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Gabe Coyne

Gabe Coyne

CTO at affinity.is. Designer/Developer 10+ years. RoR, cordova, html/css/js.

Pacific Time (US & Canada) (-08:00)
I've been designing and building sites and apps for over 10 years. My current favorite tools are RoR, cordova and ionic. I love meeting new people and solving new problems. Looking forward to helping you learn and grow.
Ruby expert help Ruby - 3 years experience
I have 10+ rails projects and rails is now the backbone of our Affinity platform. I've released a few open source gems: https://github.com/gabecoyne/editables https://github.com/gabecoyne/Soapbox
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 10 years experience
I started with jquery years ago, and am now working with bootstrap, ionic, angularjs, and writing mobile apps and browser apps in js.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 10 years experience
I have been building HTML/CSS interfaces for 10 years and am now building mobile apps with them.
Php expert help PHP - 10 years experience
I have worked in php the longest, and at Killit I built a custom CMS platform that still hosts 20 sights today. It was basically an alternative platform to wordpress, drupal, joomla. I have tons of sample code to share as a mentor.
Ruby on rails expert help Ruby on Rails - 4 years experience
I started with rails 4 years ago and have since built a whole cms, 20+ sites, a few gems, and have my whole current company using Rails as the backend. We are using everything from rspec and selenium to providing cms tools for admins and api's for mobile apps. I've integrated with TONs of APIs and gems and built a system on AWS that handles 1,000 rpm.
Jquery expert help jQuery - 8 years experience
I have built tons of front end features with jquery from integrating third party plugins to writing my own. DOM manipulation, ajax, form validation, etc.
Mysql expert help MySQL - 10 years experience
Mysql has been the data store for my apps for years. I've recently switched to postgres, but have years of experience in mysql with php and rails. I've written whole db management tools in php for mysql, and have a simple db class in php that is a super light weight version of activerecord.
Amazon expert help AWS - 3 years experience
I have built our our hosting on EC2 using rubber. I have used S3 from php and ruby for a few years for asset storage. We use cloudfront at Affinity integrated into rails asset pipeline and layering over s3.
Git expert help Git - 3 years experience
Very comfortable with clone, pull, push, branch, checkout, merge. I have used it every day for years.
Angular js expert help AngularJS - 1 year experience
I have built our mobile apps in ionic and angularjs
Wordpress WordPress - 3 years experience
I have built quite a few wordpress sights (though it's been a while) At Mars Hill I managed 10+ church wordpress sites, and at Killit, we built maybe 10 wordpress sites.
No icon Cordova - 2 years experience
I have built 4 apps with phonegap/cordava + ionic/angularjs and am currently working full time supporing/maintaning the most recent one.
No icon Redis - 2 years experience
I've used redis for the last 2 years in a variety of ways from analytics to leaderboards and relation caching.
No icon Appstore - 2 years experience
I have submitted apps and updates to itunes connect and google play more than 100 times in the last 2 years. I've even written automation scripts around it.
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Gabe was fantastic! Super patient and very helpful. Highly recommended.
Marc Plotkin Oct 13, 2014

Gabe helped me work through several issues. Will definitely use again.
Chris Baker Oct 09, 2014

Awesome guy, really helpful and solved my problem quickly.
Tim Covich Oct 08, 2014

Gabe was very helpful. Will use again.
Chris Baker Oct 07, 2014