Top Gem development Developers of June 2017

Fullstack Web Craftsman

Passionate about learning, adapting and using new tools, in order to solve the problems of oneself and the others. Focused on web.

Senior Software Engineer NBC Team at Railroad19

I have a passion for integrating my background in design and user experience to empower users while building applications. Currently I'm working full-stack, bringing together front and back to deliver an uninterrupted experience to the user. Error handling, accounting for edge-cases, and predicting user behavior are all priorities when working on new deliverables. I'm also an advocate for a strong development community within any team I'm working with. Having standards, altruistic tendencies, open communication, mentorship and peer review I truly believe are what makes a great team, and makes a happy developer.

Developer at Koombea

Software Developer with experience in web or desktop environments. 3 spoken languages with Spanish as my native language, Portuguese and English learnt in direct contact of the culture in US and Brazil respectively. Java certificate programmer. Known development languages: PHP, SQL, Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Ruby Frameworks: Jquery, Ruby on Rails Specialties: OOP, Object Oriented Designs

Ruby / JavaScript developer

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Software Engineer

I'm a software developer with about nine years of experience in a variety of technologies. I focus strongly on quality workmanship and understanding more than just the software I'm working on to be able to address the real underlying problems, rather than just drop a patch on the surface problem.

Ruby/Go Developer. Rails Girls London co-founder.

I've been a developer for around ten years now! I'm passionate about happiness and helping people figure out how to do the things they love, or even finding out what they are. In terms of programming that has been through mentoring, and through co-founding Rails Girls London back in 2013, which is an ongoing initiative to introduce women to programming so that they can decide if coding is part of the future they want for themselves. I think the best way to learn is to be given the opportunity and the space to figure something out for yourself, while having your mentor as your guide - that person who you can trust to keep you pointed in the right direction. So, as a mentor I like to take a coaching perspective where possible. This involves asking more questions and challenging beliefs as opposed to delivering commands and always giving the mentee the answer. Much of what I've learned here isn't necessarily through programming, but through my own experience of self-discovery. Having had a mentor, a guide, and a life coach, I've learned just how important it is to know that you're never alone.

Full Stack Software Developer

Problem solver with focus on simplicity.

Software engineer and Web Technology Enthusiast

I started programming with the Java language. I was writing desktop applications. Next, I added PHP to the stack with Laravel framework. Next, I picked up Ruby on Rails and loved it ever since. I have done a couple of projects (personal, open source and for organizations with teams). I have worked with Javascript and some of its libraries (React, Node, jQuery). I am good with git and version control and feel very confident approaching every merge conflict I encounter. Aside coding, I like listening to cool music, watching movies and tweaking the settings/preferences of tools I use. My favorite part of every application is the customization section. I also like artistic and creative works.

Fullstack Developer

I love challenging problems and clean, maintainable code. My primary language is Ruby (since 2007), my primary framework is Rails (since 2012), and my new obsession is Elixir.

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