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Guillaume Gard

Guillaume Gard

Business Analyst experienced in Tableau Software, SQL, Excel and Hadoop.

Paris (+01:00)
French, English
Hey, I am a Business Analyst currently living in Geneva, Switzerland. I have working knowledge on Excel, Tableau Software, SQL and Hadoop and I'd be a pleasure to help you on those fields if you need a mentor.

I'll explore with you your data set and help you at understanding quickly the value of your data via a 121 meeting. In the second phase, I'll design a dashboard based on a sample of your data in Tableau 10 and send you the Tableau packaged Workbook with the instructions about how-to connect your database in it, if this is required. The offer includes a 121 meeting and a tailor-made dashboard with up to 4 different worksheets.

No icon Excel - 5 years experience
Excellent skills in Excel formulas, Pivot Table and Graphs. I've used Excel for many different usages, from statistical computations through reporting usage.
No icon Tableau - 2 years experience
I'm a Tableau freak! I love creating dashboards, exploring all the features of this software and improving both usability and performance of my dashboards. Combined with my SQL skills, I know how to shape, retrieve and include in Tableau data and presents them in a nice looking way.
Sql expert help SQL - 2 years experience
During those last 2 years I've worked on SQL databases about writing SQL queries and SPROC, preparing Jobs and planning ETL system for efficient data analysis and storage.
Hadoop expert help Hadoop - 2 years experience
I've mainly used common interfaces like HUE and OOZIE for data analysis and scheduling queries.
No icon Rstudio - 1 year experience
I'm learning R through a MSc in Statistics.
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casper Jul 29, 2016