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Gerald Nako

Gerald Nako

Front-End and Wordpress Developer

Vienna (+01:00)
Italian, English
Hi, I am Gerald, a Front-End and Wordpress Developer
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 3 years experience
My Javascript knowledge are mostly connected with jQuery. I found jQuery as a great solution for my projects. I am familiar with a lot of jquery plugins.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 4 years experience
I have been working with html5 and css3 for more than 4 years. My Front End workflow is based in foundation, sass, gulp.js and bower.
Wordpress WordPress - 3 years experience
I found wordpress as a great tool to convert my design in dynamics websites. Till now i have more than 3 years of experience with wordpress theme development.
No icon Gulp.js - 1 year experience
Recently i found gulp.js. Since then i have been using it in all of my projects.
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
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Gerald helped me out with with a CSS problem I've been spending hours on, in 20minutes. Great mentor!
Stefan Henrico Jan 13, 2017

My go to Mentor! Always helpful and a pleasure to work with!
Andrea Fernando Jan 11, 2017

great helper
Michael Dec 14, 2016

Great support and very friendly, will definitely work with again!
Michael Dec 13, 2016

excellent service helped me a lot with university assignment
Batetambe Tanyi Dec 07, 2016

Gerald did an amazing job helping me fix a complex javascript/WordPress problem. He was very patient and FAST! I will definitely be working with him again in the future!!
Victoria Myrand Dec 02, 2016

He was very quick to answer all my problems!
Maya Nov 07, 2016

Absolutely the best mentor. So helpful and qualified!! Will use Gerald over and over again for coding needs!
Andrea Fernando Nov 02, 2016

Very helpful. Listed to what I wanted, Executed it quickly and was very helpful in explaining how he got it done. Thanks again !
Anthony Douglass Oct 18, 2016

Gerald was extremely helpful, quick and knowledgeable! I would definitely as for his help again.
Andrea Fernando Oct 11, 2016

Good and fast help!
Matthew van der Steen Oct 07, 2016

Very helpful. Made me see the error of my ways. I would recommend him if you need any JQuery assistance.
Carlos Vargas Sep 23, 2016

Very professional and very fast work. Thank you.
Eric Aug 03, 2016

Great Work. Very fast. Thanks again!
Eric Jul 26, 2016

Gerald was very friendly and helpful! Got my questions answered in a couple of minutes.
Sarah Sareh Apr 06, 2016

Gerald did an awesome job. He was fast and very skilled. I was extremely pleased with his work and I'm going to use him again in the future.
Eric Apr 05, 2016

Gerald was very fast and kind. Got right to my issue with CSS/HTML and solved it quickly. I'll definitely ask him to help in the future.
Bill Latka Mar 10, 2016

Gerald was very nice and really helpful! He made the issues as well as the solutions very clear! I'd definitely work with him again in the future! :)
Lauren Coleman Dec 08, 2015