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Gábor László Hajba

Gábor László Hajba

IT Consultant, Well Grounded Software Developer

Vienna (+01:00)
German, Hungarian, English
Workaholic, (hard)core and well-grounded Java developer, functional minded, freak of portable apps and "a champion Javavore who loves pushing code". Besides this I like to learn new languages (currently I take looks at Elixir) and love to develop in Python (however nowadays only in my pet-projects). And if I start learning a new programming language I create a simple pet-project where I can test and broaden my knowledge in the field to effectively learn the language by doing. Beside English I speak (and read and write) German and Hungarian (last is my native language).

I this gig I will write you a 1000 word article about a programming topic (my competences are in Java and Python). Please ask me beforehand if I can cover your topic of interest. These articles are fully researched and uniquely written in my style. I provide example code to my articles which help understanding better.

I will give you a session where I introduce you to website scraping basics. We will go through a simple example with a website and I show you how to use your tools to gather the website information and write a scraper for it. I can give this session with Java, Python 2.7 or Python 3.5 (with or without Scrapy). One session takes around one hour. The 7 days delivery is an indicator that we should be able to schedule a meeting in one week. If you have questions feel free to contact me before...

Java expert help Java - 12 years experience
I use Java since a very long time and this is my core competence. I am the best in the back-end but sometimes I do some User Interface development. I specialized myself in Enterprise Edition and web crawling but I use Spring and Hibernate frameworks for web-related projects.
No icon Java ee - 8 years experience
I am well grounded Java developer and I specialized myself in Java Enterprise Edition development. I am the best in the back-end however sometimes I do some User Interface too.
Python expert help Python - 3 years experience
My Python experience is in the core development with extension to web data crawling.
No icon Web crawler - 3 years experience
I have written some books and more scrapers. Most of the time I use Python for crawling data because it is fast and reliable. Depending on the requirements I utilize Scrapy or BeautifulSoup.
python 4   4
Repository for Python applications
TeX HTML Python
wp-editor 2   1
Repository for an offline WordPress.com blog entry editor to convert your MarkDown files to WP.com blog posts and send them to your blog via XML-RPC.
JaPy 1   2
Repository for Java and Python integration
Java Python
CodingContestConfig 1   0
Configuration and base-applications in Java and Python, preparing for a Catalysts Coding Contest.
Java Python
Java 0   3
misc Java programs and sources
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Gábor took his time to understand my requirement and finished the work way before my deadline. Really great to work with!
Travis Wolf Aug 11, 2016

Gabor was nothing short of extremely helpful: Before even starting the session, he explained how he would approach my issue. He then followed up on subsequent days to try to learn more and offered up troubleshooting advice after tackling the specific problem during his own free time. Not once was he ever pushy or disingenuous. Great guy, great mentor.
Godwin DeLima Jul 29, 2016