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Expert web developer with strong focus on Ruby, Rails, Elixir and Phoenix

London (+00:00)
I consider myself an expert web programmer. By that I mean I have used a vast array of web technologies since 1998 when I first started building things on the internet. Some things, like Ruby, I know inside out. Others, like Javascript, I've had a long term arms length relationship. I have been writing Object Oriented architecture for over 10 years and I'm now learning Functional programming. It is a lifetime passion learning to writing better software, and I particularly enjoy sharing and helping other people. I understand how daunting it can be to meet up with a mentor, as I've uniquely used this codementor as a mentee just like you, so that I can understand what it feels like. I will do my absolute best to make you feel comfortable and together we will work through your request whilst paying special attention to help you learn and understand along the way. If I am not able to help you solve your request, I will be able to point you in the direction of further assistance, and I will happily give you a refund.
No icon Elixir - 1 year experience
I'm currently learning Elixir and Phoenix, I'm no expert, but I could certainly help any beginners.
No icon Phoenix framework - 1 year experience
I've spent the last year learning this wonderful new framework, and whilst I wouldn't consider myself an expert I could definitely help any beginners.
Ruby expert help Ruby - 8 years experience
I have used ruby professionally since 2008 and I have experience from building huge Rails applications, down to writing small single scripts or command line apps for a specific task.
Ruby on rails expert help Ruby on Rails - 7 years experience
I've built many large highly complex professional Rails applications. I understand the Rails architecture very well.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 16 years experience
I have most experience with pure Javascript, though I have used many different javascript libraries and frameworks. I have good working knowledge and experience of ES6/7.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 17 years experience
I know HTML
Git expert help Git - 7 years experience
I've been using source control since 2002 and git since 2009. I use git on all personal and professional projects.
No icon Shell - less than 1 year experience
I've written my fair share of non-trivial shell scripts.
No icon Phaser - 2 years experience
I have been researching building multiplayer games with Phoenix and Phaser for the past year. I've written 8 chapters of a book and presented my work-in-progress at countless meetup's and ElixirConf EU.
phoenixphaserdemo 43   8
Building games with Phoenix and Phaser demo
HTML Elixir JavaScript
elements 14   1
Rails CMS application providing a tree structure, using Ancestry and STI, with a working jQuery ajax tree
PHP Ruby JavaScript
brainworkshop 10   4
Brain Workshop is a free open-source version of the dual n-back brain training exercise.
Shell Python
elixir_letters 10   2
Multiplayer letters game using elixir pheonix
CSS HTML Elixir JavaScript
opencpn_extras 4   3
Set of extra files for use with OpenCPN
Ruby Shell Python
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