up and learn as fast as possible.

Community / Support

It is always said that before you work with any technology, you should make sure there is a community — not just a community, but a community actively using and contributing to the code base of the technology. MeteorJS is awesome at this. You cannot get lost at all, as MeteorJS has 26,648 questions on Stackoverflow, over 504K downloads, and so on.


I hope I have been able to make you see why you should use MeteorJS in your next project. If I have not, I think new features like Meteor Native Debug (a super easy way of debugging Meteor apps), support for Node 8.4.0, and other features coming out in Meteor Version 1.6 will make you rethink your decision.

Thanks for reading!!! Keep Pushing Code.

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