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Nikita Musatov, senior Gamemaker developerHire Now
Freelance Gamemaker developer in Kirov, Russia

Hello, I am MusNik form KeeVee Games! I am highly experienced GML programmer. GameMaker Ambassador. Marketplace asset maker. Indie game developer.

I specialize on 2D games, graphics effects and Box2D physics. I can work on GMS 1.4 and GMS 2 for Desktop, Mobile and HTML5. Can take both small one-task orders and long-term projects. Service: - Any 2D games (Platformer, Scroll Shooter, Arcade, TDS, Rogue-like, RPG, Puzzle, etc.) - Game engines, prototypes, games to release - Simulations, demonstations, apllications - Motion / collision - Different graphics effects (primitives, particles, blend modes, GFX, etc.) - Physics Engine (Box2D) - Particles design - GUI, HUDs, animations, transitions - Shaders (2D) - Tools, editors, converters, parsers - Optimization, bugfixes, etc. - Mobile advertizing, in-app purchasing, cloud saving, etc.
Shariq Hashme, top Gamemaker developerHire Now
Freelance Gamemaker developer in Daly City, United States

Ex-Oculus, multiple hackathon winner, Python/web/MATLAB/C/C#

First learned to program in GameMaker. Made over 50 games.
Garrett Walker, senior Gamemaker developerHire Now
Freelance Gamemaker developer in Dyersburg, United States

Likes to teach, game, guitar!

My name is Garrett Walker. I like to program as a hobby and I like helping other people understand fundamentals of Computer Science. If I'm not programming or tutoring, I'm usually playing video games or guitar!

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