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geoff golder

geoff golder

Vision.ai founder. Like to code, love to help people code. -- sessions always free if we don't solve your issue

Eastern Time (US & Canada) (-05:00)
Been programming since I was a little kid, lots of experience in linux land. vim > emacs

This can be done as a live session (recommended) or delivered to you. You will get development environment with automated code watching (so your browser refreshes everytime you save the file), automated testing, and package management.

Javascript expert help JavaScript - 8 years experience
javascript is a dirty heathen language that is worse than php but we all have to write it.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 99 years experience
html / css is probably not my strongest point, mostly becausde I hate css and always tell people never to write it. i just use bootstrap
Php expert help PHP - 8 years experience
php is a terrible ugly language that everyone uses because everyone uses it. i am very proficient in using it; but don't ever write it anymore.
Sql expert help SQL - 7 years experience
99% of the time people shouldn't actually write SQL directly; but they do.
Haskell expert help Haskell - 5 years experience
I really love Haskell. I would write all my code in Haskell if I could; but my cofounder doesn't like it as much (though he has grown to appreciate it more). I've used primarily Yesod.
Jquery expert help jQuery - 8 years experience
I've been doing web programming for a living for almost a decade, so obviously I have tons of jquery experience; I also wrote a "jquery inspired" way to interact with our software at vision.ai.
Mysql expert help MySQL - 8 years experience
I ran LAMP stacks for a long time. I can make mysql stuff happen for people needing help; but multi-server clusters are a bit beyond my understanding, as well as the finer points of tuning.
Git expert help Git - 6 years experience
My first love for code control came from git. I know it's like "super obvious" to use it now, but somehow I went through college without ever checking out a repo. I can make git do whatever; but there are lots of it I don't really understand because I never needed it?
Coffeescript expert help CoffeeScript - 4 years experience
I have used/modified other people's coffee script. It's just javascript though.
Server expert help Server - 12 years experience
Linux, windows, mac.. I've done all of it for as long as I can remember.
Angular js expert help AngularJS - 3 years experience
I've written a couple "large" (50k+) angular apps.. though I have not yet used angular 2 I really have a deep understanding of what is going on; and a pretty good methodolgy for teaching others the "angular" way of doing things.
Devops expert help DevOps - 5 years experience
honestly I just use docker+coreos for everythign now
Drupal expert help Drupal - 8 years experience
my first thing I got really good at after I un-quit programming; I don't use drupal myself anymore, but I do maintain a couple pro-bono installs for various artist friends, etc.
No icon Html - 99 years experience
html is barely code
No icon Shell - 12 years experience
i have written so much shell code; have a super pimped out bashrc and zshrc
No icon Docker - 2 years experience
I love docker. Docker makes everything better; we deploy all our software with docker, build all our software with docker, I develop inside docker containers. I drank the docker kool-aid quite early and love it.
docker-streisand 20   4
vmxjs 5   0
HTML JavaScript
election 2   1
drupal election module
PHP Shell
docker-yesod-init 2   0
yesod foundational docker
vmx-api 1   2
Api for interacting with VMX
CSS JavaScript
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Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, sorry I had to cut the call short...but as the saying goes "happy wife happy life" lol thanks again, I'll try to reconnect later
Joel Carter Mar 31, 2016

Provided insight into advanced view theming, which is new to me, so that was very helpful.
Christopher Cardinal Mar 25, 2016

Great to work with through a few of my issues!
Adam Mar 23, 2016

Super helpful and friendly
James Shul Mar 14, 2016

Once again, Geoff was a huge help.
Guy Jacks Jan 28, 2016

Geoff was fantastic. He solved my problem and then gave me a crash course on Drupal. Now I know how to use it! Thank you.
Guy Jacks Jan 17, 2016

Geoff was great to work with!
Phil Warton Jan 11, 2016

Thanks Geoff! I finally understand what I'm doing with this!
amanda webb Jan 11, 2016

Helped me solve my issue quickly!
Teenum Applegate Oct 26, 2015

awesome dude
Paul Cruse III Oct 25, 2015

Geoff is rad.
Dennis Shah Oct 23, 2015

Great instructor!
Lisa Oct 04, 2015