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I will send you a laptop already set up for Rails development

What you get with this gig
Not every aspiring web developer wants to shell out $1,000+ for a shiny new Macbook or a boot camp enrollment. Thinking of learning Rails but trying to save money, too? With a little bit of time and patience, used IBM and Lenovo ThinkPads running Ubuntu Linux make great, low-cost alternatives to the Mac OS X development environment. I am a professional Rails developer of 7+ years, and do all my side projects on used ThinkPads running Ubuntu. Let me order, set up, and ship a used ThinkPad to you to for only $250! I'll ship it anywhere in the continental US. I'll set everything up for you just as I would for myself, including: - Software upgrades - Ruby 2.1.3, Rubygems, & Bundler installation - Common CLI utilities like curl & git - Database setup (PostgreSQL) - Developer-ready Vim setup Tell your friends, too! If I get enough customers, I'll be able to start buying ThinkPads in bulk, and offer my services for even cheaper.