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Learn devtools from devtools contributor...

What you get with this gig
I will help you become a much better web developer, debugger and profiler [STOP HERE AND READ PROFILE BEFORE CONTINUE]. Although each corse will customized "on the fly" here are the 3 major categories: 1) This corse will teach you the tools needed for the modern web developer. If you know any programming or scripting language but do not use "Service Workers" this corse is for you. [60% of web developers should start here] 2) This corse will focus more on getting the most out of devtools. Here we will talk about the things like Timeline and Profiling. These are tools used by experienced developers to speed up the process of debugging and development. If you know most of how Service Workers work, but are unsure on how WebGL is defined this is for you. [35% of web developers should start here]. 3) This is the advanced corse. This corse will focus on getting the most bang-for-your-buck and performance. Here we will focus on PWA (Progressive Web Apps) as well as performance. We will ensure you know exactly how each event is handled and triggered, discuss modern networking techniques and show the latest and greatest on what is coming down the pipeline. [5% of web developers should start here]. If you work for a company ask your supervisor/boss to look over this first, most companies will pay for this corse and/or request that either multiple sessions be setup or a collaborative session be setup. Keep in mind this class will be customized to whatever needs. Before the class will be setup I ask that you give a profile and/or details about past experiences so I can be more prepared during the session.