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I will create a PostgreSQL Database Schema

What you get with this gig
I've been building databases for over 15 years, with MySQL, SQL Server and PostgreSQL. I've always had good feedback on the designs I've created previously so I an extending that opportunity to others as thinking around database relations comes naturally to me (I'm a bit obsessive on detail, which is handy!). I've seen the horrors(!) that can occur when other people have started with a poor design – the cost or rectifying mistakes when a database is first created can be very expensive. The schema I provide will have appropriate foreign relations, constraints and indexes (filtered if required) for typical querying scenarios. Comments on all objects will be provided as well. This price includes 1) a full SQL script that is compatible with your target version of PostgreSQL. 2) Up to 30 tables or 300 columns (whichever is the greater). Please contact me before requesting if you have any questions about the add-ons you may or may not require.