Mert Emin Kalender, Geospatial software engineer and devView Profile
Mert Emin Kalender
Freelance Geospatial developer in Bellevue, United States

Senior Backend Engineer

I have been working in geospatial domain for 4 years now. I gained significant insights on how maps are built, delivered and maintained.
Raditha Dissanayake, Geospatial consultant and programmerView Profile
Raditha Dissanayake5.0
Freelance Geospatial developer in Talawatugoda, Sri Lanka

Polyglot, Software architect, RDBMS expert.

Done a heck of a lot of programming and software design since I wrote my first on a Sinclair ZX spectrum in 1987. Not enough of it has been made open source.
Omar Trejo, Geospatial freelance developerView Profile
Omar Trejo5.0
Freelance Geospatial developer in Mexico City, Mexico

Data and Software Engineer

Hello! I'm a Data and Software Engineer with degrees in Mathematics and Economics. I co-founded Datata to help organizations be data-driven, and I was National Data Science Co-Champion for a contest organized by Mexico's Presidential Office in 2014. I wrote “R Programming by Example”, I'm currently working on CVEST, a platform for cryptocurrency investing, and I’m interested in Distributed Machine Learning and Blockchains. You can contact me through my personal website. Personal website: CVEST, cryptocurrency investing platform: Datata, consulting and development firm: "R Programming by Example" book:
Ariadni-Karolina Alexiou, Geospatial engineer and developerView Profile
Ariadni-Karolina Alexiou4.9
Freelance Geospatial developer in Regensdorf, Switzerland

Python expert for Data Applications & Web Dev

I'm a Python and Java/Scala developer, with main focus on Big Data solutions and some full stack web dev experience. I will happily look at your code or system and point out bugs or suggest a better way to do something. Have experience with most popular Python libraries including pandas, matplotlib and numpy. If you want a great code review/refactoring of your Python code, from which you are going to learn and improve as a developer, I am the person to go to. If you have a data transformation that is taking ages, ask me for my help. I have been able to achieve speedups of up to 500x for people here, by using libraries such as pandas in an optimized way and being aware of memory usage patterns. I also am particularly well versed in geospatial data management and the open source proje...
Sven Neumann, Geospatial freelance coderView Profile
Sven Neumann5.0
Freelance Geospatial developer in Gzira, Malta

I approach programming with passion and curiosity

I've been programming for a long time, and I'm still excited to do so each and every day. I used to stream live every day on ( & Live stream archive:
Rafael Batista, senior Geospatial developerView Profile
Rafael Batista5.0
Freelance Geospatial developer in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Software Architect with 10+ years experience ranging from Computer Vision/GIS/Remote Sensing to full-stack Web and Mobile development.

I'm a Software Architect who has worked professionally in a variety of areas, from large-scale web development, systems development, computer vision, GIS, Remote Sensing.
Sergii Demianchuk, Geospatial freelancer and developerView Profile
Sergii Demianchuk
Freelance Geospatial developer in Brzeg, Poland

Full stack web developer

I am an experienced full-stack software developer with over a decade in the field, primarily in back-end development for web applications, though I am feeling in javascript world rather good also. My specialties: software design, refactoring legacy code, adding automated tests. Currently I am using next technologies/frameworks in my everyday work: Symfony, PHP, Vue, JavaScript, MySQL, ElasticSearch, Redis, Sematic UI.
Marco Afonso, Geospatial freelance coderView Profile
Marco Afonso
Freelance Geospatial developer in Tavira, Portugal

Web dev fanatic with more that 10 years of experience

Hi! My name is Marco and I'm here to help you with your web development work. I speak English and Portuguese. Feel free to contact me. Cheers ;)
Matthew Leick-Macari, Geospatial programmer and consultantView Profile
Matthew Leick-Macari
Freelance Geospatial developer in Omaha, United States

Full Stack Data Engineer

I am an experienced full stack data engineer who is comfortable building data collection forms and front end applications, reporting applications to data pipelines and relational data stores. My philosophy to solving problems is based on an understanding of the inherent complexity and "messiness" of real-world data. I specialize in building robust data pipelines to ingest multiple sources of data from real-world data collection systems or 3rd party data producers into either relational or non-relational tools.
Jon Tirsen, Geospatial freelance developerView Profile
Jon Tirsen
Freelance Geospatial developer in Solna, Sweden

CTO at Triposo

I like creating stuff.
Ivano Picco, Geospatial freelance programmerView Profile
Ivano Picco
Freelance Geospatial developer in Torino, Italy

CTO | Fullstack dev | AngularJS | NodeJS | Microservices | Realtime

Seasoned systems and distributed IT solutions architect, adept at designing and implementing effective and efficient technical solutions. Rock solid IT background and technical knowledge combined with project management skills. Exceptional problem-solver, with broad understanding of web related technologies, databases, GIS and related spatial-enabled applications. Open Source software geek and systems programming enthusiast. Team management experience in both Systems Administration and Software Engineering from startup to top italian companies. Technology enthusiast, DIY, early adopter, knowledge sharer, DRY and KISS fanatic.
candland, freelance Geospatial developerView Profile
Freelance Geospatial developer in Denver, United States

Co-Founder at ROXIMITY

Dusty Candland is ROXIMITY’s co-founder and CTO. He is responsible for daily operations, team leadership and technical planning and development. Dusty has a degree in graphic design and has been developing software since the 90s. He has a broad range of technical knowledge from quickly scaling growing startups to implementing changes in large established enterprise systems. Previously, he has been involved in two successful start-ups, eonBusiness and GoToast (which was acquired by aQuantive). At GoToast he was responsible for developing and scaling the primary backend systems, which managed millions of PPC keywords daily. At aQuantive, he was part of the Research and Development team responsible for developing new technology quickly and with limited resources. Blog: http://candland....
Muller, Geospatial programmer for hireView Profile
Hi, I'm a GIS Data Integrator. I used FME Software family (FME Desktop and Server). Define and implement data warehouse architecture Designs, implements, and manages the ETL process (FME), including data quality and testing Help identify inefficient queries and suggest alternatives

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