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Nate Thornton

Nate Thornton

Mountain Time (US & Canada) (-07:00)
Currently working as a Team Technical Lead with 10+ years professional C# development. Also work as an adjunct professor teaching Computer Science.
Csharp expert help C# - 14 years experience
I started writing code in C# 10+ years ago and have written a P.O.S. system, a employee labor management system, customer relationship management systems, VoIP systems and everything between. My experiences have taken me from Windows Forms applications to web applications (including MVC and WebApi), to mobile devices (using Xamarin). I Love S.O.L.I.D. and D.D.D. design principles.
Sql expert help SQL - 10 years experience
Expert level sql skills, with specialty in optimizing queries. I love making queries perform as fast as possible and have had great success over the years in doing so. I'm able to very quickly grasp what it is the query is trying to do and find several ways to make it much, much faster. I'm very good at ready query plans and pinpointing exactly where problems lie in sql queries and quickly fix them to run much faster, most of the time without introducing indexes.
No icon .NET - 14 years experience
I started writing code in .Net (VB.Net first) when it first came out in Beta and I haven't stopped writing code for .Net since. I have written everything from a VoIP predictive dialing system to a full on Accounting package and everything in between.
No icon Xamarin - 2 years experience
I love Xamarin, and now that Xamarin Forms has come out, it is my preferred way of writing mobile applications. I've become quite proficient at creating xamarin bindings, which allows Xamarin to use existing native libraries for both iOS and Android.
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